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12 hours ago from Israel

"Review of"

amaizng service
16 hours ago from Costa Rica

"Great uptime, nothing problematic to report"

I have been with Gigapros hosting for 6 months and have 100% uptime. More then enough for me. Thanks this provider! It is not one of the biggest web hosts here or over there, but they are really fast and reliable. The main advantage for me at the present moment is no outage. Yep. If they keep doing such service for me - they will get me as client for ages!
1 day ago from

"Helpful and phenomenal! "

Planethoster is helping a non-profit with hosting services and the Tech-Support has been phenomenal! I've never built a website before and have had to contact support with some questions that an experienced person would not need to. Everyone I've interacted with has been patient and extremely helpful. Keep it up!
2 days ago from India

"Nice one"

Very Helpfull site.

"Amazing service as usual!"

Amazing service as usual!
4 days ago from Sweden

"Great Site"

A great site amongst the 1000´s of others. Both me and my partner have always had success on It´s easy to get in contact with people you´re interested in and meet up with. It gets a full score from us. Regards, Sahra and Jack
4 days ago from Romania

"Everyone should use them!"

Everyone should use them! I've had plenty of dealings with support regarding new domains. They are always always helpful and answer the questions I needed, and no hanging about! It's a good hosting service.

"I'm a very happy customer"

I must say 5Cloudhost support is second to none, I am not an expert at Web design and I have had many questions, their support answers in a timely manner, has capable friendly staff and always takes the time to help me understand the solution! Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable.

"Basement Finishing Contractors Fredericksburg"

Situated in the heart of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Basement Finishing Plus is the number one provider of basement remodeling services in the area. It is our goal to convert unfinished basements into spaces that will add value to your home and create additional living space for your family. With a remodeled basement, you can stay comfortable in your current home without needing to move to a larger one.

"Easy to get in touch with someone "

I have had some really nice time being with Gigapros web hosting. Well designed with fantastic performance servers. Affordable prices. I do not believe I need more. I like how fast these guys reply on my emails and requests! I know I'm not a good client to deal with, but every time I get real help from them. Cool service!

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