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"Hindi Kavita, Hindi Poems of famous poets | Hindwi"

Hindi Kavita, kavya, dohe, anuwad, Hindi Sahitya & Shayari of famous poets. With a staggering rise in the number of Hindi readers, several spaces have appeared on the internet in a bid to cater to the rising demand, but none as vast and authentic as ‘Hindwi’ that currently has a collection of more than 15,000 verses of over 750 poets- ranging from the antiquity to the contemporary. Hindwi features the works of around 750 poets divided into 7939 poems, 1098 padas, 1604 dohas and 389 folksongs. All of these works are further grouped under demonstrative classifications of prosodic features, editors’ choice, representative works and literary eras of their composition etc. In addition to it, also provides its users with a rich and fresh array of Hindi blogs.