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"More than just Air Purifiers "

How I Found the site: I was looking for information on how to fix my air purifier. I wasn't really interested in buying a new one, this site sells air purifiers, but they provide a ton of information on many different air purification topics. I entered the word "repair" into the search function. I immediately saw a link to a trouble shooter page. I wasn't expecting much, but boy was I surprised. The trouble shooter page I found in my search, addressed about a half dozen common problems with smoke eaters. The issue I was experiencing with my personal unit was covered in the article. I was surprised to see a link to a You Tube video that gave specific instructions on how to fix my non-lakeair product. In the end, I was able to fix my machine and I was kind of impressed. Website Discoveries: I decided to look around the website and see what else I could find. The website has quite a few topics about air purification. I found the comparison of HEPA vs Electrostatic to be informative. What I really liked is this was presented as information and not a sales pitch. I was pleased to learn things about HEPA filters I did not know. I also learned things about the electronic filter that I have. The website talks about many different types of air filtration. Other topics included Bi-Polar Ionization, UVGI filtration, Green Manufacturing, Dust Mites and Pet dander. Blog: The Website has a Blog section. The blog topics were pretty much what you would suspect from an air purifier site. I felt this was maybe the weakest part of the website. The articles seemed to be written by a number of authors who often covered information present in another blog article. I think if you go through them carefully, you might some nice gems, but all in all not all that much special. References: I was wondering if the information posted was real or made up. I was happy to see that on many of the web pages had a bibliography of sources. The source list was everything from government sites and Wikipedia to their competitors. I believe this has made for a well-rounded presentation. I checked out many of the references and saw that the content had been condensed into an understandable form. They didn’t just cut and paste info, rather they researched the topics and expounded on the information to explain the article topics. Videos: The website has about a dozen videos. I enjoyed the informational videos most. They described to the topic being discussed fully. I was pleased that once again the information was presented as information rather then trying to sell me something. The site does include videos about specific products. I guess that makes sense as they do manufacture and sell the products. The videos were not overly long, some under 2 minutes. I ended up checking out there YouTube page and was able to quickly watch all the available videos without investing much more than 30 minutes. My Favorite: I own a Pizza Pub where smoking is allowed. Luckily I live in a municipality that allowed me to be grandfathered as a long established business and smoking is allowed in doors. Its always a challenge to keep the air in the dining room clean. The vast amount of information I found on really is helping me understand all the issues facing me in my pizza restraint. There is a ton of information on the lakeair website and I would encourage anyone looking for information on air purifiers to check out this nice website that seems to be more about education than selling products.