May Update

The team at Statvoo never stop! Every day there are new features, updates and general improvements. We aim to focus at extending the feature-set quite considerably over the course of this month while working through all the requests we get from our users. If you would like to see a specific feature then let us
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Version 0.1.5

We have just updated to Version 0.1.5 and with this comes some massive structural changes as well as very noticeable speed improvements if you have large traffic sites associated to your account. We’re sure you will enjoy this update as much as we do!

General Updates

We have been working very hard to get the latest features completed and they are now there for you to use as you see fit. The features include added Map controls and colouring, a brand new Interactive Map panel as well as Track List Filters to name but a few. Go take a look!

Remove hash from window.location in Javascript

E.g. URL: So how would you get the current URL using Javascript? That is really easy, you can use window.location.href or just simply window.location. But how do you replace the #hash at the end if it exists? That too is quite easy, you can just do something like this: 1 window.location.href.split("#")[0] or 1 window.location.href.substr(0,
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URL GET vars to PHP Array

Sometimes you will need to retrieve the GET variables passed into the current page URI or you will have a URL string to work from which contains certain GET variables, the below method helps a lot to convert them into an array which you can easily manipulate later. 1 2 $url = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]; parse_str(parse_url($url, PHP_URL_QUERY),
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