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2 weeks ago

Best Wordpress host in Canada

I run a medium-sized web development agency specializing in WordPress. We host our clients' websites on a variety of hosting providers around Canada and we have found that CanSpace consistently has both the best support, as well as the fastest servers by a fairly wide margin. Going forward we'll be consolidating all of our sites with CanSpace. I'm posting this review to save others the headache of having to choose a host by trial and error - CanSpace really is the best choice.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

1 month ago

Happy CanSpace customer

I have a small web design firm and when my clients ask for recommendations for where to host their sites, I always direct them to CanSpace. To date I have sent them over a dozen clients and every single one of them has thanked me for the recommendation. I build primarily Wordpress websites, but they are also great for Python-based apps too.

United States United States

2 months ago

Good Wordpress hosting provider

We have about 10 Wordpress websites for different brands, and managing and keeping everything up to date was an absolute nightmare. CanSpace helped us to consolidate these sites into a single Multisite instance and also updated everything for us. With our previous host one of our sites was getting hacked almost every week, but since moving to CanSpace 2 months ago we have had literally ZERO hacks happen. This has saved us so much headache I cannot even begin to describe how grateful we are to CanSpace.


3 months ago

Great host!

I have been registering all of my domains with CanSpace since the beginning of time, and decided to finally consolidate all of my hosting with them too. Really wish I had done this sooner - I'm paying way less than I was with Godaddy, and their support is way better. Much happier to support a Canadian business too!

Guatemala Guatemala

3 months ago

Excellent Wordpress host

I run a small web development firm and my clients always ask me to recommend a hosting provider, and I always refer them to CanSpace. For the 5+ years I have been doing this, CanSpace has never let me down. I build exclusively Wordpress-based sites and I know that my clients will get great Wordpress support and performance with CanSpace, and they also offer a great affiliate program if you reach out to them.


5 months ago

Great support

Another happy customer here. I think the key with CanSpace is that they are just the right size where I trust them with my company's website, but they are also small enough where when I call in, they recognize me personally and are able to offer customized service to our specific needs. Even though we are certainly far from their biggest client, we have never been made to feel anything but prioritized. Good job guys - keep it up.


6 months ago

Another satisfied customer

I spent weeks searching for a new hosting provider and settled on CanSpace after reading all the positive reviews. Suffice it to say they were definitely well earned. I was with GoDaddy before and to be fair they set the bar really low, but I had no idea how helpful a hosting provider actually could be. My Wordpress theme had a few small issues that I just couldn't get right, and CanSpace had them all resolved for me within 15 minutes of opening a ticket - now that's support!


7 months ago

So far so good

I'm just getting started with all of this website building stuff so my basis for this review is fairly basic, but after signing up with canspace I've managed to get a fairly professional looking (if I may say so myself) website up and running in just a few days. The canspace support guys helped me install Wordpress, and even helped me install and customize my theme - I would have been totally lost initially without their help, but their support really helped to speed things up. So far my experience has been great!


8 months ago

Another happy CanSpace customer

My company does IT consulting for a Canadian crown corp and our primary responsibility was speeding up their website and doing stress testing under high loads. CanSpace is our go-to host in situations like these. Once their site was migrated over it was already performing significantly faster than their previous host, and CanSpace helped to facilitate the stress tests and even helped us to identify weak points in their application. The guys at CanSpace are real professionals and saved us literally weeks of work.

United States United States

9 months ago

CanSpace is a life saver

CanSpace literally saved us. Our previous hosting provider updated their servers and our Wordpress installation completely stopped working due to it apparently not being compatible with a new PHP version. Our host offered no help whatsoever and we were completely stuck - the guy who built our website was long gone. We signed up and transferred our website to CanSpace - they said they couldn't guarantee they could fix it for us, but said they would do their best. Literally 5 minutes after we finished the migration they had the site up and running... all they had to do was help us disable a plugin, which apparently was too much work for our previous host. Their support has been awesome so far and we are extremely happy we chose CanSpace!

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