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"Good service & support, signup with Glowhost"

South Africa
johnathanladner  (4 days ago)

I am a new customer with Glowhost hosting provider. I've been looking at different hosting solutions, well-known giants. Support through their support ticket system is exemplary - fast and professional responses.

"Pricing is quite normal according to what you get."

Costa Rica
luigitenenbaum  (1 week ago)

My site has been hosted with Glowhost for over a year now with only one instance of any down tme and that only for about a half an hour. All in all, I highly recommend this web hosting provider. It is fantastic! They manage their servers in such a way that shared hosting is NOT a problem. No one is allowed to compromise a server to the point where other customers would be affected. I applaud their support.

"Uptime is high enough (no downtime noticed)"

United Kingdom
sungspann  (3 weeks ago)

Such a wonderful provider. I can't say enough wonderful things about Glowhost hosting services. Setup was fast and easy. Their package prices also amazed me. Features fit my needs perfectly. Recommended!
Not verified

"I am happy to recommend them"

valglanz  (3 weeks ago)

Even when it comes to new technologies and getting things running on new sites they have been fantastic and eager to help to solve problems getting started. Three years with Glowhost now and nothing but great service from them. If I was to be given $1 for every second that I have been disappointed with the service from them, I would not have enough cash to buy anything from a $1 shop. Great hosting service.

"The server's response time is very good"

reynaldopolich  (3 weeks ago)

Been very happy with Glowhost hosting since the end of 2019. We ask questions a few times a year, and support always answers them fully and quickly - complete with research - even when it turns out to be a problem that has nothing to do with Glowhost. I've already notice an improvement in load time for my site and the bulletin board is probably twice as fast as the old one. These guys get a thumbs up, fives all crossed the board.
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"The speed is amazing, very reliable"

herbertwoosley  (1 month ago)

I noticed that with Glowhost Hosting, there were no issues with server downtime and even if there were any issues, I was informed through a mail about the downtime (because of some technical issues). In a couple of days, all the problems were rectified.

"My website response time is really fast"

El Salvador
montybakker  (2 months ago)

Overall uptime, hardware performance and technical/billing support have exceeded my expectations. I am not running any monitoring scripts to track my stability or server performance, but I clearly see that my websites are online for me and my visitors all the time and never have slowed down.

"Use them if you are interested in a quality service!"

kriscanez  (2 months ago)

Sometimes saving a couple bucks a month isn't the best deal. I'm actually paying nearly half what I used to pay my old host and I'm getting much more for my money now. They are extremely knowledgeable and very patient, Glowhost has been outstanding to work with.

"Great reliable webhost!"

hugheguia  (2 months ago)

I was unhappy with my last host so I switched to Glowhost. It took me a while to get my site switched over, but I am loving Glowhost US webhost. There support will work with you until you get your problem fixed, but sometimes it does take them a while to get back to you. These guys have fantastic uptime, and if you are a new customer, then there are lots of coupon codes out there that will save you money on your subscription.

"Wonderful experience with their Hosting!"

noelmickelsen  (3 months ago)

I manage a nonprofit organization and 10 other websites. Glowhost is the best hosting provider that i have ever work with. They are constantly improving. I hope the will be around for a long time to come. I recommend them to everyone.

"Very good and quick service!"

jaredtindall  (3 months ago)

Yes, I see the upload size has been increased and as well in the gallery system plugin for wordpress. Many thanks to Glowhost team kindly! These guys continually exceed my expectations with their service! They are prompt with their results and are very easy to work with to accomplish the goals of the client.

Pass on the kudos!

"Good support.. for the price I'm happy"

paulwine  (3 months ago)

I've got nothing but good things to say about Glowhost provider. I've used several hosts since I began building sites about 3 years ago and I just keep migrating older sites over to them when I get the chance.

"I can recommend this host with confidence"

roycespofford  (4 months ago)

When I found Glowhost, I was excited to see there was online, live support. They are always quick with answering my questions and I have seen them go above and beyond the call of duty several times.

"My website response time is really fast"

larrytrevathan  (4 months ago)

Glowhost is great. I got absolutely awesome hosting for a very cheap price. I signed up, which was pretty straight forward. Then came the time to test their system by trying to upload a couple of pages. This host has been simply a pleasure to deal with as I know anyone who needs help appreciates the relief one feels when they can readily contact them.

"Glowhost web host has just got everything right"

stantongrinstead  (5 months ago)

I've been hosting with large Web Hosts, and the major problem with most webhosts is customer support and overloaded servers. I am pleased to say Glowhost cloud hosting team have helped me a lot in the past year, they are very reliable and trustworthy.

"Features are very good, service is professional"

hankschaff  (5 months ago)

Speed of my sites is awesome as if server is located next door. No downtime was faced. Support respond at least within 5 minutes. Problem resolution takes 10-15 mins. Glowhost is the best Cloud host! Their platform is really good one I must say.

"They increased everyones bandwidth for free a while ago"

New Zealand
lucasmorin  (5 months ago)

I have hosted with several hosts, I had a lot of errors on my clients accounts, Since I transferred to Glowhost Cloud web hosting services I haven't received even a single ticket nor did I experience downtime. These guys are the best.

"Their Customer Service is incredible"

South Korea
cesarmunro  (5 months ago)

I have had nothing but the absolute BEST support from everyone at Glowhost, and tonight was more of the same. Jacob was extremely helpful, as always, fixing my problem before I even had a chance to explain it.

"Just amazing service at a very sensible price!"

hiltonvanness  (6 months ago)

I like Glowhost hosting service. After a few weeks i had some support issues, which i raised via tickets, and i had a reply from Jacon (one of their techs) within the hour, and it actually felt like i was talking to someone who cared about my problem and knew what they were talking about. He was very helpful and sorted my issue out promptly.

"I have several hosting plans from this host"

alfonsohamed  (6 months ago)

Absolutely fantastic service. Glowhost is really perfect ssd web host!
The support guys are the best I have encountered in all my 10 years in IT.
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"Server Uptime is great - thanks them a lot"

Turks and Caicos Islands
marcellusdownes  (6 months ago)

I don’t mind paying the extra for the service and support that I have received. I have sent in support tickets that were answered in less then one hour. Great job, Glowhost team.

"Professional CMS Solutions"

United Kingdom
morrisgilmour  (6 months ago)

Great prices, very reliable, tons of features. I would recommend Glowhost US web hosting to anyone.

"I would recommend them to anyone"

São Tomé and Príncipe
jefferyvarner  (7 months ago)

Glowhost netowork uptime is great, I've never had any down time and my visitors are happy with the speed connectivity. Features are excellent.

"Amazing server specs at unbeatable prices "

garretsenn  (7 months ago)

I am completely satisfied with their service of this web hosting provider. The staff knows user requirement well and I assume this is main reason for Glowhost being on top. Nice, comfortable people to work with. My Websites with this host are running smooth, I have concluded that Glowhost are best company around in uptime. It seems simple to set up better hardware and earn money.

"Their pricing is outstanding"

ricardoshuman  (8 months ago)

No matter what time of the day (and night): almost always there's the "We're online - chat with us now" button. And Glowhost response is quick and always helping, even at 2am in the morning. I really wonder if they ever sleep. Just ping their domain and compare with some others. Glowhost's reliability has been very good. There have been a few occurrences of downtime, but they were brief (at least on our server) and support is usually quick to respond.

"Good value for money Web Host"

winfordpham  (8 months ago)

I am always impressed with their price. I should also note that I do not have large amounts of traffic visiting my website, and that is something which could change my review, however, at my mediocre traffic requirements, Glowhost has served my in all better than any other host I have ever had. I've had a few, since I'm a total beginner at this, and we are in a time zone at least 8 hours different from Glowhost. But the answers were there quick as lightning, every time.

"Glowhost features/addons are nearly endless"

harlanoriol  (8 months ago)

I had ignored several warnings from my friend and ordered unlimited hosting for middle sized project. Now after some time being hosted with Glowhost I have to say that my friend was wrong. My web based project is not being limited. I use as much as I need and that makes me exited! Good service, polite support and sales working around the clock. That makes me thing Im having a real bargain.

"The best host I have ever experienced!"

elliotvanhouten  (8 months ago)

Yes. I pay less then $100 per year and I have SSH access to my account. I do not need to find VPS or related solution. I have SSH access with shared hosting plan. That is really great! I have never used their support, so that is difficult to say how they are doing. Im with them for almost 1 year and so far everything is working and Im sure they provide the best service. Keep doing good work guys!

"Techs who helped me did a good job "

burlcardamone  (9 months ago)

Have to say the reviews here are spot on, i have been looking for an affordable, fast and reliable host for sometime now - Glowhost ticks all the boxes! Within an hour or so our hosting was active and ready to be used!

"Good service, good support"

ronnyyankey  (9 months ago)

I'd recommend Glowhost hosting to other web masters. I get what I pay for. It is still very reasonable in my opinion, the stability is excellent, and the support is priceless. I would very highly recommend them to anyone, whether hosting a small site, or running a huge one.

"5 out of 5, 10 out of 10!"

dallasprincipe  (10 months ago)

Glowhost hosting provider is an amazing web host provider. Not only do they have great machines with a fast connection and good uptime, but they also have amazing 24x7 customer service via phone, email, and instant messenger. A fantastic user friendly cpanel ,very easy to use. Perfect Support. They are always more than happy to negotiate what your account will have - for example same price for half the space and double the bandwidth if this is what you require.

"I am totally satisfied with their support team"

delmarbarclay  (10 months ago)

The services that Glowhost hosting offers are really excellent and cheap. I have been with them for a little over a year now, and the service is as excellent today as it was the day I signed up. It is all redesigned CPanel functions in their own simplistic interface.
Not verified

"This provider's interface for website and email maintenance is superb! "

vernonhopson  (10 months ago)

To start with, Glowhost have a smart and easy to navigate website of their own. I was impressed, they helped to upload all my files and from that time my site is running fast and efficiently. And I am happy I've chosen them. Now I have all I need and even more!

"They are always quick to respond to any issues"

manstripling  (11 months ago)

My experience dealing with glowhost web host has been great. Easy access to my data and mail, and the fastest, most reliable customer service in the industry. I used to be a loyal customer of big web hosting company, but since 2019 when one of my most performing website was hacked into and got penalized by google, I decided to move my sites to a reliable hosting provider, and guess who was my next stop!

"Tech customer service is second to none"

domeniccommodore  (11 months ago)

Not all hosting providers look after you the way Glowhost do. I have tried many and these guys are top of the charts for me, they are affordable, their support is lightening fast, I don't just host my own sites but also host my clients that use WordPress CMS as this is the most stable host from what I have seen. Highly recommended!

"I am constantly impressed with the support "

scotseaman  (11 months ago)

I'm gonna stick with Glowhost web host a long time. Theyre inexpensive but not CHEAP if you know what i mean. Recommended! we are so happy to finally be hosting our site with a host who can help us with setting up our updated site. Support got everything done for us in one afternoon. Glowhost is a cool host. Thanks!
Not verified

"The service so far is great"

jeraldcorbitt  (11 months ago)

The service reliability and value for money is top-notch. But where Glowhost really excel is their unrivaled and unflappable service. Support tickets are responded to effectively within minutes. I have asked plenty of silly questions and they have never failed to come back to me almost immediately at all hours of the day and night with a courteous helpful reply.

"Wonderful quick efficient professional service"

marcusbanker  (11 months ago)

GlowHost is a very good hosting company so far. There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately. Sites are always up and run as fast. Their team always ready to support by 24x7x365. 5 out of 5 stars.

"Recommend these guys. Thumbs up!"

darylcombs  (1 year ago)

So far I have been very pleased. I have not noticed any downtime or slow browsing speed.
I've finally found a good home with Glowhost webhost. It's good cloud VPS hosting + 24/7 customer support! Sure, there are some a bit cheaper providers around, but this one is fully managed, not to mention the hardware quality and godlike uptime. The most cost efficient web hosting provider on this planet. It is really professional host.

"This is great, I love this web host - Lots of features"

monroeeisenmenger  (1 year ago)

I've had good service. Glowhost is professional web hosting provider offering cheap feature-rich hosting plans on SSD storage - this gives them the best speed connectivity provided. Your sites will be in good hands, guys!

"Very knowledgeable fast and friendly support"

jasperloach  (1 year ago)

If things continue like this I see no reason why I would ever need to go with another host. Great Hosting and great support. I hope they keep like that and professionals. I like Glowhost 99.9% network & server uptime.

"They're easy to reach, always write back"

lionelbisignano  (1 year ago)

Glowhost have been nothing but superb. I tried two other hosts before we jumped to them and have been completely satisfied since.

"My website response time is really fast"

gavindeloera  (1 year ago)

Thank you so much for having such a great and easy to use hosting service! It's a thousand times easier then the other webhosting I was using. The step by step instructions were perfect and easy to follow and I haven't required any additional help what so ever. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!!! I've already recommended you to others!

"I can recommend Glowhost with confidence"

zacheryfellows  (1 year ago)

Well, I have been hosting my sites at Glowhost Elastic sites hosting account for five months now. Very good web hosting. Actually, this is THE best hosting out there. Great prices and great reliability. They never point you in a direction on your own but see the issue closed by staying with it and putting their time in selflessly. Recommend them for those who want to run commercial websites.

"The features they offer are nearly endless "

taylorburchette  (1 year ago)

I am constantly impressed with the support offered by Glowhost staff - day or night, they stick with you until the question is resolved. The most important for me are their reliable hosting services combined with an extremely competent support personnel. They provide an outstanding and prompt help.

I would recommend them to anyone.

"The best host I have ever experienced!"

nicolasyoon  (1 year ago)

I am generally very happy with Glowhost. I worked for a company a few years back who used them exclusively, and now I have since moved on and begun using them for my personal and client's sites as well. I do have a problem, though, and it's a pretty major one for anyone who has multiple sites/packages under one account. The prices are great, they have free templates, tutorials, everything. The support guys generally know their stuff as well which is a big bonus for us as most of the technical questions we throw at them have revolved around e-commerce solutions etc.

"People who helped me did a good job "

bernardbergey  (1 year ago)

Glowhost I love you! When I had several issues your support fellows came and helped me. They really helped. They did not say: we are looking into your issue - please stand by They did help me! Not every host has something similar in their attitude to the clients. Im really proud to be client of Glowhost.
Not verified

"Pretty amazing. My site is almost always up!"

alfonzokeck  (1 year ago)

I've been with GlowHost ing for about five months.
The service provided has been excellent. When I ask a question I usually get a response within minutes.

Everything is very easy with GlowHost!
Not verified

"I am glad to use GlowHost hosting services"

miltonmenzies  (1 year ago)

Moving to glowhost was the best decision I ever made with web hosting. I have several sites on their Cloud platform which is fast and enjoyable to use. Over the past decades I have operated various servers in own datacenter, hosted servers and used third party hosting. After moving to glowhost I have never looked back. The support team is simply fantastic and available 24-7.
Not verified

"Really good and professional web host!"

United States
cyrusdebolt  (1 year ago)

I have never, ever had a better and more proficient hosting company and website. You guys are AMAZING, and I can't believe what we get for the price, and your custom shopsite add ons... I love your order module, and mostly how your staff, for years, answers my questions and makes needed technical changes faster than immediately. Nice work, and please publish my highest recommendation anywhere.
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"Fast hosting service. I like it"

United States
reyvanhoose  (1 year ago)

The most important things in a hosting company are really customer service, reliability, and experience. Glowhost web host has all of those things and more. Thank you very very much for being responsive and competent. You always answer questions promptly, and if you don't know the answer, you are up front about it. 100% of the time, the issue is resolved and all's well.
Not verified

"Appreciate all the work done by GlowHost team!"

agustinsnodgrass  (1 year ago)

Dear Glowhost Team, Your support agent nice as well as intelligent. I wish you all that you had ever wished for yourself. May all your wishes comes true. For all the support & help - my sincere thanks to you guys! GOD BLESS
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"Fast Servers, Helpful Techs, Good Work!"

heribertoboivin  (1 year ago)

Thanks for the quick website support response. You do a truly wonderful job and I'm always impressed with the level of web hosting support and service you provide.
Not verified

"A big thank you and your team at GlowHost"

United States
ignacioarehart  (1 year ago)

I would like to express my gratitude in both Glowhost sales team's and technical support's work.

They are all have been very helpful. I think over the past week I have contacted them about 5 different times, both asking for help in choosing what product I need and even after purchase to get help setting up the domains and etcetera. Every time every person I spoke to was very understanding and helpful in directing me exactly where I needed to go. The online chat is very useful.
Not verified

"Great support with fast responses"

United States
milansmythe  (1 year ago)

We have been working with for over 2 years now. They host our online web site. The Glowhost server is extremely fast and many of our customers visiting our web site comment on that fact. There is very little down time with Glowhost, I have not noticed any interruption of service in the 2 years we have been with them.
Not verified

"Customer support replies in less than 10 mins!"

United States
issacwingard  (1 year ago)

I have been relying on GlowHost for over 4 months and have formed a long term business relationship.
The quality of the service and support has been exemplary and our business would not be where it is today without the assistance and skills of their tech team. I would thoroughly recommend GlowHost to any business looking for hosting, support and a personal touch to there web requirements.
Not verified

"Glowhost is really competitive for the pricing"

cliffordpetro  (1 year ago)

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the overall job you guys are doing. You have a great service at a great price and you are easily reachable and friendly. That sounds simple, but it's all customers want, and believe me, it's not that common. Kudos to the owners/managers/employees! Keep it up. I've been passing your name on to anyone who wants hosting.
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"Fantastic host. Very prompt and thorough."

josiahcattaneo  (1 year ago)

The end result of our new site is more than I had hoped for. The handling of the member directory was magnificent. It does what I wanted and is much easier than my former design. I have found the quality of Glowhost hosting services to be really good and professional... Responses to queries and any problems was quick. I really like working with a real person(s). The video instructions which were personalized for me were very useful.

Looking forward to a long relationship.
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"They've gained a cutomer for life!"

judepiersall  (1 year ago)

I just love Glowhost. No matter how many dumb questions I have, Matt answers every last one in a language I can understand! So happy I switched! Great support with fast responses in both live support or through email (tickets). They have great polite staff and that is why it was pleased to communicate with. I really appreciate all the work that they did for me.
Not verified

"fairly full featured web host"

Trinidad and Tobago
gavinghoston  (1 year ago)

Brilliant company, I will be recommending GlowHost Hosting to everyone interested in web hosting to save them time in researching and money via choosing an inferior company (i.e. any other company besides Glowhost). I just wanted to go beyond sending you support tickets when things (rarely) go wrong to say thank you. For a superb, feature rich control panel, for great uptime and prompt responses. Quality through and through, highly recommended!
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"good pricing (for space/bandwidth)"

Turks and Caicos Islands
dewittknouse  (1 year ago)

I would like thank glowhost team of professionals and recommend their hosting services to all webmasters. The main thing is that they have sorted my issue out and today everything is all up and running for me. At no point did I feel as I was a being a difficult customer (which I am sure I was!) to deal with. Nothing was a problem for the team at all. I would like to thank all the technical support team but especially...
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"quick response from support staff"

United States
jayrossi  (1 year ago)

I have two accounts on Glowhost service and have so for a long time now. I've watched them grow, grow, grow. Because I am a perfectionist, I often stay up well into the night tweaking and debugging website-related conflicts. On dozens of occasions, I have had to call upon Glowhost's online chat and without fail they have come through in a pinch. I have absolutely not a single bad thing to say about this firm. They are completely, categorically and in all other ways total pros that sincerely care about their clients - no matter how big or how small. Kudos, Glowhost Hosting!
Not verified

"Best deals I’ve found"

uwedler  (1 year ago)

My decision to move our site from streamline to wesh was made so easy by Matt and his team. There as been one or two things that we have been stuck on but the Glowhost team was there to sort it out. The customer care is secound to none. Our secound eCommerce site will also be hosted by glowhost. Good job guys.
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"Answered my questions quickly"

alexanderbs  (1 year ago)

The Live Support is not only a great feature provided by Glowhost, but it is very well done. There is always someone cheerfully ready to assist me right when I log on, and they make sure you get helped! Matt seemed to go out of his way to make sure my Mailing List work, and I appreciate that very much. The service is astounding!
Speed is faster than I've had with my previous host! Recommend these guys!
Not verified

"Good service and timely support"

suhaymhanem  (1 year ago)

On transferring to Glowhost, I firstly found that I got answers to my emails very promptly, often within an hour, or even less. This is amazing! Matt was also in the same time zone as myself, which was a great bonus, as we could have multiple exchanges during a business day.
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"All of their work is based on quality"

United States
tolyanios  (1 year ago)

Unlike other hosting companies, Glowhost always reply personally, not through an automated email response, and replies are always helpful, accurate and detailed. Nothing is too much trouble. We have not experienced any server downtime with this hosting service, which is so vitally important for an internet based business. Being so pleased with the service, we have already recommended Glowhost to friends who are looking for a reliable web host.
Not verified

"I am glad to deal with them"

fredelsen  (1 year ago)

Luckily I've haven't had to use the support a lot, but when I have had to use it, responses have been very fast, and they will work with you to get things fixed. Lots of features, very knowledgeable fast and friendly support and the price is reasonable.
Not verified

"It is perfect ddos-protected web host out there."

United States
secondaldo  (1 year ago)

I know it's not much, that's why I opted in for shared hosting (according to my research it's pretty cheap). I must give a big thumbs up to their customer support as whenever I have issues, it never took more than 5 minutes to get in touch with them (using live chat) and in all cases they’ve answered my questions very professionally.
Not verified

"They have a friendly support team"

United States
blacolly  (1 year ago)

I would just like to commend on both of the service staff Alex and Matt who have been very helpful in my switching over to glowhost elastic sites hosting services. I am extremely pleased with the services provided and will definitely continue to use glowhost as my webhost. Recommend these guys - they are professional in all the ways.
Not verified

"The server's response time is very good"

jonder  (1 year ago)

I signed up with GlowHost several months ago and have contacted support a couple of times to work out how to do a few things. I have been impressed with the speed and clarity of response from your support personnel so we are off to a good start. Certainly given me a very positive feeling about being with Glowhost.
Not verified

"I am always impressed with thier price"

kennetew  (1 year ago)

I've been using for three months, and they are excellent. I've never had a problem with them. I just realized, today, that I should go online and give them a good review somewhere. I had a few problems when I first signed up (not with them, just with mistakes I made) and they were very willing to help me and explain things to me.
Not verified

"Glowhost's uptime in my experience is 100%"

Pitcairn Islands
bereissen  (2 years ago)

I just wanted to tell you guys great your services are.
So far I’ve been with you a couple of months and I have to say, I’m totally satisfied. You’ve been great!!
Just so you know, I probably searched more than 20 sites that offer web space and domain services before I picked you. I choose you guys based on services offered and prices. ( my one unknown was how’d you live up to you promises.) I think I can say that you’ve exceeded my expectations in every area.
I particularly like your Cpanel services.
Not verified

"Really great customer support, quick setup!"

schultzlee  (2 years ago)

I would like to complement you on your excellent web hosting service. Although I do not change service often I found this more to be by far the quickest and easiest I have made. The registration process went through without a glitch. The user panel worked perfectly without a single bug. I transferred 6 domains, including e-mail, within a few hours. The few questions I had were answered within minutes. The real-time support panel is a step above your competitors. Without hesitation I give your service an A+.
Not verified

"Thanks glowhost - fast, personable, and affordable service"

Puerto Rico
garemad  (2 years ago)

Glowhost are on top of their game.There meticulous and professional approach to the realization of my website was much appreciated. Plus their support was prompt and adequate.
Not verified

"Best thing about glowhost is the Instant activation "

godemnic  (2 years ago)

Every time I have emailed with a problem I have gotten extremely quick responses. I recently purchased a new domain with the intent to set up a simple WordPress site for my church. However, I couldn't figure out how to do it. Alex was the support person who took my request and she went did the install for me (and FAST too). I just want to give Alex a huge thank and I wanted to pass that on to these guys as well.
Thank you, glowhost, for your amazing service!
Not verified

"Great a pleasure to do business with Glowhost experts"

United Kingdom
elliersson  (2 years ago)

I am impressed by the great availability of glowhost's 1-click scripts installs and also other useful features like free web site builder, etc. This is a straight-forward, easy to use service company. Tech support is quick and reliable. They always solve the problem and give me advice on how to avoid that issue in the future. All in all, Glowhost is one of the great hosts out there.
Not verified

"LOVE them. Wonderful support offered by Glowhost"

marfeifer  (2 years ago)

I wanted to let you know how very much I appreciated great technical help I received from Matt on Friday. I called about 5 times and he was so patient and personable and knowledgeable. It isn't often that a member of a tech support team does so much and speaks so warmly. I hope you are able to recognize his excellent work and let him know how thankful I was.
Not verified

"I really appreciate all GlowHost help"

nilavaneenen  (2 years ago)

I’ve been using Glowhost for just under 6 months now and I absolutely love it! Their quick and amazing support that even responds during weekends which is fantastic as that is when I do most of my work. Plus they always provide more support than you could ever expect from any other hosting provider. I have not come across one issue the support team have not be able to help with yet.
Not verified

"Wonderful quick efficient professional service"

galenfrinman  (2 years ago)

I have been using Glowhost for three months now and so far I have been very impressed. I don’t have much money to spend on things like hosting so I had no do this but now, I don’t think I will ever leave! it’s simple and works really well.
Not verified

"The support is more than excellent – Thanks GlowHost"

fiorentini  (2 years ago)

The domain records stayed with the other guys, and we had issues configuring them. We tried to get in touch with the old hosting company: 2 support tickets, several live chat, and 20+ minutes on hold. Fantastic service, incredibly well trained staff, and they didn't bat an eyelid at sorting out what should have been someone else's problem. Thanks, Glowhost.
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"Great uptime, nothing problematic to report."

fanteria  (2 years ago)

Perfect - this work reflects glowhost elastic sites hosting services. Customer support has been second to none - helpful, patient and thorough support staff. All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I'm quite impressed with the resources they put into action to resolve issues quickly.
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"Easy to get in touch with someone "

esaananen  (2 years ago)

I moved all my sites to because of great pricing, friendly user interface, excellent support and decent uptime. All of my questions was answered very promptly. Hope everything keeps going the same way and I do not have problems like what I've had with some other hosts.
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"The most inexpensive and reliable service "

zarfisnar  (2 years ago)

Overall Glowhost's hosting package I use makes this web host Unbeatable in this day and the time when being online is a key factor in any business. Phone Support is available 24/7 and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help.
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"Uptime is high enough (no downtime noticed)"

gyoroglarka  (2 years ago)

Their support responds quickly to my support tickets, and keeps introducing cool new services and add-ons. My business has grown as a direct result of the service and support they offer. Thanks to GlowHost team. I appreciate all the work they do for me and my online projects.
Everything works good.
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"Their network and server uptime is really great"

rihrobak  (2 years ago)

Good Job, glowhost Team. Was really easy for me - I provided my old host details and they moved and setup everything for me. Fantastic! As for Network and Server Uptime, I have seen a lot of people here prefer to tell other about uptime. I do not use any monitoring tools, but I am sure that it is high. Never seen my site down.

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"Tech support is quick and reliable. Recommend its services!"

asaitinen  (2 years ago)

I've been with them a few months and already I can tell I'm going to stick around for a while. They are just amazing. If you've ever had an account with any of the big hosting companies, glowhost service will just blow you away.
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"GlowHost is very professional and quick"

irizodaca  (2 years ago)

Glowhost have been nothing but superb.
I tried two other hosts before we jumped to them and have been completely satisfied since.
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"Good hardware and bandwidth"

russoroma  (2 years ago)

I have been hosted with for over 2 months now and have always received fantastic support and service. And I've never had a problem with nor heard any complaints about their shared hosting services. I would recommend glowhost to anyone wanting a low-cost and reliable host.

"Very swift and accurate support. Thank you!"

wlodzislawlak  (2 years ago)

On the navigation menu, there is LIVE stats/information about your space, bandwidth, ftp account, etc. They were also able to direct me to several well written white papers that detailed the tasks I was working with. Uptime is good. And I have never had a problem using GlowHost control panel. I have been using them for half of a year now and must say that this experience has been great.

Great work and super good experience here.

"Best customer service you will ever find, anywhere! Fullstop."

Falkland Islands
mannusker  (2 years ago)

GlowHost have provided me with a service that is second to none. Every time I encounter an issue in regards to one of my sites, both Adam & Darren are more than happy to lend a helping hand no matter what time of day.
I have recommended and will continue to recommend GlowHost to anyone and everyone. Excellent service, outrageously good uptime and utmost happiness.
Thank you GlowHost.

"Absolutely fantastic service — I like Glowhost hosting"

kaleilly  (2 years ago)

I have used a number of different web hosts in the last 5 years for all my websites and none match the quality of service, pricing, uptime rates and quick response time that you will get at GlowHost.

Keep up the good work!

"Uptime, speed, customer support have been perfect!"

kanedater  (2 years ago)

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help to date. If I have a question, it is answered within a short time-frame, if I have a problem with my website / package, you resolve it to my satisfaction.

Keep up the good work...

"My web site is in trusted hands: GlowHost is Superb!"

panoledo  (2 years ago)

Bloody brilliant - out and out the best isp I've used fro hosting services - the cloud hosting is amazing.

"From All US hosts I consider Glowhost to be the best!"

kenerbee  (2 years ago)

Thanks to Support for the help given, it was quick and very helpful, they went out of their way to help.

"They've been very easy to work with and I have had no problems at all"

United States
shirlhawk  (2 years ago)

Wow, despite all the hurdles I put in the way (well the old hosts etc), changes in hosting environment etc and a lack of knowledge at my end, the glowhost team did an amazing job of migrating four sites to our dedicated server. Everyone was very helpful and reliable at getting things done, fixed and live for us. I hope this is the beginning of a long term relationship as it has been a real pleasure to find a company that obviously trains well and really does care about customer service. Well done!

"GlowHost customer service is outstanding — very helpful!"

United States
jamerrez  (2 years ago)

The customer service is amazing. They are fast and always trying to go the extra mile. I had my doubts before moving to glowhost from another hosting provider and I'm glad I did it. Great service!

"I have very good success dealing with GlowHost team"

danorn  (2 years ago)

We have used for a number of months to host our website and application SpottingLog and would recommend the service and quality of hosting to anyone, support requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure our business and website is kept running.

"I like Glowhost - fast connection speed + competitive pricing!"

agrigaut  (2 years ago)

100% satisfied with glowhost hosting services. They give you all the features you could possibly need. They also have great prices. They don't oversell and give you something good for your money.

"This hosting service is very professional!"

ashdempst  (3 years ago)

So many new surprises and new features added. I got my test site with shopping cart and Paypal payment integrated in less than an hour. I can't ask for more. Glowhost is trustworthy. Support is great. They are highly reliable, professional and, as other reviewers have already pointed out, they provide excellent and fast support. The live chat help system has always been very helpful.

"Glowhost is very good place for hosting wordpress sites"

sakusoder  (3 years ago)

I've been with glowhost services for over two months now. They even helped me with things on my wordpress installation. There are no hidden traps or fees. All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I'm quite impressed with the resources glowhost puts into action to resolve issues quickly. I'm also impressed with their tech support.
All in All I wish I could give them a 6 out 5.

"Everything has been very stable and I am very impressed"

gottrob  (3 years ago)

I've tried many web hosts during my many years on the web and I have to say that glowhost has been one of the better ones – if not the best. Everything has been very stable and I was very impressed with all the features and extras that were included in the plan.
Their Website builders are fantastic options and the extras on offer / get free are better than on offer elsewhere. The MySQL database has performed very well for me and my client websites. Definitely a good cheap option for smaller sites.

"Don't look any further just go for glowhost"

New Zealand
tanslav  (3 years ago) is very good hosting company so far. I'm impressed with their support team. Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain.

Don't look any further just go for glowhost and you will be happy like now I'm from the bottom of my heart.

"I like the quality of hosting services provided by Glowhost team!"

richardan  (3 years ago)

A couple months ago I had to make the switch from another hosting provider, I was really happy with them but several issues prompted dumping them. Before jumping in I did some research in Yahoo and some review sites, didn’t find this one tho, and was torn between one host and glowhost. After some chats with Pre-Sales of both companies decided to go with glowhost and take advantage on some cool discounts they had for new accounts.
The good part is the support team will always put customer interest first before committing to any changes or finalizing my issues that I forward to them.

Need to find out if is a scam?