Statvoo has been collecting information on over 300 million websites since the beginning of 2013.

Our mission is to provide a full picture analysis on every website in existance and help both website owners learn how to optimise their websites as well as to provide a level of confidence to consumers globally when they have any hesitation in using a new or unproven website.

Statvoo provides a platform for everybody to review any website experience they have, wether that be positive or negative. Ever had an experience with a website where you were ripped off and need to tell the world, or where things went extremely well and you would like to recommend it to others? Statvoo is the place to report your experiences.

We are completely transparent with both owners and consumers alike; taking no sides in adjusting online competitor presence at any stage.

Having been around for many years now, we have always taken our own visitors' feature requests very seriously and are continually improving things to achieve a high level of satisfaction when using Statvoo.

Contact us if you would like to request a feature or report anything.

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