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Registeredbefore Aug-1996
Estimated value$ 127,218,600.00
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Daily Unique Visits14,724,409
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RegistrarNominet UK
CountryUnited States United States
"Always current and objective news"
The BBC is a world-renowned broadcasting institution that provides up to date world news for all. Headed in the United Kingdom, but available across the globe, this corporation is well versed in both local and international affairs.

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"Pretty good Terraform services"

Your entire infrastructure. Defined as code. In about a day. Seems pretty interesting.
1 day ago from United Kingdom

" I Always have resources. "

I came to them after a bad experience with another hosting company. I was impressed by the fact that they are always there to help you and the server always works very well, even if my account is a shared hosting. I Always have resources.
1 day ago from Dominica

"Not a scam"

This site is legit and a trusted financing source.
1 day ago from United Kingdom

"Great free resource"

W3Schools is a great free online resource to learn all about the internet and how to develop and create websites.
1 day ago from United Kingdom

"Good service & support, signup with Glowhost"

I am a new customer with Glowhost hosting provider. I've been looking at different hosting solutions, well-known giants. Support through their support ticket system is exemplary - fast and professional responses.
1 day ago from South Africa

"Such a great email provider"

Such a great email provider
1 day ago from Bangladesh

"For the price, this hosting is amazing"

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am being their customer. I do not have any problem with Vpsget, didn't see any downtime with my site. Their server speed is relatively fast (guess I have a fast connection). The control panel interface is fairly intuitive and it's easy to manage most things through their web interface. Anything you can't figure out can be resolved with a quick email or support call.
1 day ago from

"Good hosting"

Pretty nice hosting service, quite fast
2 days ago from United Kingdom

"Well done you guys."

They always answer the support tickets quickly and even though I solved the last one myself they went the extra mile to help. I would say one of the best support teams for anything online I have dealt with. Well done you guys.
2 days ago from Algeria

"Love it"

Who doesn't love a bit of Spotify! Use it every day and so does pretty much everyone else I know!
2 days ago from United Kingdom

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