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Dover: Lock and Key of the Kingdom

This site is about the town and port of Dover , in the County of Kent in England. It covers the town's history from the earliest times to the present, defence, transport, leisure and literature, with many maps and illustrations. Major topics covered include Roman Dover, Dover Castle, the Harbour, the Western Heights, and the famous White Cliffs of Dover. It looks at Dover's part in World War One and World War Two, including the Zeebrugge Raid on St George's Day 1918 and the Dunkirk Evacuation in 1940. The Port of Dover has always been an important transport link and this site covers the development of the Harbour, cross-Channel shipping, railways, famous train like the Night Ferry and the Golden Arrow. Pioneering cross-Channel flights by Louis Bleriot and Charles Rolls and the first man to swim the Channel, Captain Matthew Webb are covered. The site also looks at the town's major historic buildings and churches, leisure, cinemas, theatre, sea bathing, public parks and gardens. Dover in literature and famous visitors like Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, King Henry VIII, Charles II. Also the former villages of Charlton, Buckland and River that now make up part of the town and the river Dour from which Dover takes its name. The site includes links to other sites about Dover and places to visit.




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