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"I have received quick and reliable service"

United States
lelandanstine  (4 days ago)

You will not be disappointed. I started with shared package and I am now on a dedicated server I have been on every plan that is offered by Gigapros and I upgraded when I was ready to. My sites have traffic from Singapore and also the USA. They assisted me until my problem was solved and most of the time they do it for me instantly. Through e-mail - fast quick and through responses just how i want it to be. Highly recommended!

"Generally you get what you pay for"

lincoantonio  (6 days ago)

Really professional hosting provider. I currently have 3 sites all hosted on a variety of the different plans available at Gigapros servers. Time is money and even 99.99% may not be good enough. They are very good service, excellent customer service via chat and email. Control panel has a lot of good software like blog and forum. I think they are much better than previous host. I have several accounts with them, and they continue to impress! Go with them, they are good!

"high level of technical knowledge"

American Samoa
florentricio  (1 week ago)

I can highly recommend Gigapros hosting service. Great support. Never had to wait more than 90 minutes for help. Their shared hosting packages include a full list of features that offer everything I need plus plenty of disk space for growth. Their prices are low, and their customer service is amazing. I can give them DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

"Very good contact with provider"

timcrosswhite  (1 week ago)

Seriously, i've tried many web hosts and so far, Gigapros has been the best provider! Their uptime is great. So many features and add-ons for web site. Mail system is superb, with spam controls, webmail and mailing list management about as good as one could want. Their uptime is fantastic and ability to upgrade and downgrade is a plus! Rock solid control panel. Cool hosting experience.

"100% happy using Gigapros hosting"

United States
timothyadcox  (2 weeks ago)

I am quite satisfied with Gigapros web hosting service: I had no downtime, very few reasons to contact support, and the site was always working fast. Their knowledge base has enough information for someone like myself to get to grips with things, while their customer service is so good at times I almost feel spoilt, having always been fast in response and informative with problems being resolved in a short time. HIGHLY recommended!

"Tech support team has always been reliable"

clarkshupp  (2 weeks ago)

I've never had the renewal problems people below have, my accounts were closed once and I was never asked for renewal. Gigapros is an asset for your business! I have never experienced any downtime so far, quick ticket support and everything runs smoothly! I have been with Gigapros for over a year, and have had no problems at all. Really, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change or something else I should know about. Amazing. The techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. Server is always fast, and rarely ever goes down. One of the best web hosts out there.

"exceptional service and value"

rlanford  (3 weeks ago)

Good job! Gigapros provide me with good hosting services. I have been using them for about 4 months and during the time my web site is always online which really meets my expectations. Things I like about them include the automatic availability of a SSH without requiring me to ask for it, many developer facilities. I wrote a note to Gigapros tech support describing what had happened, and they got back to me right away with detailed, foolproof instructions on how to fix it.

"The technical team is reachable, good host!"

richardswensen  (3 weeks ago)

Transferred 3 domains, website and blogsite from another hosting provider to Gigapros VPS account.. Their server and network uptime are cool and overall speed connectivity is consistent. You can get great servers, features, prices and reliability from almost any provider but what differentiates them is their attention to the customer and Gigapros comes top of the list when so many others fail to do even the basics!

"Their tech staff is helpful around the clock"

Republic of Lithuania
damigerena  (3 weeks ago)

Price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend Gigapros web hosting to others. Their network is brilliant, I've not noticed any downtime or connection problems. Their support is TOP, their support member added me on Skype so he could help me better and answer my questions, I was really happy with this. Most of the maintenance conducted are additions to enhance the performance of their servers. Highly recommend them.

"I can't praise them highly enough."

United States
davisromer  (4 weeks ago)

From my experience so far I am finding Gigapros to be what I need. It has excellent customer support. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value. The technical team is reachable by phone 24/7, and the wait time is minimal. This decent Web Host gets DOUBLE THUMBS UP!

"Easy to get in touch with someone "

ignacutchison  (1 month ago)

Gigapros is rated at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a couple of months, reading various subjects, what staff of various hosts were saying. They have fast servers, my sites are running fast. I am 100% satisfied client and can honestly say this host is trustworthy one.

"Use them if you are interested in a quality service! "

thurmannderwood  (1 month ago)

I have dealt with many different web hosts, trying to solve many different problems. There is no denying the fact that their business hosting is much faster than regular one - that's why I decided to choose Gigapros hosting. Their support is very friendly and they answer quickly. Greatly Recommended!

"I can recommend them with confidence"

United Kingdom
matthewiler  (1 month ago)

With Gigapros hosting I now know I've come to the right place. It is the best hosting out there! There support team is beyond great and they are also Online 24/7. If you ever need help they wont ask questions they will jump on it right then and there. They stand by there product and they don't rip you off. The customer support that this website has provided me with is as close to perfect as I’ve seen.

"I have always received answers promptly"

eduardotjohn  (1 month ago)

When I first came to gigapros shared hosting account ($10/mo) I was very careful about everything I did. I have had a lot of hosts in my past thats had bad support or died. The customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions. Their responses were fast and helpful as the same time. Great job guys!

"They treat me personally"

United States
erasmennetts  (1 month ago)

Highly recommend Gigapros shared hosting deals. I have made mistakes before with other web hosting providers that have resulted in poor quality services with no customers. These guys listen to your problems and fix them right in front of your eyes. Now I see the difference with my previous web host - professional, fast, flexible.

"They are quick and very friendly"

jamellderson  (1 month ago)

Thanks gigapros for tech support and kindness in helping me sell more than I ever thought I could, and for all patience with the project. Support team is amazing and respond fast every time to my needs. Gigapros is the TOP web host to deal with. I've already recommended them to several webmasters, they are happy as well.

"Great uptime, nothing problematic to report"

Costa Rica
winstoncomo  (2 months ago)

I have been with Gigapros hosting for 6 months and have 100% uptime. More then enough for me. Thanks this provider! It is not one of the biggest web hosts here or over there, but they are really fast and reliable. The main advantage for me at the present moment is no outage. Yep. If they keep doing such service for me - they will get me as client for ages!

"Easy to get in touch with someone "

United States
jacquesklump  (2 months ago)

I have had some really nice time being with Gigapros web hosting. Well designed with fantastic performance servers. Affordable prices. I do not believe I need more. I like how fast these guys reply on my emails and requests! I know I'm not a good client to deal with, but every time I get real help from them. Cool service!

"Normal pricing for good hosting accounts"

United States
fredduresh  (2 months ago)

For good quality, reliable and fast hosting at a very competitive price level it is hard to better. I had come across Gigapros before (not as a client) and thought that I would at least talk to them. I was impressed from the outset. They have exceeded my expectations time and time again, superfast servers and support.

"Good website hosting service"

bennothren  (2 months ago)

I had a wonderful experience with Gigapros web host! Speed is super fast - I am happy. They are a great cloud web hosting provider and I will be with them for a long time to come. Raid 10 is a nice option. Professional web host.

"Good experience with Gigapros "

United States
rodarasco  (2 months ago)

Recommend Gigapros as I am pleased running my sites with them. First of all there is no downtime noticed on my side, second - very fast and very good support stuff there, third - server hardware they are using is good enough to have fast web site and on server operations completed. They can be good for large and small companies as well as for individuals.

"Stable host - no downtime!"

United Kingdom
stefanitt  (2 months ago)

All I've got to know about Gigapros is that it is a professional web host which is perfect for running Wordpress blogs. Very happy so far and my sites are loading much quicker and I am now in control of my server, no limitations and fully managed so if there is anything I would like to experiment with I know I have the help at hand. No downtime during 5 months. good web host.

"I am very happy I've moved to Gigapros"

devickham  (2 months ago)

I was referred to Gigapros shared hosting web hosting service by a friend 7 months ago - and I have been pleased with their services! In addition, this host offers many hosting solutions and services that even I can figure out and find time to do. They are helpful to all the ticket requests. Well the most important feature I like is CloudFlare that protects and accelerates my website online. Recommended.

"I needed Gigapros support several times, always getting quick solution"

byrontogner  (3 months ago)

Highly recommend them.. In time with hosting with Gigapros I needed their support several times, always getting quick solution of the issue. Their packages include many useful tools, features. I am a webmaster working for different projects online for more than 5 years and recommend this webhost to other people who work online. Thanks for the great work so far and keep it up.

"I love Gigapros speed, uptime and features"

United States
ardeneiner  (3 months ago)

I'm trying to learn website design and at the same time use the website for sharing game objects that I and others make. your set up is so easy to use and so efficient. Thanks Gigapros Web Hosting! Now more than ever, I recommend their shared web hosting solutions to all people looking for professional web host to host wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, e-commerce. I like them.

"I am pleased to have found Gigapros hosting provider"

United States
wendellsobus  (3 months ago)

I wanna say that Gigapros web host manages all my domains. They are relatively cheap, but not the cheapest because they offer a good service, and won't stitch you up! I just wanted to write to say thanks for all of your help in setting up the two Joomla sites. I have worked with a few hosting companies and yours has the best customer support, by a long way.

"There is no better service available!"

wilburnrobel  (3 months ago)

Highly recommend Gigapros service! They are always on top of the game. The only issues I've ever had have to do with not receiving my discount (which most of the time has been my own fault for wrong html code). When I asked them why, they checked it out each time, got back to me either the same day or following day and not only told me why, but told me how to fix it!

"Jet fast support, almost 100% uptime"

gailvaveman  (3 months ago)

I have been a Gigapros customer for over three months now, there attention to detail, great customer service & excellent pricing make them the only choice for my web hosting needs, I would recommend them to anyone.

"Happy with Gigapros provider"

Isle of Man
fremedel  (3 months ago)

I currently have joomla with my site and they do notify me when there's an security problem with joomla and warn me for the upgrade, which is nice. It made me feel great knowing I could have fast service from a reliable host. No complaints so far! Gigapros service is much appreciated.

"Good hosting service - everything works"

rodidier  (3 months ago)

I would like to sincerely thank the guys from Gigapros for the excellent service they provide. Support can be slow at times and setup took up some time because they marked my order as fraud. I have several sites with them and every single one of them makes me money. That is only the case because they helped lift me and my business up.

"Server speeds are perfect. Everything works good."

United States
jamisonenable  (3 months ago)

Chat support is very fast and helpful. I never found a better cost/performance ratio..recommend! I use Gigapros Business hosting plan and host 2 sites on it (wordpress, Joomla). They gave me a free domain for life so one of the sites got a free bonus :) The tech support is always there and provides a lot of help when needed, I personally can recommend this Host.

"Pricing, features and tools are great"

zackarshman  (3 months ago)

In general, if you run a business on the web, you will not want to take that kind of risk. So it took over 3 weeks to find the most reliable web host on the net, it is Gigapros hosting provider without any doubt. I was a bit hesitant, but after reading customer hosting reviews, I gave them a try. Their sales rep was responsive, I told him my requirements and he offered me the best hosting fit for my needs.

"I'm extremely pleased with Gigapros quality"

United States
rogermurphy  (4 months ago)

I can say that I am fully-satisfied with Gigapros hosting service. I run my web sites on their Personal Hosting plan account ($10/mo). The speed of my websites has been amazing since I switched from my old host and that was the main factor that made me want to switch in the first place. Think it's one of the best options for hosting any site (size, script, traffic). Recommended.

"Simple, easy to follow - 100% Satisfied!"

vincenthyun  (4 months ago)

Amazed about the capabilities of these guys, not only the support is incredible to the point of actually tweaking your website (wordpress based) and upgrading stuff but the answers have been spot on. These guys do not ask you for your own password via emails like other people do, they don't ask you for your credit card via email like others do. I have been using Gigapros web hosting service for a long time. Good job!

"Guys, Gigapros are professionals!"

joesindham  (4 months ago)

I've tried a few hosting providers but Gigapros beats them all. I paid via paypal and they activated my VPS account very fast. I had some questions about setup - their support helped me a lot and was very patient. It is always fast and helpful. It is a provider who offers very cheap prices all around, for more webspace and bandwidth than most other hosts can claim to provide.

"Gigapros really have been exceptional"

Costa Rica
myrodaniel  (4 months ago)

I was in need for inexpensive service and decided to give Gigapros a try. Good uptime and fast email without glitches were the things I had been looking for. I got that with Gigapros. And now that is really hard to find something what is working bad for me in their service. I discovered some nice fellows from their support team. In a few words - they are professionals!

"Extra service! No way to complain about Gigapros hosting services"

United Kingdom
irwinprecourt  (4 months ago)

It's almost like walking right up to the owner and asking them for help. Nothing bad to say, although they should except other methods of payment than paypal. Gigapros is great hosting if you mention about price, performance, and features. Can recommend their hosting for those who are looking reliable place to host their web sites and keep them online and accessible for visitors. Thumbs up!

"As an overall value, Gigapros hosting is really hard to beat"

beaugibbs  (4 months ago)

They go above and beyond and with that pricing, you would expect a lot less. I recommend Gigapros all the time and would recommend them above any other hosting provider I have dealt with. When I contacted tech support they were there and got my sites back up in no time. I've never had a problem with nor heard any complaints about the quality of their hosting services.
May the Lord bless them everyday.

"Great extras, free bonuses, additional features"

United States
melvinistrunk  (5 months ago)

I'm satisfied using their hosting service. Setup was within a few minutes of ordering. Excellent uptime, very responsive support and most importantly - great speed. If you are considering buying hosting and you are looking for the best for your money definitely go with Gigapros - a reliable web hosting provider.

"Staff is well trained and experienced"

hankaramie  (5 months ago)

I've been with Gigapros shared hosting service a month now and I've got to say I'm impressed. The services and features they offer to a user like myself cannot be beat. Really nice uptime and speed - good job, guys! I find their pricing unbelievable in this day and age. Thank you!

"Good host, their price is reasonable"

cliffordmishler  (5 months ago)

I can honestly say I am fully satisfied with the quality of their services. Recommend Gigapros to others. It is absolutely the most wonderful hosting around! Techs are simply outstanding with response time and answer any and all matter how silly! ha! Uploading products is a breeze and the software is very user friendly. It is the BEST!

"Gigapros software is very user friendly"

Hong Kong
theronchoate  (5 months ago)

A really big Thank You to all Gigapros staff! My experience with this host has been nothing short of amazing. The level of support provided with my web hosting account has been fantastic. Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable. The speed of my sites is great, I have only positive feedbacks from my visitors about the work of my site. I will recommend Gigapros Business plans to all of my friends.

"Excellent technical support"

andreaslamar  (5 months ago)

I've been with gigapros (linux) vps hosting for 5 months now and they have been great. Their techies know their stuff and they have all been fantastic in helping me, walking me through the problems and just generally keeping with me until resolved. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you have a really good (human) crew over there.
Thanks for the great prompt service!
You guys rock!

"Setup is fast. Up and running my site in 30 minutes"

South Africa
melvinatalan  (5 months ago)

I'm a Reseller and all my customers have been happy with gigapros services. I had one problem with a domain registration for a new website and Tom from their Live Chat fixed it right away. I am so pleased with their hosting service! I also appreciate their nice approach with the business as this is something our business tries to continue and educate people as this is very important. Kudos for the great service and then important environmental support!

"Friendly, timely and helpful support"

brooksurston  (5 months ago)

I would like to thank gigapros techs for their polite, prompt and effective assistance. Yesterday I broke something and they fixed it. I really appreciate that! Also, I am grateful that the phone line was answered as soon as I called, and that qualified people were ready to handle the problem by email, even late at night. I use their shared hosting (personal) account for running of my wordpress blog - everything works. Recommend them.

"They are knowledgeable, courteous, quick to help"

renaldasch  (5 months ago)

I started out on personal shared package after talking with sales and eventually worked my way up to one of their normal plans so if you need a custom plan talk to them as they will probably be able to work with you. Gigapros is good web host along with 30-day money back guarantee, unique 1-click scripts installer, and 24/7 customer support. All of their work has been great - I am happy using their hosting services.

"These guys are stars! Help is prompt"

New Zealand
darnellaston  (6 months ago)

I just recently moved to Gigapros US web host. Tech support is friendly, helpful, and accurate. It has always been responsive. All the requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host. No doubt, it has been a wonderful host.

"The servers are very fast. Their cPanel is great"

timalloway  (6 months ago)

Really good web hosting provider that goes the extra mile to help their customers. Professional Host! I'd like say Gigapros is great web host. Uptime and reliability are taken as featured features. This host is simply superb. Great pricing, Anybody could afford a website with them. To my knowledge, my site has never been down. I have used their technical support many times. This web host is highly recommended.

"The Support is professional, communicative"

lawrenoris  (6 months ago)

I am happy with Gigapros web hosting service. This web host is cool. Through e-mail - fast quick and through responses just how i want it to be. Their e-mail is just way too complete that i dont have to email them about the same problem. They assisted me until my problem was solved and most of the time they do it for me instantly. The control panel seemed a little daunting and techie at first, but it's fine when you get used to it.

"Cheap pricing for such resourceful shared hosting"

wilbusneros  (6 months ago)

I have had service provided by others before but as time has gone by, I have moved most things to Gigapros VPS hosting account. We run over 70,000 page views per month which is pretty hefty for Joomla. The site always responds quickly, even during peak times and the cost is much less than the solution I had to have with my previous host. Response times are usually within 40 minutes. Good experience!

"Reliable, fast, and secure web hosting provider"

teodororrett  (6 months ago)

Gigapros is the best hosting provider that i have ever work with. I found them on hosting forums, one of the best references in the internet for webmasters, i have questions but i began to work with them and im very happy. Good plans and amazing 24 hour support. Their php stuff works and the speed is also good. I think it's one of the best offers i read in the last time. And of course i would recommend this US host.
Great offer!

"The hosting works great"

jesusefilippo  (6 months ago)

I've been with a lot of hosts, and Gigapros is by far the best. I manage a nonprofit organization and 5 other websites. Easy to setup with them, and they setup the servers quick. Only regret is no help desk style to review past tickets, and no forums to talk with other users. I am impressed with Live Chat, there is always an expert who is ready to help. Recommended.

"They have always been fast to respond"

tomgiard  (6 months ago)

Well, I have been with Gigapros not so long, but already experienced their professionalism and stable servers. Their support was polite and found a good shared hosting solution according to requirements I told them. I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided. Web applications involved to complete some complicated operations. On my current shared hosting - they are being completed jet fast.
Great prices.

"Tickets are usually answered with 15 minutes"

alvarogano  (6 months ago)

Really good hosting experience. Gigapros have fast servers. I have web site and some web applications on the server. The control panel of the host, allow me to manage my entire server without restrictions, also I can restart my server when I want. Their customer support is exceptional. Highly recommended. Let's hope they keep it up. My web site is always online and accessible to my visitors around the whole globe - a great plus for this host.

"Very much satisfied with the performance of Gigapros servers"

ivanbonar  (7 months ago)

My experience with Gigapros tech support has been good prompt and helpful responses. These rare qualities are what I have experienced in my long-term relationship with them and are why I highly recommend their VPS hosting for your technological needs. They are solidly reliable, highly expedient at tech support and have reasonable pricing. For the 1 or 2 times that I have had to use tech-support the response is superfast and genuine, no canned answers. I highly recommend their hosting services.

"My websites are in good hands. Happy with Gigapros"

benticcard  (7 months ago)

I have used many hosts over the past 20 years, and I'd like to point out that Gigapros who I have used for the past 9 months has proven the best by far. Setting up with them was a snap. I had my full site online and at 100% steam within 2 hours. Tech support is friendly, helpful, and accurate. Their customer support is beyond excellent. They know what they are doing. Recommended!

"I would recommend them to anyone"

masickers  (7 months ago)

It hosts my sites and I changed to them from another host because of problems with the previous host. I'd like to express the point that it is one of my favorite web hosts I've ever dealt with. Very happy with Gigapros dedicated server so far, been using them for a couple of months and both performance and service have been very good and the pricing is outstanding. Vitally important fact that I should mention is that they provide solutions for secure data backup, online archiving and recovery. So, there is no need to worry about your data loss.
Not verified

"I've found their support to be good"

thurmiano  (7 months ago)

My experiences with Gigapros has been 100% positive. There has been almost unnoticeable down time in all the years I've been with them and all technical migrations and upgrades they do create minimal hassle for me. Their technical support is amazing. The speed is amazing, very reliable, the support is fantastic (we needed a server reset, they done it within 20 minutes), the price is great! Can't fault these guys! Use it for my blog, and everything has been going on very well. They are the best, speed wise, price and reliability of the service also a helpful support staff.

"Useful features are included into hosting - great host"

jeremwayze  (7 months ago)

My experience with tech support has been good, prompt and helpful responses. Gigapros is the host you can rely on in any situation. I have two domains hosted at their VPS hosting account and just renewed both for a third year after looking around for better deals and, as usual, finding none. Incredible hosting provider. The support from these guys is without comparison. Superb features, service, and quality.

"I'm very happy with their customer service"

devonashi  (7 months ago)

I have over 30 customers to whom I give web hosting. Gigapros service is really professional. This is a great website. It's easy to use and their tech customer support is the best I've ever seen. It's almost like walking right up to the owner and asking them for help. The support from these guys is without comparison.

"speed of response is second to none"

edwarninger  (7 months ago)

It's too soon for me to fully rate everything having to do with Gigapros provider, but I can already see great things! I have not used any of the tools provided, but they have them and that is what matters to me right now. I am excited to start learning. They are easy to set up. My last host ought to take a few pages from their book! My experience with tech support has been good, prompt and helpful responses. I have two domains hosted at Gigapros and just renewed both for a third year after looking around for better deals and, as usual, finding none.
Incredible hosting provider!

"An outstanding and reliable web hosting service "

valicedo  (8 months ago)

To start with they have a smart and easy to navigate website of their own. In Gigapros all features are useful for customers like publishing of web deployment. It is configured well and works good without any problems. Uptime is good, at least in my case, the server never went down till now. The main thing which i like about Gigapros is that they are providing the extensive storage space in each of their package, and a wide range of domain name extensions.

"Try them, you won't be sorry. "

gustavochamness  (8 months ago)

I found during my web hosting with Gigapros that their team has knowledge of everything pertaining to issue we come across on cpanel. I really appreciate the quality of their hosting solutions on web. Before I have tested several hosting providers but was not satisfied. Gigapros provider's billing is reliable! As for the price for Business Hosting packages, it is reasonable according to the features and resources they offer.

"Excellent host I have ever used!"

zackawhidbee  (8 months ago)

Excellent webhosting provider, uptime 100%, fast support team, powerful servers. Whatever I need, whenever I need it, I have absolute confidence Gigapros will take care of it for me. That is how good their customer service is. You know how it's difficult to find a right host and Gigapros has surprised me much with their top-notch services, quality support and high uptime. I plan to stay with them as long as possible. +100 to them!

"The best host I have ever experienced!"

angendrith  (8 months ago)

I began with Gigapros when all I needed was a simple vanity page. Then I added a busy phpBB forum. Since then, I've upgraded my hosting package and began hosting video and other multimedia content. Great support and pricing. It may not have all the latest features etc. ( autoinstall of CMS packages, Forums) and it's simple, inexpensive, and reliable. I have several domains hosted at Gigapros for several years, and have only had 1 outage. Everything runs great with this web host.

"Happy and fully satisfied with Gigapros service"

mosautreaux  (8 months ago)

I've been hosting Audio Record Studio with Gigapros Business hosting account for about 4 months, I like this web host. I love working with the support team! I always receive professional help and thanks to them there aren`t any bugs. They answer super fast and they really help when i need. I am quite satisfied using their hosting services.

"Top recommendation to give Gigapros a try"

wilbunsch  (8 months ago)

For service and support I give Gigapros a 5-stars rate and I highly recommend them. I have been using their shared hosting for some time now and I'm more than impressed with the speed of my websites. The customer service is amazing and they are always helping me. They are also cool for running Joomla sites. When I was asked to create a web page for a friend I went straight to Gigapros and I will continue to both use and recommend them to everyone.

"Very Happy customer. Keep up the good work! "

nickardini  (8 months ago)

Pricing and reliability are excellent. Support is decent, they have a ticketing system that they usually get to you by within 20 minutes. Live Chat replies in 1 minute - this is great plus for Gigapros team. I enjoy having Gigapros as my VPS hosting provider, and have never had any real issues with them or my site.

"Tech support service is superb – Gigapros is great!"

timomays  (8 months ago)

The services offered by Gigapros are far superior to my previous hosting service, which I had for more than a decade. Contact with sales, technical support, and billing has been prompt and pleasant. It is very easy to get a hold of them. So many new unique features added. I am happy.

"I have never tried such a professional hosting service"

cawthermin  (8 months ago)

I have been with Gigapros web host for over seven months now and have had no problems with my site whatsoever. Tech support service is superb, it is an extremely professional web hosting provider and usually manages to answer support tickets in 10 minutes or less. Their unique features can't be beat - basically, you can do anything you'd ever need to do.

"Use them if you are interested in a quality service! "

darwintroble  (8 months ago)

They remain the best web host I've ever used since my over ten years in the web industry. They give you the best services at a moderately affordable price. With Gigapros provider, you're not alone. The support chat reps stay with you until the issue is resolved. Hosting service is fast and reliable. Support also helps a bit more than just with hosting trouble. A breath of fresh air to finally be with a hosting provider that services the customers.

"Updates are provided on a timely basis"

alfrenaud  (9 months ago)

Great support and pricing. It may not have all the latest features etc. ( autoinstall of CMS packages, Forums etc. ) and it's simple, inexpensive, and reliable. I have several domains hosted at Gigapros VPS hosting provider for several years, and have only had 1 outage.

"Gigapros staff is very active and responsive"

marvetterer  (9 months ago)

It turns out that Gigapros VPS hosting provider has never been down unexpectedly in the 3+ years that I've been using them. If they are planning on doing maintenance, they have always let me know. I have always been able to access my site, and my webmail. Whenever I've needed help on anything, their support has always responded quickly, and have been able to help me with whatever the issue was. I would recommend them to anyone (and frequently do).

"The tools provided are great!"

jamowton  (9 months ago)

I joined Gigapros a little over a year ago, and from the first minute, they've treated me well. I got set up in under an hour, and downtime has been really scarce, which is incredible. They mean business and they provide excellent service. I love the speed of the site, the uptime, the support when needed, and the features. I am happy with this service.

"I feel safe and secure with this host"

roberterger  (9 months ago)

It is great hosting if you mention about price, performance, and features. Email service has good spam filtering. The most impressive aspect of Gigapros is the reaction time for technical queries. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help. My last webhost would sometimes take days to respond to your help ticket. I feel safe and secure with this host. The tools provided are great!

"This provider's interface for website and email maintenance is superb!"

clazzariello  (9 months ago)

I like gigapros 1-click installation plugins (Wordpress) and streaming is very useful for my purposes. I've always found the Customer Service top notch via e-mail and the help wiki is very intuitive. Your sites will be in good hands, dudes. Personally I'm fully-satisfied customer. They offer everything for both the low level user up to the high traffic corporate sites. My site has high traffic and their speed connectivity is really fast.

"They always reply very quickly, even on non-business days"

darrickmcshan  (10 months ago)

Almost all the time the answers come fast and on target and in a friendly manner. When there's confusion, the guys are still conscientious and solid! I have been doing business on the internet for roughly 5 years and have gone through numerous hosting providers and Gigapros is the one I would recommend. This web host is for people who need a stable webhost with reliability and friendly support.

"An asset for your business - HIGHLY recommended!"

trumanirk  (10 months ago)

I don't have anything to complain about Gigapros web host. I like that they are also proactive about virus infections if they happen. They don't let your whole server get hacked like other economy hosts. Very happy with pricing as well.

"I have ever been 100% satisfied with Gigapros hosting"

merlinisler  (10 months ago)

Recommend Gigapros vps hosting. I clicked on Live Chat and was immediately in touch with. An IT guys spent several hours with me replying my questions about domains and domain transfer and the plan I was considering. They have the best and fastest support of any host I have been with. Very friendly and always willing to help. Good job.

"Gigapros is well priced and within everyone's budget"

ruffing  (10 months ago)

I'd like to mention that Gigapros have been a great host for me. The sites I host are generally low-traffic. So, I have no experience with their dedicated servers. But, I've never had a problem with the shared servers. The pricing is great for the features. So far it has been an exceptional host. They offer nice helpful professional tech support service. I have no complaints.

"This host is economical, easy to use, friendly"

edwardodun  (10 months ago)

I was searching for a host offering great amount of traffic for a nice price. Googling and reading several forums, including this one, I have chosen Gigapros business hosting account. Can add that tech customer center is quick and perfect, however, for tech questions they asked me to contact technical service directly, through submitting a support ticket. I did that and received the answer really quickly (in less than an hour). Recommend this web hosting provider!

"Simple hosting tools and panels"

seaneralto  (10 months ago)

Even the sales staff, my first point of contact, had a really well founded knowledge of the technical details - that’s a rarity. I know now, after the move, that everything I had been told was perfectly accurate. The move itself was painless. Thanks Gigapros for a good hosting service.

"Staff are well trained and experienced"

rafacallam  (10 months ago)

Just a note to let you know how helpful Gigapros was in enabling me to solve a problem that I was having with my website. They listened carefully to my description of the issue that I was having and then made several suggestions concerning potential solutions. Following their suggestions, I was able to solve the problem quickly and get things operating smoothly again. Great customer service.

"Great support and pricing"

maxkimber  (10 months ago)

Hello! I paid via paypal and got Instant Activation of my account. I began transferring my website. I could easily have asked Gigapros to do all the work for me and they would have gladly accepted, but I did it myself with the tools they provide. They are always more than happy to negotiate what your account will have - for example same price for half the space and double the bandwidth if this is what you require.

"I'm very happy with their customer service"

trased  (11 months ago)

The connection page speed is very good, no problems at all. I am happy getting my site back online in a fully functional capacity, my dealings with Gigapros have been top notch, and I have been very pleased with fast, personable, and affordable service. I submitted an actual problem I was having with the other company as a hypothetical, and asked what their response would be. They graciously replied, and provided the answer I knew was the correct one.

"You guys are awesome"

marihitaker  (11 months ago)

I am very happy with Gigapros shared hosting services. For someone like myself who has very limited experience in the technology, I really appreciate the help and service. Uptime is great - 99.98% (stability and professionalism). You will be pleased, guys - choose this web hosting provider.

"Kudos on outstanding customer service"

ignaciolas  (11 months ago)

I have been with Gigapros business hosting for 5 months and have nothing but good things to say about the operation. The staff are always class acts to deal with, and as the company grew, so did the service. It would be incredibly hard to convince me to switch to someone else at this point. A great web hosting provider with fast servers in the Usa!

"Features are very good... Recommended!"

trentoolster  (11 months ago)

Gigapros is a service orientated provider of an excellent web hosting business. Their professionalism and service standards have meant they have been happy to go way beyond my expectations to ensure their service to my company is first class. Their beliefs and values led me to consider working with them. Their service has made me a stronger advocate for Hosting.

"I can't say enough good things about Gigapros provider"

geobohrer  (11 months ago)

After purchasing hosting from Gigapros I have noticed how easy it is to setup my very own website. I came into all this without much experience with setting one up or having any clue what to do, but everything was easy to follow and Tom was very helpful. Recommended web hosting provider for running business online.

"The speed is amazing, very reliable"

edmogeman  (11 months ago)

As I am fairly new to web hosting services I am amazed at how simple and helpful Gigapros is - I can't recommend them highly enough! Uptime is great - my web sites are always up and accessible around the globe. Always problem free, always helpful and quick to respond. Thanks to all the team. I have already used the help service which is part of the 'aftercare' service which was very quick and easy.

"I am extremely happy with the service provided"

lavernchlenker  (11 months ago)

I am so pleased to have found Gigapros, their vps hosting account, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a web hosting provider. Understood my requirements and did a very good job. I was very pleased with the design. All work carried out promptly and with excellent communication. Very good value for money. They guided me through the process with expertise, patience and good humour.
Definitely recommended.

"Great experience – Gigapros IT guys are professional"

vincinnegan  (11 months ago)

When I first came to Gigapros business web hosting I was very careful about everything I did. I have had a lot of hosts in my past thats had bad support or died. With Gigapros I now know I came to the right place. It is the best hosting out there HANDS DOWN! Their support team is beyond great and they are also Online 24/7. If you ever need help they wont ask questions they will jump on it right then and there. They stand by there product and they don’t rip you off.

"The speed is amazing, very reliable"

allanheap  (11 months ago)

Those that know the importance of customer service will be blown away, like me. Hats off to you guys! Gigapros customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet (will be shortly now) and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions. I like the features offered by these guys like website builder, templates, all possible CMS installs, free bonuses. Recommended web host.

"Great support and pricing"

norbersten  (11 months ago)

WOOHOO!!! You guys rock!You guys are awesome!! It works and OS commerce is working. I've been with the host group for about a year now. I switched over for a cheap/reliable web host with java hosting, with good service and support. Gigapros is very reliable and easy to set up, I couldn't ask for anything more.
Thank you ever so much, Gigapros team.

"I have no headache using Gigapros service"

rodosanid  (1 year ago)

Thank you very much for your help. I have been telling anyone looking for web hosting to check this provider out. Your support is top notch. You are making my learning curve very easy. Trust me, not all web hosts are the same! With Gigapros, I am confident of an excellent product at a very reasonable price with outstanding service and support. I recommend Gigapros to all of my website clients. Many, many thanks!

"I do recommend Gigapros service "

eldonreel  (1 year ago)

I've probably experienced only about a couple of hours of downtime total for all the sites I've got running here – two hours spread across four years! Great Job, thanks Gigapros team. I had a few problems when I first signed up (not with them, just with mistakes I made) and they were very willing to help me and explain things to me.

"I'm glad to have chosen Gigapros hosting"

marcellorello  (1 year ago)

As you can tell, I can't say enough good things about Gigapros vps hosting. So, the main advantage of using their web hosting service is that I have never had real problems to solve, or if there appeared some problems, well-trained support staff always assisted me to get rid of them.

"Very reliable seriously very reliable"

tedditney  (1 year ago)

I needed a lot of additional help getting things sorted out as my last host organized things quite differently, but I can honestly say that I'm confident in the efficient, flexible, and powerful services available to our sites through Gigapros web host. My site has never been down. I have used their technical support many times.
Highly recommend their hosting services!

"Features are great and Speed is fast"

cedreumer  (1 year ago)

I have been Gigapros customer for over 8 months. I currently have a VPS account with 3 sites hosted on it. I am getting excellent page load times compared to the previous host which is why I switched. Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime.

"Great work provided by Gigapros Techs – thanks!"

trumerrifield  (1 year ago)

Compare that to Gigapros shopping cart (all shopping carts supported) with full MySQL support at less than few dollars a month. Choice should be very easy. Reliable uptime (99.9% guarantee), and decent customer support (works 24/7 and really helpful) on 2 occasions when I've had trouble with my site. They solved all the troubles within 20 minutes.

"Great hosting provider with responsive techs"

donnearl  (1 year ago)

I have used Gigapros for about 4 months now for my personal website, and it has been great. My say: Stick with gigapros web hosting provider. Their pricing looks reasonable, you pay $10/mo for so many useful features and unique tools... This host is cheap, fast and has great customer service. If I have a problem, they respond quickly and are friendly whilst providing their service.

"I like their stable work. Recommend Gigapros"

florenbauer  (1 year ago)

Excellent support. Gigapros hosting service is much appreciated. Pricing is good. I think the people who have posted negative comments and slurs here are ignorant fools. They have not let me down yet - i never have spam problems and I strongly doubt that another company could offer better service for less money.

"Highly recommended. Let's all hope they keep it up."

noroden  (1 year ago)

Fully satisfied using Gigapros shared hosting service (no overselling). If you are not the least knowledgeable person in the world about web hosting and do need to call support at least one in a daily basis then Gigapros is really the host company for you. I am a an experienced web user and have tried literally dozens of web companies before but none with such high standards.

"I am really happy, good web host for CMS hosting"

ardenarrowood  (1 year ago)

Just my two cents. Gigapros have been a great hosting provider in the Usa from what I had before. Support is top notch! So many good features and 1-click scripts installer make it easy to work with them. I can even text a support and get answers pretty quickly. This web host also provides web development so they can even answer questions about your website. Their tech staff is helpful around the clock and prices are competitive.

"Good job! Their support is very friendly and they answer quickly"

maondignaro  (1 year ago)

Well, it is an excellent Hosting provider, they willing to help their customers, you can always rely on them, we been with them for almost six months, the services has been great, we will strongly recommend them to anybody. When you have found a right host you try to be with it as long as possible. And Gigapros is such a host. They are worth having a deal with.

"Great speed connectivity, great network uptime, Great hosting service"

labrum  (1 year ago)

Gigapros is a great hosting provider that provides excellent hosting packages. They have fantastic uptime! It is a steal to get hosting this cheap, with such great features, in a great datacenter.
I believe their strengths are:
- good pricing (for space/bandwidth)
- quick response from support staff
- fairly full featured
Highly recommend this decent web host.

"Highly recommended. Impressed with the live chat"

klimasalvatore  (1 year ago)

Gigapros have been a solid experience overall for me.
For simply hosting WordPress blogs that get a small amount of traffic, it does the job. Awesome support. They usually reply 10 minutes after you submit your ticket with a logical answer. Can't ask for more...
Not verified

""Good Services""

checkseo1  (1 year ago)

Hi there,
I appreciate your Web services. I want to know more about your services.

"Very good web host with 24/7 tech help center"

messengerrolando  (1 year ago)

Top hosting provider to deal with. Highly recommended. Impressed with the live chat customer service support provided by Gigapros - extremely helpful. Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them. My sites are always online and I am happy that my visitors are satisfied with the speed connectivity. When I need support, it is quick and takes care of the issue with no attitude. I am not an IT guy so this is important to me. Their support works 24/7/365.

"Their servers are fast"

odockefeller  (1 year ago)

I'm hosting multiple domains at Gigapros US web host, using just the $10/month Linux business plan. I feel that this package is well-suited for all individuals and small business - a great alternative to many traditional hosts. Their servers are fast. The pages load fast, day or night. They have a well balanced system over there. They are always willing to take that extra step. I recommend this web hosting. I will update my review in future, but thus far my experience has been thoroughly positive.

"Generally you get what you pay for"

clacebarett  (1 year ago)

Gigapros is flexible provider (so many unique features added to the packages), so I can look at the availability of hosting services that will satisfy all my requirements. I should say that prices are not very high. One more important fact has to be mentioned that I have never had down time of my site during the whole period I have been using their services.

"Really glad to deal with Gigapros web host"

roquewyatt  (1 year ago)

I have been using Gigapros for more than a year and it is the best web hosting provider for the money. I am happy with server and network uptime and speed connectivity is really fast – my web site’s files upload very fast.

"Professional & stable hosting service"

lardsterba  (1 year ago)

The support and assistance from Gigapros has been simply outstanding. No grumbles at my lack of technical expertise, just fast effective assistance virtually around the clock. The prices have gone up for the shared accounts, but I think there is a point where you have to accept that to a large extent, you get what you pay for. It is still very reasonable in my opinion, the stability is excellent, and the support is priceless.

"Gigapros provide good Ddos protection, thanks!"

haankinad  (1 year ago)

They are always willing to take that extra step. I really recommend this provider. I am planning to use gigapros shared hosting package for a long long time. Keep on the good (excellent) work! Support through their support ticket system is exemplary - fast and professional responses. I have had several outages caused by DDoS attacks on other servers at the data center. Most of these issues were resolved quickly.

"I like Gigapros e-commerce hosting service"

palmentoro  (1 year ago)

I chose Gigapros hosting after months of research and comparative study, and it's one of the most winning choices i have ever made. Excellent value for money. $10/month for good web hosting with plenty of bandwidth, may e-mail accounts, many extras (at no charge), and the best Technical Support I've come across - extremely responsive and very helpful.

"Great web host, Great Tech Support, Great Features"

dominickburkart  (1 year ago)

Superb tech support - I maintain 4 sites, all at Giga Pros. I tend to place fairly technical support calls. In over 40 tech support calls (almost never for a problem, almost always for an implementation or coding question) I have never (ever) had worse than 20 min first response, usually with an appropriate resolution. Calls that took longer clearly needed to take longer.
I you do not need a silly amount of space, their support and feature set is hard to beat.

"Gigapros reliability is quite good!"

jeremopp  (1 year ago)

Well, Gigapros is a nice web hosting provider. They deserve to be in the top listing of hosting providers. The are supporting the customers very well with experts' tech help and listen to my wishes. The price and their products are great. They keep improving their services, and the size of disk space and bandwidth transfer rate.

"Good place for hosting websites in the USA"

frentunez  (1 year ago)

I have only positive comments to make about the service and backup of Gigapros. It makes a pleasant change to receive the sort of help you get from this web hosting provider in the USA. I set up my service on a Monday afternoon and my account was set up by early that evening.

"Very good Job, Gigapros – steady so!"

hayashi  (1 year ago)

Best bang for the buck web host I've ever been with. Good customer service, great plans for just about anyone, plenty of space and bandwidth...and honest people running the entire show. That last part counts more than one would realize.
Not verified

"Good service: Speed, Uptime, Tech Support!"

baumgartmalcom  (1 year ago)

Happy using Gigapros web hosting services. Their team are super knowledgeable about servers, domain names and websites! They are very respectful and patient! They helped me with my questions and I was in bad shape because i had a hoarse voice and flu and he still explained carefully what to do to get my client's new splash page, cafe and market working!
Not verified

"It’s like working with a team of friends"

mettlakins  (1 year ago)

I am blown away by how fast this server is. There were some setup hiccups, but the support staff resolved them promptly. Today I was able to set up wordpress blog, set up my databases, and upload my PHP scripts. This app does fairly complex SQL queries to perform searches in a medical coding database. The Gigapros Server responds in one-tenth the time it takes two other servers, one a SSD-based VPS and the other a shared server. The client is very happy with the speedup.
Not verified

"Wonderful customer service and very quick "

speeglefredrick  (1 year ago)

Must say that Gigapros staff have always been extremely helpful with technical queries and the response time is really quick - much better than my previous hosting company. As a freelance web designer, it’s important that hosting is reliable and fast and I have no complaints! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for hosting.
Not verified

"Gigapros places high value on customer support"

gagnerodrick  (1 year ago)

Oh just brill, guys! I love Gigapros and all the little extras that are in my very budget priced package. I love that you dont make me feel cheap, nudge nudge wink wink. Seriously though, the customer service is superb and all the features I need are included, as well as all the tools i hope to be able to use in the future as my business grows.
Not verified

"Sites are always up and run as fast"

calebdenhe  (1 year ago)

Recently moved to Gigapros after a nightmarish debacle with another hoster. They have excellent support, and prices are good. Very good hosting company so far. There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately. Web sites are always up and run as fast. No issues with viruses or hackers - this is a great plus for their team of professionals.

I give them 6 out of 5. Recommended!
Not verified

"Gigapros web host gets Double Thumbs Up!"

stognermanuel  (1 year ago)

After frustrating and unreliability experiences with other hosting services (including very large, well known hosts), I started a search a few years ago for a hosting provider that people were actually happy with. That's how I found Gigapros. The volume of comments from happy customers led me to call them. Their team have perfected the art of great customer service. Extremely knowledgeable and very patient.
I will strongly recommend them to anybody.
Not verified

"Gigapros is first class, with support tickets answers within 5-10 mins"

alfonzoweeten  (1 year ago)

I had to deal with a lot of hosting companies over the last year - some good, awful and medicure - I won't name and shame, but some are quite big and well known US hosting companies. I use Gigapros for several of my sites and last year transferred a great deal of my companies websites to gigapros, which is one of the first decisions I made at my new job - away from a nasty host in America.
Not verified

"Costs are very reasonable, service has been great "

damsiebert  (1 year ago)

When hosting service was abruptly stopped by our previous provider (and customer support was inadequate), Gigapros was our white knight. Within a few hours they had rescued and restored our site, run diagnostics, and recommended ways to optimize website performance. They saved us significant time and sales by bringing our channels live again - no questions asked, no run-around, and no extra fees. Highly recommended to those who like to work with companies that care.
Not verified

"Gigapros VPS service is highly recommended!"

anvillagomez  (1 year ago)

Gigapros’ dedication to your satisfaction is exemplary. After only being with them a month, they sent me a letter thanking me for being a customer! When the need came for custom kernel modules, they were able to install them in record time. Their technical expertise and most of all their staff make you feel like a friend, and talk to you on your level. Gigapros has been by far the best VPS provider I’ve ever been with, I would give them quite literally an 11/10 rating.
Not verified

"Thanks for the great work ==>> keep it up!"

Equatorial Guinea
forrestsoldner  (1 year ago)

I woke up this morning to find my website down because my web developer was making changes to it during off hours. The team at Gigapros restored my site in 24 hours and now it’s back to normal. It feels like holiday when your site looks good again. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service you provide. I will always recommend you over competitors.
Not verified

"The best uptime and support response time!!!"

harmsrobbie  (1 year ago)

Having been through nightmarish experiences with competitors, I'll admit my expectations were somewhat low. I migrated to Gigapros gradually with caution, only to be repeatedly amazed by the fantastic service, responsive staff and people who actually answered questions and solved problems, as opposed to blindly following a solution matrix. It still seems too good to be true, but I haven’t had a single problem. I am absolutely delighted.
Not verified

"Nice experience, Gigapros team are experts!"

hassenblaine  (1 year ago)

I'm with Gigapros for over 5 months now, and things are only getting better.
On August 3rd, I got 2 THOUSAND page views on my shared (business) hosting account. With the help of Alex from Gigapros and some optimizations of my own, I managed to finish the day without getting my account suspended! I'm with Gigapros for over 5 months now (and hope to be with the for ages), and things are only getting better. Thank you, Gigapros!
Not verified

"Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough."

São Tomé and Príncipe
fredrichwab  (1 year ago)

We have not had to use their support often, but when we do, we have never had a response take longer than 15-20 minutes. This is darn fast compared to our old host that would take over 8 hours. Gigapros has a solid service and we have recommended them to several of our colleagues who very happy with their service as well.
Not verified

"Nice work, thanks Gigapros – you are the best"

oscarkopacz  (1 year ago)

Thank you for being so attentive. :) Because of your promptness, which I've never seen before in a web Hosting Company, I will definitely try to get all my friends to switch to your Web Servers!! Thanks very much!!
Not verified

"I appreciate Gigapros quality of service"

eugenioglasscock  (1 year ago)

As a public library director with very little time to devote to technology issues, I was enormously pleased to find how easy it was to set up our web site and publish our web pages. All I had to do was follow your crystal-clear set of directions! My board of trustees was really quite impressed and surprised at how quickly this minor miracle was achieved. Our community is one of the oldest in the country but remains a very small town, and it is very proud of its history and its historical library. Our new web site is another way for the library to interact with the town. Thanks for helping us, Gigapros! Your hosting services are much appreciated.
Not verified

"Great work, thanks for fast speed"

Central African Republic
holitotanilla  (1 year ago)

While doing Google search I found GigaPros, looked at their homepage (it looked professionally designed) and found out they offered affordable hosting plans. On the account of the fact I decided to contact them directly. They offered me a good hosting solution for my needs. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. Speed load of pages is really fast - I am very glad with this and can highly recommend this web host to others.
Not verified

"As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend them!"

Turks and Caicos Islands
corneliusmilone  (1 year ago)

I have nice experience hosting my opencart website at their shared hosting account (paid $10 and setup was instant). They also offer nice features and tools within their affordable packages. Customer tech support are very helpful, patient and professional. Really nice web host with feature-packed hosting packages.
Recommend their hosting services to all... guys, you will be happy using them.
Not verified

"The experience with Gigapros has been very good "

United States
romblace  (1 year ago)

GigaPros on the other hand seem to go out of the way to take all my enquirers seriously. Any problem has always been resolved and the patience of their staff has been at times stretched. There is plenty of information in advance when server maintenance is required. And I have never experienced downtime outwith maintenance on any of my sites.

At a good price I guess thats all you want from a hosting.
Not verified

"I like Gigapros competitively-priced hosting packages"

United States
augusampert  (1 year ago)

I have been with GigaPros for over 8 months and I have no complains so far. I'm a web developer and I purchased the shared hosting account for about $10 dollars where I host a total of five domains. They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (phpBB, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla).

Low price barrier to entry and high end support, that's the whole hosting package from one provider!
As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend them!
Not verified

"Good experience here – GigaPros is simple"

raldomar  (1 year ago)

Gigapros has been serving my hosting and domain needs for7 months now. Their competitively-priced bundled packages have been an ideal choice for both my own business needs and the needs of the small-business clients I have done web design for in the past. Any time I have had a problem, Gigapros support staff have been quick to answer my email and have helped me to get it resolved without hassle. I have been recommending them to my clients for some time, have multiple accounts of my own through them, and I plan to continue to use them even as I am switching from web design to my own small jewelry design business.
Not verified

"I am satisfied with GigaPros communication and support"

colematarin  (1 year ago)

Dear GigaPros Team,

I have been your customer for 6 months. This fact by itself is a proof of your quality and the quality of your services. During the time and many operating systems and upgrades, you were always helpful, efficient and supporting. I know that you are not the cheapest domain hosting provider, but you are still the cleverest choice. Your fast and effective support is priceless. The resources that you provide free of charge packed with your communication and support, turn your service into a treasure box.

Without any reservation!
Not verified

"My sites load fast, Gigapros provide great uptime"

United Kingdom
guillermochester  (1 year ago)

I have been using Gigapros hosting service for almost 9 months if I’m correct, and the support I get from you guys are nothing but phenomenal!!! EVERY time a send a mail with a problem I experience, you guys almost immediately respond, and follow up. I have never had a problem or query you guys could not help with. You guys follow up the following day to make sure that everything is still in order, and offer your support for any other problems. I really enjoy hosting with you guys, the thought have never even crossed my mind to use somebody else. You guys keeps us updated on what is going on there on the outside world, and do allot of pre-assessments with communication should there be any changes that we must expect.

As far as I’m aware, I have not have 1min downtime during peak periods that I needed the service to be alive.
Not verified

"Perfect Experience with Gigapros vps hosting"

brendebrand  (1 year ago)

I have since the day I joined Gigapros web host, been very satisfied with the service received. I have never, not once, had to live through a down time, and that is worth millions! Also, throughout my struggles to create and update my new website, I could always rely on you to give me good, sound advice, even though I must have driven you crazy!

I am a loyal Gigapros supporter, and look forward to see what the amalgamation will offer!
Kind regards
Not verified

"I believe that Gigapros will meet any needs, dudes"

reedausherman  (1 year ago)

Firstly I purchased their 30 GB space for one of my client. I was thrilled by their support and it lead me to purchase their reseller hosting. Now I am getting more money by reselling my hosting account even without losing my designing orders. Gigapros hosting service is much appreciated. Recommend these guys!
Not verified

"Their prices are great but not the cheapest"

Republic of Moldova
gilberanto  (1 year ago)

I am so much satisfied with Gigapros host. I got their support efficiently even in phone call. They will assist you in each and every step in any trouble shooting in your hosting account. Especially, I appreciate Alex, senior server administrator, for his excellent deal via Messenger.
Not verified

"Gigapros speed and reliability are perfect!"

Vatican City
wickham  (1 year ago)

I have been with Gigapros for 6 months now, and have been really impressed with their service. It's scores above my previous service with another web hosts. Speed, uptime, and especially and customer service, have been great. These guys are fantastic and I highly recommend their services. Thanks!
Not verified

"I highly recommend their services. Thanks!"

United States
jerirschner  (1 year ago)

I am sure Gigapros is one of the best host for running any web site with huge or low traffic. Moved over from another host, have seen big increases in speed and reliability along with great support. Recommended.
Not verified

"Can't go wrong with Gigapros web host!"

timothygleaves  (1 year ago)

Gigapros have been a fantastic host. Whether emailing them at 3pm, 2am in the middle of the night or even on a Sunday, response and action has been extremely fast, responding within 30 minutes each time, usually though it's less than 15 minutes.
Thanks for the great web hosting services... .
Not verified

"Humble, Genuine, Sincere!"

donbeers  (1 year ago)

I spent a few months trying to find the right company to provide me with website hosting.
It was fate when I came across Gigapros website. Not only is their website super awesome, their packages and prices just put the cherry on top. Affordable! I needed to see for myself what type of person I will be doing business with. It took a few minutes on the phone and quickly I could tell exactly the type of character their team is!
My decision was made. Gigapros is! Superb customer service!
Not verified

"I can recommend Gigapros business hosting without reservation"

erigiovan  (1 year ago)

I've known Gigapros for a number of years, they have always shown dedication to their internet work and their clients. When they put the idea of a hosting service to me I agreed it was a good idea. I'm very pleased to see that it is bearing fruit, I have my travel blog hosted by Gigapros, what impressed me more that anything else is their willingness to help a client with the set-up and the general customer care that is offered.

I can highly recommend Gigapros, their rates are reasonable and they offer a first class service.
Not verified

"Just wonderful! You have the finest support"

quincouts  (1 year ago)

GigaPros is great and good web hosting provider. Thank to this web site I was able to created so nice web pages. It is very easy to use it and add pages, photos, articles... The servers are fast. I was put on a shared server with lots of load. I ask them if they would move my account to another server and they did it. You wan to see how fast their servers are? Just sign up and see how fast you get FTP and admin credentials sent to you. It's almost instantly.

Since being with them I have found GigaPros to be a host I can recommend without reservation.
Not verified

"Gigapros server uptime is great (no downtime)"

rimccrimmon  (1 year ago)

Compared to the others, GigaPros give more bang for the buck in their different hosting packages. Other companies limit how many domains you can use and then give you great amount of bandwidth... and everyone know that with most domains you won't be able to use that much bandwidth. It's like a popular web provider offering 1 month free of using the service. Sounds impressive but is unrealistic.

Just as important GigaPros have good customer service. They are quick to resolve issues and patient when things are not easily understood. I really enjoy my hosting experience dealing with them.
Not verified

"I like them. Gigapros is professional hosting provider"

bartress  (1 year ago)

I trust all is well and appreciate all of Gigapros efforts with this.
Their explanation makes perfect sense - that said, I think I will leave things as they are for now. Lets see how things progress over the next few months before I make any decisions to start modifying binary files (its way over my head).

Thanks again for all Gigapros help - their promptness and expertise has been great!
Not verified

"Recommend Gigapros web hosting services"

United States
varleycolumbus  (1 year ago)

Hi, excellent host and helpful customer service at always online. Anytime i can consult Gigapros via live chat :) Continue the fast, easy and very accommodating approach to customers! Thank you for doing a great job in designing my site as well as the fast services you were able to provide! I am very satisfied with my site and I am very confident about it! Thank you very much!
Not verified

"excellent host and helpful customer service"

United Kingdom
quenimore  (1 year ago)

When it comes to hosting, support is more than important. You need someone reliable and responsible enough to even answer silly questions. Besides, if you want to be taken seriously, make sure your actions and policies are commensurate with your claims. To cut the long story short, I went out searching for another. And luckily I found Gigapros team. Recommend their hosting services.
Not verified

"I have no complaints at all!"

United States
westendorfwilfred  (1 year ago)

I've been hosted with Gigapros for a few months now and am very pleased with the overall service of this provider. Uptime is a crucial thing when running a website and gigapros has proven to be very reliable in doing this.
My site is always up, and if ever needed any additional help, I've always received great turnaround time.
I will also be adding another domain in the future.
Not verified

"Faultless hosting – Good and Professional!"

United States
rodrick  (1 year ago)

I can honestly say that as someone who has used 10 odd hosts over the past 3 years Gigapros is definitely the best in terms of the first class hosting service they provide and their excellent support service. I'd go so far as to say that Gigapros is the best, full stop. They're genuinely committed to providing the best possible service for their clients and are definitely the most understanding.
Recommend these guys!
Not verified

"I am really happy using gigapros hosting service"

United States
wilfordalthoff  (1 year ago)

I wanted to acknowledge the excellent technical support your company offers. On the occasions I've had to report an issue with one of my websites, your technical staff has been prompt, diligent, very professional and extremely effective at solving the problem. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into ensuring that customer satisfaction and I assure you that you have, in me, a very satisfied customer. Thank you for the great job.
Not verified

"Gigapros hosting service is Outstanding"

United States
crumleytommie  (1 year ago)

I am a current customer and have been for several months however previously I was using another hosting company for over 3 years for all of my client sites. I have never been happier and had more peace of mind than now since I moved to Gigapros. Not that the other service was so bad but the appreciation that I get from the support team at gigapros and the service is outstanding. I wish them much success as they grow and they will.
Not verified

"A really big Thank to all Gigapros Team!"

asuncionramiro  (1 year ago)

In my opinion, there is not better host then Gigapros provider!
Luckily I've haven't had to use the support a lot, but when I have had to use it, responses have been very fast, and they will work with you to get things fixed. Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable.
Not verified

"Switched to Gigapros VPS and Happy Now!"

adanvarga  (1 year ago)

Gigapros hosting service is outstanding, professional and complete. They researched my clients issue and solved it in less then 3 hours. I had been working on the problem for over a week. Well worth the money and with the “money back if we can’t fix” was a huge factor in my decision to give them a try.
Not verified

"Recommended. Very helpful and friendly staff"

El Salvador
dorianlightford  (1 year ago)

I am writing to tell you guys how satisfied I have been as a Gigapros customer. Your customer service - especially technical support - is remarkably useful and friendly. Please keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the word! Your tech support group is excellent! Please thank Tom in your Technical Support Group. He was very helpful and knew exactly what to do.
Not verified

"Highly recommend Gigapros business hosting packages"

bernardoriedel  (1 year ago)

I would like to appreciate Gigapros business hosting, since it has made the art of web hosting so simple and made us to enjoy the benefits of its unique services. Customers are so comfortable to work under the shade of gigapros hosting as they offers excellent customer service. In web hosting, they always try their best to cope up with the global standards.
Not verified

"Good job, Gigapros!"

Cocos [Keeling] Islands
sanfilippodarrell  (1 year ago)

Convenience, value, and service are the reasons I've hosted three businesses with Gigapros business hosting. Setup is a snap, the control console is very easy to use, and the support staff is responsive and personable. The best deal for your money I have come across. Great tech support and customer service! Fair and honest people running this show.
Not verified

"Their WP web hosting services are cool!"

mirca tucu  (1 year ago)

Good job, Gigapros! I have updated my billing information. Please renew my hosting. I am 100% satisfied with your company! The downtime on my site for maintenance, etc. has been extremely low. Keep up the good work.
Not verified

"Very helpful customer support – thank you!"

Sierra Leone
mike richards  (1 year ago)

I immediately needed help in the transition, which was instantly provided by these guys. Not only did my site get up and running again in lightning fast time, but these guys even helped with me a number of other hardware and software issues totally unrelated to what you'd expect from your hosting provider.
Nice selection of included scripts, CPanel, MySQL control panel, and many others that the high priced sites do not offer or support. Recommended.
Not verified

"Pretty good web host for my Joomla and Magento Sites"

hesheeber  (1 year ago)

I am Lucky I've found Gigapros web host. First, I transferred one of my Joomla sites on their personal hosting account and was really impressed by Instant Setup, speed connectivity and their technical support help. These guys are rocks. After several weeks I also transferred my other Joomla sites and Magento Commerce one. They were very helpful - I appreciate all the work they have done for me.
I added $30 per month and really glad. Thanks a lot, dudes!
Not verified

"It's good cheap hosting service"

witold bowski  (1 year ago)

If you are going to host any website (but not adult related), use Gigapros web hosting, they deserve your business. I have never had a problem they couldn't fix, and fast. They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCar and WHMCS to name a few). All of them are free. Their control panel system is absolutely fantastic. I feel their prices are a little on the high side compared to what bandwidth you get.
Not verified

"Perfect web host for running wordpress blogs"

claude rouleau  (1 year ago)

Great hosting, never a problem with customer service, reliable, good communication regarding server maintenance issues and competitive pricing. I've finally found a good home with Gigapros web host. I especially love their support. The support is good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done.
It's good cheap hosting.
Not verified

"I rate Gigapros as TOP host – Recommended"

faerden  (1 year ago)

I wanna share my experience. I was looking through facebook and found gigapros page, then clicked on their website link and found out that they offered really cool and affordable hosting deals along with good specials. I used their feature, product founder, and must say that it is really helpful tool. They offered me a good hosting fit for my specifications. Setup was fast (instant). Pricing is ok.
I rate Gigapros is the TOP host. Recommended.
Not verified

"Good Support, Nice Uptime and Also Speed!"

leossak  (1 year ago)

Good support, good service, so for 7 months I have no need to look for better provider, thanks a lot gigapros team. For the price you get an unbelievable amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. I have never had any downtime at all since I joined. I am a science teacher so the best part of this is that all their servers are run off of green energy or wind powered energy. Great host.
Not verified

"Very Good WordPress hosting"

valesquichardo  (1 year ago)

Good support, good service, so for 7 months I have no need to look for better provider, thanks a lot gigapros team. For the price you get an unbelievable amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. I have never had any downtime at all since I joined. I am a science teacher so the best part of this is that all their servers are run off of green energy or wind powered energy. Great host.
Not verified

"The support service is absolutely superb"

United States
cavalcanti santos  (1 year ago)

I'm looking forward to building a long term relationship with this company. With service and WordPress hosting such as they offer, I'll be sticking around. Just in the process of migrating from another web host now. By the way, I work for the US's biggest online retailer full time who have their own server architecture. Gigapros know about provisioning correctly for WordPress and if you go with them you will notice a significant increase in page performance.
Not verified

"Gigapros building tools are simple and easy to use"

United States
rufiliano  (1 year ago)

I am so happy using Gigapros hosting service. They are professionals in all the ways:
- useful building tools,
- easy to use features, cPanel and navigation,
- cool feature Explore Products (Explore what they offer and pick the right web hosting product that fit my needs).
- also Product Finder (their innovative product finder chart will help me find the right product for my web hosting needs, within the budget I have).
My sites are always up. As for their pricing - I get what I pay for and must say that I would better pay some extra dollars for the great hosting service. Recommended.
Not verified

"Features have been great for my needs"

violwise  (1 year ago)

Awesome email customer support. Because they respond in minutes, you don't really need phone support. Answered all my questions in a timely matter. The design tools are simple and easy to use. I've been a customer for over 3 months and I'm very happy.
I highly recommend Gigapros and their cheap shared hosting solutions in the USA.
Not verified

"I have no downtime and speed connectivity is ok"

luizsocka  (1 year ago)

The flexibility of Gigapros is truly refreshing and was just what we needed after being disappointed by expensive and rigid companies that failed to see that our needs as their customer is their business. Gigapros seems to know this and so we can recommend them without hesitation.
Not verified

"Gigapros technicians are very flexible"

aaronoriley  (1 year ago)

I'm not sure what I'm more surprised and pleased about - that the hosting and domain registration is so inexpensive, or that I'm getting so much for my money. Traffic stats, chat, MySQL, FrontPage - there are three dozen utilities that came with my package - for about a third the price of what I had been paying for only my domain registration. And the customer service has been excellent.
Not verified

"I'm glad I chose Gigapros for hosting my sites"

drechebastian  (1 year ago)

I appreciate the range of different plans available, being a startup user I have very small capacity and bandwidth requirements. Gigapros offered an appropriate plan with a great low price. Price is probably the most amazing thing about the Gigapros service, compared with prices for similar service here in the USA, Gigapros's price was 10-20 times cheaper! Unbelievable. I'm glad I chose to shop around for hosting.
Not verified

"Excellent Hosting Service, many thanks!"

gabritub  (1 year ago)

I publish a small, personal website, and Gigapros offers just the level of service I need. They provide me with an inexpensive solution, without sacrificing quality or service.

Gigapros has excellent service; I can usually expect a reply to a question within several hours. Their technicians are very flexible and are willing to make modifications to their servers to accommodate my needs as a webmaster.
Not verified

"Good job, Many thanks to Gigapros team!"

United States
bryanhazell  (1 year ago)

All of my prior web hosts charged the same low rates as Gigapros, but failed to offer an adequate level of service. The technicians at Gigapros notify me of any server upgrades, and let me know immediately of any server problems; it is great to know exactly what is going on with my site.

Gigapros offers a low cost alternative to other web hosts, with great service and options for a webmaster. For less than six dollars a month, I get three-hundred megabytes of web space with one gigabyte of transfers. This is by far one of the best deals on the net!
Not verified

"Gigapros customer service has been excellent"

Republic of Lithuania
italindrizzi  (1 year ago)

I have been thoroughly pleased with my decision to have Gigapros host my website. The price is amazing and the service is out of this world. Keep up the great work!
Not verified

"Technical Support is very supportive"

Sri Lanka
davidetcher  (2 years ago)

Gigapros provides the best hosting service ever! When I have a problem, I receive a quick response within hours! The customer service and overall performance is outstanding and is highly recommended. I rarely have problems with the server and they keep me informed of any possible interruption with my service so I can be prepared, if it ever happens. They are great!
Not verified

"They are great! Recommend Gigapros hosting!"

hebertrasquill  (2 years ago)

What I like most about Gigapros is not only it's user-friendly control panel that lets me and my group of webmistresses to work at our own pace and our own styles, but also it's very friendly and accommodating technical support. As we are just ordinary people who had the crazy idea to put up a fan site, we had qualms about our capacity to understand the ins and outs of creating, launching and maintaining a website. But Gigapros' control panel proved easy to use, provided instructions, and offered various alternatives to match our needs. Not only that, but their Technical Support was very supportive as well. It was icing on the cake that their services were affordable, too.
Not verified

"Many thanks to gigapros and their professionals"

vitoriatosta  (2 years ago)

IMHO, Gigapros is one of the best options in the US hosting market where you can get affordable and professional hosting packages. Many thanks to gigapros team - all of your work is perfect! I think that their hosting solutions can suit everyone's specific requirements. Their uptime is great - 99.9% (my sites are always up and I can state that they provide 100% uptime). Speed is really perfect.
I can highly recommend these guys to others.
Not verified

"Great support that is available by phone 24x7"

Hong Kong
craigmadonia  (2 years ago)

Personally I like gigapros web hosting service. The cpu load from other users is pretty low, and even if the disks look full on cpanel they seem plenty responsive. Their goal seems to be to satisfy customers, not to make it difficult to switch hosting.
Not verified

"Use them if you are interested in a quality service! "

steenbrinkfed  (2 years ago)

Great experience, beyond my expectations. Easy with the provided software. I've recommended gigapros to other people. Any time I had a question or a problem getting help was never an issue. I've phoned in and used the live chat and both methods offered exceptional service.
I really appreciate the quality of the services, every time when I have a problem with the system, the response was been very fast to resolve my problem.
Not verified

"Great support that is available 24/7"

jooneriksson  (2 years ago)

I host 3 domains - 2 for business and one personal. Generally I am a newbie users but have been happy with the service to date. Uptime percentage is my most important requirement and I am satisfied with Gigapros on that front.
Keep up good work guys. Thanks a lot dudes! This host gets Double Thumps Up!
Not verified

"Easy to use web host. Many thanks"

murrabdul  (2 years ago)

Uptime is very consistent and customer service interactions have been quick and professional.
I've been with Gigapros for over 6 months and although my site is very basic it was important that I have a site that was easily established, easily maintained, and had support when I needed web site development skills beyond my ability.
Not verified

"Big thank to Gigapros - quick and professional"

melusouchard  (2 years ago)

It is my first web hosting services I contracted and everything was so easy and reliable. I am very happy with my choice. The gigapros techs are always friendly, and quick to answer my questions. Server is always fast, and rarely ever goes down.
A place to host any kind of web site... Good job!
Not verified

"Gigapros provide a very good web hosting service"

monihibald  (2 years ago)

My experience with Gigapros company is great! This host is economical, easy to use, friendly, has good graphics (high priority with me), and most important: they have high quality communication skills. The setup was easy, the host service is good value, and is exactly as good as my pre-research showed, and the only time I had a problem, I spoke with an intelligent and friendly rep who fixed it for me. It's even a company that has made some effort at being sustainably powered!
Not verified

"Gigapros is well priced. Recommend these guys!"

United Kingdom
haralzanovic  (2 years ago)

They are very good service, excellent customer service via chat and email. It's a nice web host because they offer a wide range of plans for each kind of users. Gigapros is well priced and within everyone's budget. So far they have been excellent.
Not verified

"Top web hosting provider to deal with."

ernagenhart  (2 years ago)

Gigapros provide a very good web hosting service.
I get system updates on every part of their network as it happens. Control panels are amazing, the system is very solid altogether. The first thing I did was install some useful scripts for my website and then started in on some PHP testing. The techs contact me checking to see if I have any issues just to be on the safe side.
Good job!
Not verified

"Lots of features – really impressed with Gigapros host"

United Kingdom
penelopegne  (2 years ago)

My hosting experience has been great and I will definitely continue using their low-cost VPS hosting services. Gigapros is rated at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. Recommended these professionals to others.
Not verified

"Really perfect VPS hosting services"

United Kingdom
domirtzog  (2 years ago)

Great customer service. I pestered a lot of them and wasn't always kind to them.
Gigapros team still give me prompt, professional service and have solved all my problems and defused all of my worries. Contact them directly if you need to consult with experts.

"Best price for VPS accounts – Gigapros is great host."

vihteckman  (2 years ago)

I can't say enough good things about Gigapros host. Great support that is available by phone 24x7.
Actually I called them so that I understand their package. Finally I signed up with them. I had no idea about them but after three months I can about them and it is really good.
Top web hosting provider to deal with.
Not verified

"Best place to get low-cost dedicated servers"

maryleaton  (2 years ago)

Gigapros is a good option to get stable hosting. If you log on to their site you get an ad page before you get to the page you want but there is always a continue button and I can live with it for the value. Very reliable.
Never ever had any downtime that I could document. The live help webchat was a godsend and the site itself has been very cheap and easy to use. Lots of features, and I can afford to pay a year at a go.
Not verified

"5***** - Gigapros is perfect web host"

beneventi  (2 years ago)

I put one site up with them to start just to try things out, I've since put up all my sites with these guys. I would recommend Gigapros to anyone who is looking for a new host! The prices are good, customer support is awesome and it s quite reliable.
Not verified

"Their prices on dedicated servers are unbeatable"

appeldoorn  (2 years ago)

I signed up with Gigapros host and everything went very smooth.
The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.
It is one of the best places to order low-cost dedicated servers in the USA.
Efficient work, good staff, nice experience.
Not verified

"Great Job, Gigapros team. You are the best!"

mirculascu  (2 years ago)

Totally impressed with Gigapros web hosting service.
Perfect web host. The prices are outstanding, my hosting was set up immediately and accounts transferred almost as soon as I gave word. Recommended!
Not verified

"Good job, Gigapros team is professional"

sentipanov  (2 years ago)

I don't have anything to complain about Gigapros host. I like that they are also proactive about virus infections if they happen. Even if you are a novice when it comes to maintaining a website, this will not hinder you from being hands on with your own website. It is very easy to navigate the site builder and the servers are fast.
Not verified

"Gigapros offer the best value for vps"

johnarela  (2 years ago)

Gigapros is an excellent all round host, good value for money and excellent customer support.
Any time we have any problems or any need for anything these guys get right on it. They offer in my opinion the best value for vps servers based on that they give you daily offsite backups which most like my previous host charge extra for, and their support almost always gets on tickets in under 20 minutes.
Not verified

"Gigapros is good for hosting e-stores"

angelikonig  (2 years ago)

I actually found gigapros web host via Google search and compared their services offered to providers that were highly recommended. I selected this one because of their customer service seemed to be better than other providers according to the other comments in here. I have been very satisfied with their services and I would highly recommend their services.
Not verified

"Gigapros have good support. They usually reply 5-10 minutes"

edgakelton  (2 years ago)

Recommend Gigapros hosting. Their customer service is outstanding... You know, every time I have ever run into any issues whatsoever, whether it has been issues with my account when I've been past due, and they have been helpful with payments and kept my services on.
Uptime is quite good. I am quite impressed.
Not verified

"Very, very pleased with the service received."

ronavarro  (2 years ago)

I'm perfectly fine with sharing server resources with other websites. I'm saving considerably on website costs and all that reflects on my business bottom line. If my business grows, I'll just switch over to VPS hosting. Gigapros is reliable web host - this is what I want to tell you.
Great value for money - prices are incredibly low and offering much resources.
Not verified

"Recommend these guys – uptime is perfect"

dirkluge  (2 years ago)

Their web panel they developed is very easy to use and intuitive - which is why I recommended Gigapros to my Bro in Las Vegas. Their price is also terrific, even without the amazing referral codes available. Hosted multiple domains. All in all they have been the best.
Have had no issues with hosting and the customer service is second to none - you can't say that very often anymore! Very, very pleased with the service received.
Not verified

"Very kind, easy to work with. Thanks Gigapros!"

chmielewska  (2 years ago)

Don't look any further just go for gigapros web host and you will be happy like now I'm from the bottom of my heart. I am impressed dealing with these guys. Good experience.
Not verified

"Nothing was a problem for the team at all"

melanson  (2 years ago)

Totally agree with the other testimonials. I am delighted with Gigapros excellent service and support that has been given to me in my early learning days of running a new start up business. I have had a lot of sleepless nights over the last week with my technical issue, but at all times the support team got back to me within literally minutes in some cases. The main thing is that they have sorted my issue out and today everything is all up and running for me. At no point did I feel as I was a being a difficult customer (which I am sure I was!) to deal with. Nothing was a problem for the team at all. I would like to thank all the technical support team but especially... I would not hesitate to recommend Gigapros to anyone who want a solid, professional great service. Many thanks indeed!
Not verified

"Perfect host – great work!"

antjwolf  (2 years ago)

Pricing is a bit high for a startup site with little to no value or income, but for the quality of the service, definitely worth it. Gigapros is good web host along with 30-day money back guarantee, unique 1-click scripts installer, and 24/7 customer support.
All of their work has been great - I am happy using their hosting services.
Not verified

"Customer support techs are responsive and polite"

gozdoorsma  (2 years ago)

I decided to give Gigapros a try as they offered 30-day money back guarantee.
Was impressed by their uptime, speed connectivity and professionalism of their support techs.
They offer 1 hour response guarantee, but I can say that they reply in 10 minutes after support ticket sent. Their features look really great. I am glad to deal with them.
Not verified

"My web sites are up and running fast"

schiefelbein  (2 years ago)

They go the extra mile every time!
I would highly recommend gigapros hosting services to all web masters.

"Network uptime is great, thanks gigapros team!"

lecompte  (2 years ago)

EVERYTHING! from their dashboard to their support has been world class! This has helped me in 1 month to design a professional looking website completely from scratch, and bearing in mind i'm a complete novice at web design, this is quite simply and extraordinary service! They go the extra mile every time!
I would highly recommend gigapros hosting services to all web masters.
Not verified

"I consider Gigapros to be the TOP web host!"

leogreece  (2 years ago)

I am a complete beginner at website design! I have has to learn everything from scratch, but I must say how easy and smooth this transition has been thanks to Gigapros web host. Their work is based on quality and techs are responsive and polite.
Not verified

"Wonderful quick efficient professional service."

Solomon Islands
kokkonen  (2 years ago)

The support during my transition from a standard Shared Hosting to a VPS was exemplary and they were extremely fast. Gigapros affordable packages, cheap domains are one of the reasons that this cheap web Hosting has become one of the most popular web hosting packages in the past.
Not verified

"I trust these guys – Gigparos is great web host"

johainiger  (2 years ago)

I recommend gigapros service. My website is up and running and I love it!
Their list of extra software installations is huge and their website builder is really easy to use.
Not verified

"truthful, factual, swift and accurate service provider"

loreruno  (2 years ago)

I'm very happy with Gigapros and would both recommend their hosting services to friends and use it to host client's websites. You can trust this US hosting service. I appreciate their pro-active stance on security on the server.
Not verified

"Reliable hosting service"

martiman  (2 years ago)

Pricing is really affordable. Good customer support and 100% uptime makes Gigapros stand out from the crowd. Website content transfer, domain name transfer, DNS pointing, effortless because of the professional help that was truthful, factual, swift and accurate, plus done in a very friendly way!
Not verified

"well-trained support staff always assisted me"

St Kitts and Nevis
blomqvist  (2 years ago)

The Speed of blog is very good. Gigapros pricing and support are very good. All in all, I am more than happy, I am amazed with their services. When I contact support the reaction time is awesome and the way these people are willing to work with/for you is amazing. Their claim that their support is the fastest in the world might well be true.
Not verified

"Good job – Gigapros web host is nice provider"

beyzanond  (2 years ago)

I am very pleased with the service provided by gigapros.
They are very professional and have designed a user friendly website.
When I had some questions, their intellectually gifted support team always willing to help and explain me everything I needed – really skillful they are. They are able to customize any features I needed and pass on the savings.
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"The price, bandwidth, and storage are excellent."

jerehirvi  (2 years ago)

I've done some search and found pretty good feedbacks about Gigapros hosting. So, decided to give them a try. The main advantage of using their hosting service is that I have never had real problems to solve, or if there appeared some problems, well-trained support staff always assisted me to get rid of them.

Uptime is good, my site is always up.
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"They are very professional and user-friendly"

gulanduglu  (2 years ago)

I check my site frequently and I had no downtime.
Their platform is really good one I must say. I contacted them, told my specific needs, their IT guys helped me to customize VPS solution according to my needs. What I wanted to say that load speed is much faster now. I like it very much.
I can honestly recommend gigapros hosting to others.
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"Good job, thanks a lot, gigapros team!"

russonald  (2 years ago)

Where other companies will try to up-sell you more services, or a bigger package, Gigapros will actually down-sell you a package at a lower rate than you are looking at, should they believe the extras unnecessary. The activated my account in 10 minuted faster purchase. There have been some issues with server slowdowns however they where promptly resolved by their hence the perfect score.
Good job, thanks a lot, gigapros team!
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"I recommend Gigapros VPS hosting services."

Dominican Republic
karrilarnia  (2 years ago)

This host is simply superb. It's the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed.
Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough. I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service.
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"I can say that Gigapros is TOP reliable host!"

juarezeyna  (2 years ago)

The application packs they now support also help facilitate almost effortless setup of great commonly used web based applications. I am very much satisfied by their customer service, they are available 24/7 and provide instant service whenever required.
Gigapros is cool web host. I recommend their services.
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"Can't go wrong with Gigapros host – it is really good one!"

United States
horvatincic  (2 years ago)

Uptime is good as my sites are always up. I was pleasantly surprised by the backup tools you provide which I did not expect at all. Good web host! Their control panel includes everything you need. Whether you're an expert user or a beginner it is very easy to use.
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"Wanna thank gigapros team for giving me reliable service"

gempare  (2 years ago)

Totally impressed with the quality of their service. Gigapros know how to run web sites efficiently. I needed a lot of additional help getting things sorted out as my previous host organized things quite differently, but I can honestly say that I'm confident in the efficient, flexible, and powerful services available to my sites through this host.
Good job, guys, THANKS!

"Gigapros speed connectivity is very good"

celedonerez  (2 years ago)

Their customer support team work 24/7 and always ready to help. They helped me with setup.
My website was up and running after 20 minutes. Gigapros speed connectivity is very good - really fast and my visitors are happy with load speed time.
I recommend this host to all webmasters browsing the web and looking for professional hosting provider.

"Amazing and professional host"

beragnotto  (2 years ago)

Must say Gigapros customer service is outstanding, the services included is amazing, and the price is unbeatable. I have never incurred any downtime or trouble. This web is simply superb. It's the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed.
Amazing and professional host. Very prompt and thorough. I can't imagine being happier with a hosting service.

"Thanks, my visitors are happy with load speed time"

augustinavda  (2 years ago)

I'd recommend gigapros shared hosting to every webmaster searching for a reliable web host. Customer support replies in 15 mins! Their cPanel control panel includes everything you need. Whether you're an expert user or a beginner it is very easy to use.
Network uptime is great and their promise (99.9% uptime guarantee) is ok. Perhaps most importantly, the host seems to really care about your business, is always friendly and easy to communicate with. I recommend this web host.

"Gigapros is #1 wordpress hosting"

Saint Helena
andreassenida  (2 years ago)

I now see why gigapros web host is #1 in wordpress hosting.
With as easy a setup as this was, I can now focus on what's important, bringing in new clients, sites and hosting.
They even re-installed my content management system for me after they found out the problem I had stemmed from me installing the wrong version. If you do have multiple sites and can afford the expense I would recommend getting their shared hosting account ($10/mo).

"Their billing is reliable — I like gigapros web hosting"

zetticci  (2 years ago)

Well, gigapros provide an excellent service. Their representative whom I contacted via live Chat offered me a concrete guidance through the sales process. I left my last hosting company because they repeatedly made a mess of billing and servers went down a lot. Gigapros have been fantastic. Their email servers, web servers, etc. have never given me trouble.
Their billing is reliable, their price is great and their service and attention to detail commendable.

Very helpful and flexible when setting up and managing websites. Couldn't be happier!

"Good blend of price, features and reliability. "

belarredondo  (2 years ago)

I'm a local client of theirs and can say the respect and reliability I feel I deserve has been achieved since I switched to GigaPros web host. My site has been upgraded to the latest version of phpbb plus phpbb security mod. Always willing to answer any questions with a quick response time. Uptime in my experience is 100%.
Not that you need to use it that often! But lightning quick replies and a very proactive, friendly, helpful attitude. One or two little glitches were remedied immediately and they are clearly dedicated to superior customer service.

"Highly recommended and amazing value"

United States
nicolhowse  (2 years ago)

I had an issue in one small area Technical Support almost impossible to get them on the phone and the live chat service is really a hit or miss you never really know when they will be available. Domain management has been very good. We had one problem at renewal, but we were served well by customer support to resolve the issues.
Gigapros have a good blend of price, features and reliability.

"Absolutely Professional Hosting, Recommended!"

parenolymp  (2 years ago)

Good job. Gigapros have been nothing but superb. We tried two other hosts before we jumped to them and have been completely satisfied since. We use them for our web and email hosting and they have been very reliable with nearly no downtime since we've been using them. Compared to other hosts I have worked with, they are above and beyond the value of other hosts, especially with their customer service.

"Keep up the good work, Gigapros team!"

viktomachev  (2 years ago)

I'd like to share my experience dealing with gigapros web host. I've been hosting pantheonrome(dot)pro web site since March 2017 - everything works like a swiss watch and I'm happy. I have no headache with this decent host.
Their support and service has been excellent, even to the point of a courtesy e-mail to enquire if any help or advice can be given. Prompt replies are given to any queries and the use of live support over SKYPE is extremely helpful.

The best hosting company I've ever experienced by a long way.

"My choice is Gigapros hosting and I am happy!"

United Kingdom
mohammedith  (2 years ago)

Like the previous post, I have only been with a short period, but have found them exceptionally helpful and the services have done everything I expect at a high performance.

My previous host was excellent (but a lot more expensive), but did not provide cloud/clustered hosting. These guys have been every bit as good with their support and now I have the benefits of clustered linux/windows hosting from a single provider.

So far so good. Long may that continue.

"My sites are in TRUSTED hands — Gigapros is GooD"

tarasymko  (2 years ago)

I am using more than year, they are very kind and servicing very fast support.
I have 4 websites on their servers I personally never seen not working! Very good for me 100% uptime.

"BIG RESPECT to Gigapros Team!"

United States
normierre  (2 years ago)

I can honestly say there is not one company I know of in the US hosting market (and believe me there has been a few) that can offer the quality, skill set, support and value for money of

Keep up the superb service guys!

"My favorite web host from all I've used before"

vigoston  (2 years ago) is just a brilliant company, period!

We had been searching far and wide over the last 5 years, for decent hosting at the right price; plus we wanted a robust client/customer area that made sense for handling web traffic. Take away all 'useless fancy features' other companies offer, add solid support, fantastic hosting options with a dash of general no fuss attitude and RAM! is there!.

"All the staff at have always been extremely fast"

haanpaa  (2 years ago)

I have bought two domains and two hosting packages so far from, on both occasions I have been completely satisfied with my purchases and the fast and pleasant support that this host provided me. I can not recommend these guys enough and any future domains/hosting I require I will be purchasing from

An absolute pleasure doing business.

"An absolute pleasure doing business"

missbenigna  (2 years ago)

Outstanding support! All the staff at have always been extremely fast, knowledgeable, helpful and flexible. I have used many, many hosting companies over the years and have yet to find a service close to this quality.

Keep up the good work!

"Outstanding Tech support!"

arkokarev  (2 years ago)

Why does the rating system only go up to 10? I am amazed at the customer service here, the speed of the servers, everything! I've never experienced such good hosting at any price and to find at this price is incredible.

P.S. I'm REALLY hard to please!

"Perfect Uptime, Speedy connection — Great Hosting Service!"

reneseiler  (2 years ago)

The technical support I have received from has been second to none.
Tickets are answered almost instantly and the advice has always been spot on! I can't imagine ever going elsewhere for hosting.

I can give you guys 4/5.

"Satisfied. Gigapros web host is the best one!"

evangelina33  (2 years ago)

Absolutely wonderful support system, particularly from Peter, always courteous and answers questions and solves problems in record quick time. I wouldn't go anywhere else! The best customer service I have experienced with any hosting provider.

Recommend Gigapros hosting! They are superb, I like almost everything about their service.

"I like the professionalism and Gigapros stable work"

bacchushut  (2 years ago)

Signed up to the VPS package last night expecting to wait at least a day for everything to kick in.
By 1:00 pm today nearly all working. Gigapros is cool web host!
It's only a test sight at present but I can see all my sites transferring in the not too distant future.
The service is excellent and so quick I have trouble keeping up. (It's really great to converse with someone who uses plain English)

"Nice wordpress, drupal, Joomla, phpbb friendly web host"

United States
delphinesl  (2 years ago)

I've been using gigapros web host for more than 8 months and I must say I've never experienced as good services as they offer - high uptime, qualified support even for an out-of-competence questions, flexible price policy - these are just a few words from the huge list of benefits they're offering to their customers.
They offer so many useful 1-click scripts to install like wordpress, drupal, Joomla, phpbb, e-commerce, etc.
I get everything I may need. Good web host - highly recommend these guys.

"I would recommend GIGAPROS VPS Hosting"

Ivory Coast
erikogt  (2 years ago)

I can say there are lots of web hosts out there in the hosting services market. I have heard that those sites who say 'TOP 10 web hosting providers to deal with' are not so reliable in terms of supporting their customers because of the big number of clients and they have no time to solve the troubles they face.
One of my friends recommended Gigapros VPS hosting to transfer some of my web sites to US.
I paid via paypal, setup was fast. Moreover, their customer support helped me with migration - I am very thankful for that. Pricing is suitable for my budget (I have so many useful features and free staff).
Recommend this nice hosting. Gigapros is the best one!

"I appreciate the work Gigapros do for my sites"

ognien  (2 years ago)

I host my baby apparel shop with gigapros web host. The shop is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. PayPal integration was easy and I like being able to sell to other counties from the site.

"Gigapros is perfect for WooCommerce sites"

United Kingdom
endrizzi2  (2 years ago)

I host my baby apparel shop with gigapros web host. The shop is built on WordPress and WooCommerce. PayPal integration was easy and I like being able to sell to other counties from the site.

"Recommend Gigapros US web host!"

covarrubias  (2 years ago)

I greatly appreciate their efforts and look forward to continued business with you, Gigapros team.
They always go out of their way to make sure I'm happy and I like that! The pricing has always been reasonable (you get what you pay for). My server and all my websites are always up and responsive.

"Professional, Honest Web Host!"

gangiev  (2 years ago)

They are very professional and have designed a user friendly website.
Updates are provided on a timely basis and they provide regular correspondence to us.
I would recommend GIGAPROS to anyone looking for design or hosting.

"Gigapros is the host to deal with — 100% satisfied!"

ahlberg  (2 years ago)

Well, Gigapros is a very good place for hosting any kind of websites.
They do an excellent job of design and hosting a website. They are always courteous and someone is readily available to answer questions or help with any changes in keeping your website current and up to date.

"Top hosting provider for running Blogs"

ruvalcaba  (2 years ago)

I'd like to tell you that Gigapros is Top web hosting provider for running Blogs.
How I found them? I did a google search on blog hosting providers and found out some members of the forum discussed several reliable hosts including gigapros, so I decided to give them a try. I paid via paypal and setup was really fast. They contacted me and explained me all the details introducing their free bonuses and features to me.
I am impressed by their professionalism. I like this host and highly recommend to others!

"Well, things have been great so far with GigaPros"

American Samoa
joaalbarbosa  (2 years ago)

I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with Gigapros. They've helped me more than I even thought I needed it and installing apps on my page is as simple as clicking a button in their awesome admin page. I am happy with the customer service and am also happy with the control panel. Uptime has been great - 99.9% guaranteed.
I enjoy my hosting experience dealing with gigapros - recommend this US host.

"I am impressed by Gigapros features in hosting plans"

luesink  (2 years ago)

It took 2 weeks to compare different web hosts and choose gigapros shared hosting service.
I paid $10 and got instant setup with so many features included like Hacker Guard + Alert - it prevent all hacker attempts, premium site builder, 1-click app installer, 100% mobile ready, etc.
Moreover, their high-availability cloud based infrastructure keeps my website online, ALWAYS!
I have been using gigapros hosting services for more than half of the year and I am totally impressed, so that I even decided to write a review.

Thanks, many thanks to their team of experts. Recommend this host.

"My blogs are in trusted hands — Gigapros is TOP!"

folliero  (2 years ago)

I wanna say that my hosting experience with Gigapros web host has been great.
It is professional wordpress-friendly web hosting provider. Uptime has been perfect - sites are always up. The price is outstanding for the features provided, nice control panel with a load of features.
Easy to understand website.
I can't say enough good about these guys.
It just isn't possible. I just totally love them!

"Really good professional work"

lahimuhaid  (2 years ago)

My sites have a reasonable amount of traffic so was impressed that the huge storage and bandwidth as from what I can tell I’m not near having issues with it, again unlike my old host who kept telling me there was too much traffic to the site and I needed VPS, which was untrue. overall very happy - one complaint or suggestion would be that although the online help is extensive I found it a bit hard to navigate through. As others have pointed out in the reviews think the value for money with Gigapros is very good.

"Well done, Gigapros team. Thanks. "

pallasmaa  (2 years ago)

Good set up for ecommerce sites, the cPanel is excellent and choice of shopping karts is varied and very easy to set up. WordPress install and all the basic features you would expect are better than most hosts at this price point- The PayPal integration is also much easier and better to set up than on my previous host.
Excellent customer service. I can't rave enough about them.
Well done, Gigapros team. Thanks.

"Good hosting service. I like their website builder"

kurenvasil  (2 years ago)

The drag and drop site builder is excellent! had used other so called site builders provided by hosts for free and they suck, gigapros however is up to scratch with standalone site builders so well done to them. Support has overall been good (they were a bit slow to address an issue with upload limits but they fixed it and were apologetic and helpful so no real complaints).
Very happy with my switch to Gigapros.

"Very happy with my switch to Gigapros"

roxana  (2 years ago)

Gigapros will take care of you, as they have me.

So if you make gigapros your choice for web hosting you have made a great choice as I did.
cPanel is excellent, easy to use and navigate. WordPress install also quick and efficient. Had no issue what so ever with uptime or bandwidth. Support also been very good and quick to respond. Just passed the 30 money back guarantee and have been happy from day one. For the new user also the online help section is very useful and overall the marketing suite they have is much better than those on offer elsewhere.

"24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent."

United States
sannes  (2 years ago)

Gigapros team have given me a solid hosting plan! A lot of features, and you have control a lot of control. Never seen my site down. I wish there was some better documentation for some things but I cant complain. I recommend this to anyone looking for a lot of features for a low price.
I really enjoy my hosting experience dealing with gigapros - it is TOP web host.

"Recommended. Gigapros is honest and stable host!"

United States
marnuvoric  (3 years ago)

All good except their recent years greed for money. Gigapros is in the niche of low-price hosting, and as such, there is a certain lowering of expectations that must occur. If you need hand holding or want help developing your website, then no low-end hosting site is in your best interest. I have been with them for four years now and I am a low-maintenance customer.

"Gigapros will take care of you, as they have me."

senapusron  (3 years ago)

Great experience so far. I have a "plus" level shared hosting account running 4 or 5 simple Wordpress websites. Customer service has been great, always someone to help. Haven't had any problems with security or downtime.
I have clients who have had their website hosted with a different web hosts and when their site was down, not working correctly, or had a hosting question. They could not get a definite answer from who they hosted with or would take for ever before receiving a response from support. Gigapros is very good professional web hosting provider.

"I like the speed, uptime and tech support — TOP web host"

frandsenma  (3 years ago)

I host about 12 domains with Gigapros and have been a happy customer for years. I've used their tech support extensively and they are in fact knowledgeable. Wait times for phone support is about what you'd expect - in the five minute range on a busy day. Their support team is the USA so that is much appreciated. Their Cpanel is feature rich and easy to use.
Gigapros will take care of you, as they have me.

"Their 24x7 customer support is really quick and helpful"

metzgerich  (3 years ago)

Gigapros is a great deal for my personal webexperience in their shared hosting package. After contacting them I got a quick reply that was not automated, but an actual person answering. Throughout the questions I fired at them, always a quick, personalized, effective, useful, cooperative response.

"Great Work Gigapros team, Thanks!"

Saint Kitts and Nevis
noreaek  (3 years ago)

Very strong side of hosting - tech support. I've been hosting my site with gigapros service over 7 months for me and for all my customers. Their support is responding rapidly and competently, people are very polite. I advise to all, that used your services! And all are happy!

"Very strong side of hosting - tech support"

jackowalski  (3 years ago)

I've been using gigapros us hosting service for last 9 months and never faced any problem or downtime with their service. Their 24x7 customer support is really quick and helpful. I would love to host my sites with gigapros web host.

Great Work !!!

"I would love to host my future sites with gigapros web host"

monicferri  (3 years ago)

I have used Gigapros hosting services for my internet identity and dream to take my business on international level, I did not have any idea what to do etc but their tech support helped me with it and in fact they are still helping me after almost 8 months.

I highly recommend these guys to rely on since they allow you to concentrate on your business while they handle the server and website uptime.
Love you guys
Not verified

"Love you guys, Gigapros service is reliable"

foldernold  (3 years ago)

I have been with gigapros for 7 months now. And they also own and control their own datacenter. These other reviews saying gigapros is bad are a joke. They are the best hosting company I have come across in a while. They have won awards for their great service. Try them out, you will not be disappointed.

"I would love to host my sites with gigapros web host."

United States
lingonser  (3 years ago)

Gigapros is very cool web host. Good disk space and less down time than before. The new managing team has been very reliable.

"Gigapros is very cool web host"

kuosmanen  (3 years ago)

Almost anything you could ask for is here - giving even webmaster wanna be's like me the feeling of complete control over our sites. In the 8 months I've used Gigapros, I can only remember 1 significant session of downtime, and that was partially my own fault because I didn't update to a new server when they asked me to. They solved all the troubles. I am happy with them.

"My experience with Giga Pros has been perfect!"

Cook Islands
zivkovic  (3 years ago)

Excellent Web Host! Gigapros have been the best provider I've run across. They are extremely helpful not only with problems but with any questions I've had, and the backbone of their hosting - cPanel - is a great tool to control and administer 1 website or a dozen. If you are looking for a host, I would recommend them highly - ditto for if you are planning to change soon.

"Web hosting services from Gigapros is cool. I have a reseller account"

vicferreira  (3 years ago)

When shopping for a reseller hosting provider over a year ago, I had one primary consideration – it *must* use SSD hardware. I initially signed up with one web host and was really pleased until I discovered there were certain packages that did not get compiled into their hosting package. I had to start again looking for another suitable host.

Doing some more research, I discovered Giga Pros. They were offering an initial signup discount that was too good to ignore. It was almost by chance that I discovered one of their best selling points – they include a FREE license for WHMCS with their reseller plan. That made the value proposition impossible to resist.
Gigapros is really good web host!

"Gigapros is really good web hosting provider!"

tylbenson  (3 years ago)

I've been using Gigapros to host my Fergus dollar store website for a while now.
When you need support, the cues are short and the guys helping know their stuff and are quick to help (none of the typical e-mail replies, which tend to be rather absent of content). Instead you get knowledgeable real people that are quick to help.

I will be migrating all my current customers, their sites, hosting and domains to gigapros next week.

"Fast servers. Price is excellent."

wysocki  (3 years ago)

The site speed is good. Gigapros servers are secure. The prices are fair. You might pay a little more than you do for bare bones elsewhere, but a full CPanel with ever increasing functions and very logical placement, attentive, technically solid customer support, secure fast servers and everything working out of the gate saves a lot of time and that makes up for more than the difference. I think those sorts of hosts are growing lately and a customer I can see why that is.
24/7 support. Fast servers. Price is excellent.
Not verified

"My web host is cool — Well done Gigapros!"

escobarcar  (3 years ago)

I never had many of the typical issues you face with drupal hosting on Gigapros. You can install and send larger uploads out the gate, there is not much fiddling needed with PHP settings or any of that stuff that can make it hard to start a website. The help guides are detailed and largely up-to-date, but I used them less than I normally would, because most stuff simply works well as is and as it comes pre-configured.
My site is always up. I've never had any down time. Never had any problem with Gigapros.

"They are professional in all the ways."

daigneault  (3 years ago)

It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a couple of months, reading various subjects, what staff of various hosts where saying etc. Once I had a more informed opinion I saw some good hosts including gigapros and this one I chose.
Support is usually great, my only complain being that the original average support response time of 10 minutes is now more like 30-40 minutes. This is to be expected with the kind of growth they've experienced, however.
All in all, my experience has been great and I will definitely continue using their cheap hosting services.

"Good job gigapros team. Steady so!"

Svalbard and Jan Mayen
markiegler  (3 years ago)

I would like to add here that I am +1 fully satisfied gigapros hosting user. My website is wordpress blog and these guys have all the useful features and tools for running my site successfully. Their network uptime is really perfect cos it is always online. I have no outages during the time I have been hosting my site with them.
They accept bitcoin payment which is a great plus for their team. They are professional in all the ways.
I have already recommended their hosting services to all my friends.

Good job gigapros team. Steady so!

"Just perfect as for me so far"

kozlowski  (3 years ago)

What more could you ask of a webhosting service provider? Our Foundation now has no hesitation in recommending the gigapros hosting service to our clients and to those groups in the community who we support with our charitable work; we have no hesitation in recommending them to you.
I have no complaints to share. I mostly use emails on my domain name rather then web site itself, but it seems that both working good. Uptime 100%, fast support team, fast servers - I highly recommend this web host for hosting forum discussion boards.

"100% sure that I made good decision"

vanegas  (3 years ago)

Found gigapros web host and decided to give them a try.
Tickets are usually answered with 10 minutes of submission and their support staff is extremely obliging. As for their server speeds, they are standard. Everything works good. My website is up and running and I love it! Their list of extra software installations is huge and their website builder is really easy to use.
I am quite happy using gigapros web hosting services and would recommend them to all webmasters.

"Price is reasonable. I would definately recommend them to others."

julienne  (3 years ago)

Well, I have been dealing with Gigapros for a long time..
The server, which my account is setup on, it had one short downtime, which I was told due to the kernel update to close the security hole. After checking though SSH, I see they are being honest about that, and I appreciate their pro-active stance on security on the server.

"No doubt, Gigapros business hosting is great!"

phoffmann  (3 years ago)

I must say that I did a really good choice of web host. Gigapros business hosting is super fast.
Features are great, the one I like the best is APC accelerator, it gives opportunity to run PHP scripts up to 5 times faster.

"Really Cool Host — Double Thumbs UP!"

dellucci  (3 years ago)

Reall cool experience. Gigapros is the most reliable hosting service I have ever tried before.
I am impressed with their Hacker Guard + Alert - this is their realtime protection system prevents all hacking attempts and alerts you instantly. I also like their 1-Click App Installer with the help of which I have an opportunity to install 350+ popular apps.
Good support information including knowledgebase and regularly updated system status.
Got SSL certificate and IP address from them at minimal cost.
The best hosting provider I've ever experienced by a long way.

"The pricing and support is very good "

serjkirov  (3 years ago)

High-speed server performance. Dedicated and passionate customer support + useful tools for website!
I'm a long time user of GigaPros and before I found gigapros I was always in a long search for the "perfect" hosting provider, which I never found because all of them always have a con. I finally stumbled upon this review from a long time and user of GigaPros running a BIG reputable website which made me decide to try to gigapros because of his review of using their service 1 and a half years. He said his website never went down more than 2 times on all his time of service and he never had any website performance slowdowns or any similar issues. This was a very reputable and serious person and his review wasn't paid, so I decided to give GigaPros a try, and little did I know, it was the best decision I have made for my website.

"Speed of site very good... "

huichalpulido  (3 years ago)

I have been with GigaPros US web host for over 7 months everything is ok on their shared hosting. And my traffic is continuously increasing day by day. The Speed of blog is very good. The pricing and support is very good. They use a proprietary front- & back-end which I found very easy to use and I have generally been very satisfied with them.

"I am pretty satisfied with their overall service"

michhalford  (3 years ago)

As a webmaster, what I actually wanted was a really good provider that would be capable of giving me all the right and proper services as well as any support I might need. The best thing about gigapros is that the support services that are provided by it are simply perfect whenever I was in any doubt. At the same time, when you have any questions, you can just send a message or a ticket to the support staff and within a few minutes you would get the right reply back. Gigapros will always remain my number one.

"My sites are running smoothly with Gigapros"

guilherme  (3 years ago)

If you are a webmaster just like me, I bet that you want to ensure that you can get your website to rank well in Google with adwords. This is what I too was search for when I decided to opt for gigapros. So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot, after all, what did I have to lose. So I opted for the small package that was being given to me by gigapros. That was last year. In just two months I managed to see an unprecedented increase in the rankings of my website in Google.

"Top wordpress hosting provider!"

United Kingdom
leanmunoz  (3 years ago)

Since I wanted to create a small food site, I required a very complex mechanism of ensuring that people know about my website and gain as much awareness as possible. The best thing is that through the utilization of GigaPros and their free adword coupons, I have gotten my website to feature in the very first page of Google. Kudos to you guys at gigapros. At the same time, there are absolutely no bandwidth issues that you would have to face, and at the same time, neither would you have to face any other problems. The best thing is that I have now been using them for the last two years and all I can say is that I am very happy with the overall service that I get.

"100% - reliable and trustworthy web hosting provider"

United States
markobieb  (3 years ago)

I like GigaPros’s tech support. They always replied promptly and did resolve the issues we were facing. I am hosting 5 websites with them and must say that I am pretty satisfied with their overall service, otherwise i wouldn’t have written this review in the first place.

"Glad to deal with Gigapros hosting services"

mancini23  (3 years ago)

Gigapros is perfect web host... uptime is cool... speed is super fast...
Their servers are also faster than one would expect for shared hosting, much faster than some other hosts I've used.

"I am happy and enjoy my hosting experience"

guajardo11  (3 years ago)

Glad to deal with Gigapros hosting services. I bought their basic shared hosting account, their pricing met my budget and features and resources served my demands. I can add their network and server uptime is great, my site is always up and my visitors are also happy with the speed loading of pages.
I would like to mention the professionalism of their support team... these guys know what they do.
They work 24/7 and always ready to solve any trouble I may experience.

"Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough"

Norfolk Island
motalova  (3 years ago)

I host only one of clients websites at gigapros and I wish I could host all of them.
The customer service is outstanding, the services included is amazing, and the price is unbeatable. I have never incurred any downtime or trouble. This host is simply superb. It's the first one who has my site up and running in no time, where I can define virtual directories myself, all in full trust and which really performs at high speed.

"Awesome email customer support"

jurkovic  (3 years ago)

Well done, gigapros team. Uptime in my experience is 100%.
Finally a web host that really takes care of its clients.

"They are always willing to take that extra step"

mortensen  (3 years ago)

Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them.
Their servers are fast. The pages load fast, day or night. They have a well balanced system over there.

Good Job, gigapros team!

"Pretty good and all the way professional host"

cunhasantos  (3 years ago)

I have never experienced any downtime while dealing with them. When I had some questions, their intellectually gifted support team always willing to help and explain me everything I needed – really skillful they are. I put everything on auto renewal as last time I forgotten to renew domain name in time and web site was not working properly due to that. It was my fault and Gigapros team suggested me auto renewal and now everything is okay.
Gigapros is all reliable hosts should be look like. I am totally impressed!

"I am lucky, Gigapros hosting made my online life"

herweijer  (3 years ago)

Gigapros is cool. These guys were able to get me up and running in minutes at 1:30 am. They've always answered me ASAP and were able to set up my webmail account through Horde in a snap, which anyone else has been able to do! They also have speedy customers service and live web chat and are truly available 247/365!

"Great host with a variety of plans "

durandben  (3 years ago)

I have several of my web sites hosted with Gigapros for over 7 months now both personal and business web sites. My partner and I were looking for a decent host with a decent price. There were so many hosts out there, but I figured I'd take a chance. I haven't noticed anything disturbing, so heh..good sign.

I recommend Gigapros to anyone looking for a first-class web hosting firm.

"I really enjoy my hosting experience with Gigapros"

Saint Lucia
mirnachevardon  (3 years ago)

Reliability and dependability. Gigapros get Double Thumbs Up for the quality of their hosting services.
These rare qualities are what I have experienced in my long-term relationship with them and are why I highly recommend them for your technological needs. They are very professional and have designed a user friendly website.
Updates are provided on a timely basis and they provide regular correspondence to us.
+ daily backups are really cool. They are great and I can recommend them.

"Great web host with 24/7 helpful support team!"

ostrowski34  (3 years ago)

I want to say that I am extremely happy dealing with Gigapros web hosting provider.
I paid via perfect money - $10 per month for their shared hosting account (I like their professionalism). Their tech support contact me via Skype and helped me with setup. Now my website is running smoothly and I am really happy. I also like the availability of their free tools, scripts, website builder along with free templates which are really unique.

I am in love with this decent web hosting provider. Highly recommend them.!

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