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"Very good website for residents" is a website that provides the inhabitants of Leszno and the surrounding area with a lot of valuable information, as well as allows for easier organization of free time and everyday activities. Thanks to this website, users can keep up to date with information about events, news and local media and institutions. One of the best features of this site is a calendar of events that helps residents of Leszno and the surrounding area plan their free time. The calendar provides all relevant information on the dates of events in the city and tracking of upcoming events. This allows you to take part in them and not miss anything interesting. The site also offers many proposals for spending time outside school and work in the form of development, cultural and sports activities. Thanks to this, it is easier for users to use their free time in an interesting and active way. Other valuable elements of the website include its database of restaurants, cafes and bars, pubs. The site provides a lot of information that will help users decide on the right place to spend free time with family or friends that suits their style and preferences. The website presents information and news on education as well as various tips, which allows residents to easily access a lot of useful information. The site is very easy to use and has a nice visual appearance. In general, the website provides a lot of useful information for residents of Leszno and the surrounding area. Thanks to this website, users can keep up to date with events in their city, find the best place to spend their free time, get interesting ideas for what to do in their free time, and most importantly find it all in one place. I highly recommend this website to every resident of Leszno and the surrounding area who wants to feel more integrated with life in the city.