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  1. academics - der führende Stellenmarkt für Wissenschaft und Forschung
    academics bietet die größte Auswahl individuell passender Stellenangebote an Hochschulen und in Unternehmen sowie eine umfassende Karriereberatung.
  2. Academic Superstore : Academic Software discounts for students, teachers and schools
    Academic edition software discounts for students, teachers and schools. Educational pricing available to college students, k12 students, homeschool students, faculty, universities, educational institutions and parents.
  3. - Jobs in research and higher education
    Explore job opportunities for English-speaking researchers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  4. Academic Studies Press
    Founded in 2007, Academic Studies Press quickly established itself as a leading publisher in both Jewish and Slavic studies.
  5. Academics Review | Testing Popular Claims Against Peer-reviewed Science
    Academics Review tests popular claims and misinformation against peer-reviewed science. Visit to find out more.
  6. 论文代写| essay代写✔️各学科✔️各类型的英文论文代写✔️准时✔️高质
    高分A级的各类✔️留学生论文代写✔️essay代写✔️留学生作业代写✔️网课代上✔️exam代考等服务。 💯可靠专业的硕博写手 💯 免费Draft/ Turnitin查重 💯准时 💯高质 💯合理价格 💯售后服务 💯无限修改。专家模仿着您的写作方式与按照您的水平创造原创英文论文。
  7. Academic Session
  8. Academics - ספריית המאמרים של ישראל
    ברוכים הבאים אל אקדמיקס - ספריית המאמרים של ישראל! בספריית המאמרים שלנו תמצאו מגוון רחב ומעמיק של מאמרים מקצועיים במגוון של תחומים ונושאים. במידה ולרשותכם מאמר מקצועי, נשמח לפרסמו בספרייה שלנו.
  9. Higher Education Admissions Solutions & Services | Liaison
    We help higher education institutions identify, recruit, and enroll students with admissions management and marketing automation software and services.
  10. Academics Plus - Increasing Each Student's Academic Performance | K-12 Programs | Reading - Math - Algebra - Study Skills - SAT/ACT | McKinney Texas Tutoring
    Academics Plus is an experienced instructional partner committed to improving each student's academic performance while creating an atmosphere of empowerment, enhancing the joy of learning and encouraging personal excellence in school, the community and at home.

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  2. AcadeMe - אקדמי
    אקדמי - רשת גיוס הסטודנטים והבוגרים המתקדמת והגדולה בישראל. דרושים סטודנטים. דרושים בוגרים. משרות לאקדמיים. פרסום משרות.

  3. AcadeME - Smart & Simple
    AcadeME is a comprehensive career development and job placement platform


  5. Illuvium
    Welcome to the world of Illuvium. A shattered land of beauty and wonder. Travel the vast and varied landscape hunting dangerous beasts, then capture them to battle in the Arenas or trade via the Exchange.