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  1. Mastodon instances
  2. InstanceOfIOS
  3. instancewordpressdotcom
  5. LIFE ALERT official website - I've fallen and I can't get up!®
    528‚372 lives saved! Life Alert saves a life from a catastrophe every 11 minutes. 24/7 help for fall, medical, shower, out of home emergencies. 800-360-0329.
  6. Instances API
    A collection of available REST endpoints scoped to your unique instance. ## ZUID All named resources in this API have a unique identifier called a ZUID. For example an instance ZUID would like `8-f48cf3a682-7fthvk`. The initial prefix, e.g. `8-`, represents the type of resource it is. Every discreet resource has it's own prefix. To find a full list of supported ZUIDs and to learn more read the spec; ## URLs As you peruse the available endpoints you will see the URLs which can be requested. The following is an explanation of the URL structure and the significance of specific portions. For example the URL `` would breakdown as follows; | https:// | 8-f48cf3a682-7fthvk | | v1 | /content/models/6-556370-8sh47g | /items/7-b939a4-457q19 |/publishings/18-660e14-jpx715 | | :-------------: | :----------: | :-------------: | :----------: | :-------------: | :----------: | :-------------: | | protocol | Your instances unique identifier | domain for the API | version of the API | path to a unique content model | path to a unique item which belongs to the prior model | path to a unique publishings record which belongs to the prior item | ## Getting an Auth Token There are two types of authorization; session and access tokens. Read more about them here
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  8. MuzeBox - Zene mindenkinek!
    MuzeBox - Zene mindenkinek!

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