August Update

The most recent updates to Statvoo have been all about fine-tuning many of the existing delivery methods as well as catering for the rather steady growth rate we have been getting. Most of the growth of Statvoo’s memberbase recently has been from word of mouth from our existing members, so thank you for everything you bring to
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May is crazy at Statvoo!

Things are getting rediculous at Statvoo this month! With an aim to change the amount of data that you can view from any website visitor to your site we have increased the monthly actions to cater for most sites to fit into the FREE package! Basically what we’ve just said is that you probably won’t
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Timezones Again!

You may recall that about 2 months ago we mentioned a timezones fix. Since then we have been working towards getting all your traffic visible in your own timezone so as to allow customisable reporting dependant on where you are in the world. We are very happy to announce that we have achieved this goal
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April at Statvoo

As always the team here at Statvoo are working towards optimizing your data trends to be more efficient while giving you more and more functionality you actually want to use on a daily basis. Most website analytics companies focus on the ‘usual things’ and don’t think about how the end user really wants to see
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Hello Timezones!

We have started getting the timezones working as they should be as some users have been experiencing some-what “odd” timing issues while traveling. You can now setup your timezone under your Preferences if you have not already done so. Let us know if you still have any hassles with it.

May Update

The team at Statvoo never stop! Every day there are new features, updates and general improvements. We aim to focus at extending the feature-set quite considerably over the course of this month while working through all the requests we get from our users. If you would like to see a specific feature then let us
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Version 0.1.5

We have just updated to Version 0.1.5 and with this comes some massive structural changes as well as very noticeable speed improvements if you have large traffic sites associated to your account. We’re sure you will enjoy this update as much as we do!