Happy 2014

Happy new year to everybody. This year we have a lot planned for the further development of Statvoo. We have also extended our team so that we can pump out “the goodness” even faster. Stay tuned for news and updates as we progress through the year.

Dashboard adds range selection

See more on your Dashboard! You are now able to show overview statistics on your dashboard view by simply selecting a range selection from the “Filter by” dropdown. We are continually enhancing the overall Statvoo experience. Let us know if there are any feature requests you would like to see in up-coming versions.

More General Updates

We have been scaling up really well over the past two months (mostly) and have made quite a few general changes that may have affected user’s login ability periodically. Things should have settled down a lot now and everything is back in order. If you have any questions do ask!

August Update

The most recent updates to Statvoo have been all about fine-tuning many of the existing delivery methods as well as catering for the rather steady growth rate we have been getting. Most of the growth of Statvoo’s memberbase recently has been from word of mouth from our existing members, so thank you for everything you bring to
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Timezones Again!

You may recall that about 2 months ago we mentioned a timezones fix. Since then we have been working towards getting all your traffic visible in your own timezone so as to allow customisable reporting dependant on where you are in the world. We are very happy to announce that we have achieved this goal
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