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  2. Collected Quotidian
  3. Collected Living Design - Real Life Beautiful
    New Traditional Interior Design in Kansas City. A wide range of interior design services including full service and edesign.
  4. CollectedPapers Вісник ЧНУ ім. Юрія Федьковича
    Вісник ЧНУ ім. Юрія Федьковича
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    COLLECTED OTHER STORIES contains 32 short stories covering a wide range of topics; some are sea stories such as Dolphin Joe, The Sea Chase, The Sea Captain, Victorious, and What Ship? What Destination? Other stories are science fiction tales - The Oracle of Pentos 7, The Man from Mars, Home Sweet Home and Doomsday. Still other stories explore faith and belief in different settings and perspectives – Eye of the God, Offerings to Jupiter, Prayer to Ra, and In the Name of Allah. Humour also laces the book in stories such as An Easter Christmas and The Amateur Amateur. Nevertheless, the scenarios and the characters in this collection are difficult to summarise because of the diversity in the stories and in the writer’s imagination. The reader will be surprised with the impressive amount of worlds and realities comprised in this other universe, a universe containing historical characters and events, Pacific cultures as well as exciting adventures that will certainly transport the reader to new experiences and pleasure… A collection not to be missed by those who enjoy a good read!
  7. Music on Vinyl Collected Series - Music On Vinyl
    The exclusively composed series with audio mastered for vinyl Based on the outstanding repertoire of well-known artists and bands Including liner notes and all albums are packed in high-quality PVC sleeves

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  3. レコレコ|大学生向けWebメディア

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  5. Colle et Scratch | Blog conseils VELCRO®, adhésifs, colle
    Blog astuces concernant le bricolage, la déco, le collage et l'assemblage avec des produits tels que le VELCRO®, des adhésifs simples et doubles, des colles,...


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