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  1. The Official Website of Indonesia Tourism - Indonesia Travel
    Catch a glimpse of Indonesia's bewitching attractions without having to put on your shoes and discover the ultimate destination that matches your soul. So go ahead and steal a glance at your ideal holiday.
  2. Where to go in Indonesia : Maps - Booking Hotel - History - Travel and Tour Agent - Places Interesting and Tourism Informations
    Visit Indonesia : is the world's largest archipelago state, consisting of about thirdteen thousand islands stretching from mainland South-East Asia in an arc down to Papua New Guinea and the Australian continent, it has a coastline of about 80,000 kilometers. Indonesia has many magnificent places waiting to be explored, find on here the Best Places in Indonesia
  3. Investing in Indonesia | Indonesia Investments
    With its vast archipelago Indonesia has an enormous potential for durable economic growth. Indonesia-Investments follows this development closely and intends to participate, cooperating in projects with local entrepreneurs or the Indonesian government. One of our values is that the process of economic development should lead to increasing welfare and prosperity for the population as a whole. This will be given continuous consideration. Apart from focusing on Indonesia as an emerging market through its finance and business model, we also engage in the study of its cultures and history in order to gain inter-cultural understanding.Current events are projected in our news section.
  4. Laman Resmi Republik Indonesia • Portal Informasi Indonesia
    Direktorat Jenderal Informasi dan Komunikasi Publik (Ditjen IKP) telah mengalami beberapa kali perubahan struktur organisasi dari sebelumnya adalah Badan Informasi Publik Depkominfo kemudian dirubah menjadi Direktorat Jenderal Informasi dan Komunikasi Publik sesuai dengan Permenkominfo No. 17/PER/M.KOMINFO/10/2010 tentang Organisasi dan Tata Kerja Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika, kemudian berubah kembali sesuai Peraturan Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika No. 1 tahun 2016 tentang Organisasi dan Tata Kerja Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika yang mengatur Kedudukan, Tugas Pokok dan Fungsi serta susunan Organisasi Ditjen IKP. Berubah kembali sesuai dengan Peraturan Menteri Kominfo No. 6 tahun 2018 Tanggal 2 Agustus 2018 tentang Organisasi dan Tata Kerja Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika.
  5. Forex | Forex Trading | Currency Trading | CFD | Gold | MetaTrader MT5 |
    LiteForex broker invites traders to start exploring forex market world with MetaTrader MT-4 and MT-5 platforms. Fresh news and Forex Analytics every day. Forex contests, promos and bonuces for Traders. Best trading conditions.
  6. Luxury Lifestyle in Indonesia | Indonesia Tatler
    Your definitive guide to luxury lifestyle in Indonesia – all the latest in society, fashion, beauty, watches, jewellery, travel, restaurants and culture
  7. Indonesia Expat | Indonesia's largest expatriate readership
    Indonesia Expat is Indonesia's largest expatriate readership (formerly known as Jakarta Expat and Bali Expat)
  8. Sedekah Online ACT - Indonesia Dermawan
    Sebuah Gerakan dari Aksi Cepat Tanggap untuk Menghadirkan Kedermawanan Melalui Sedekah, Zakat, Wakaf dan Qurban. Mari Raih Keberkahan
  9. Situs Budaya Indonesia | Pariwisata, Seni, Tradisi & Kuliner
    Temukan kekayaan budaya Indonesia yang tak terduga mulai dari tradisi, kesenian, pariwisata dan kuliner. Semakin banyak tahu, semakin cinta Indonesia.
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