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    LH PARAGON, INCORPORATED is a Cebu-based holding company engaged in various industries here in the Philippines and abroad. Since its origins which began more than fifty years ago, the LH Paragon Group of Companies has successfully transitioned from the able stewardship of its Founders, Knight Leo Lim Liu and Dame Norma Liu, to the current leadership team headed by the Liu Family’s second generation, who continue to uphold and pursue the values and vision of the Group as it prepares for continued growth and sustainability for the many years to come. Today, the LH Paragon Group of Companies has six core divisions engaged in different industries from fashion retailing and wood distribution to real estate, food retailing, graphics printing and medical services.  Our Businesses   GOLDEN ABC, INCORPORATED is a multi-awarded fashion enterprise that is home to top proprietary brands shaping the retail industry today. These are produced, marketed and retailed under a fast-growing, dynamic family of well-differentiated brands: PENSHOPPE, OXYGEN, FORME, MEMO, REGATTA, and TYLER. It also operates RED LOGO, a wholly owned direct selling subsidiary.   MATIMCO, INCORPORATED is the Philippines’ leading provider of quality architectural and structural wood products, catering to a diverse market of contractors, design professionals, homeowners, and various institutions.     OAKRIDGE REALTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is the real estate and property development arm of the LH Paragon Group. It develops and manages the Group’s multiple real estate properties. It launched its first developmental project in Mandaue City, Cebu, in 2006, which is now known as OAKRIDGE BUSINESS PARK.   GREENTREE FOOD SOLUTIONS, INCORPORATED is the newest member of the group which was established last January 2016. It operates homegrown 10 DOVE STREET RESTAURANT and 10 DOVE STREET CONFECTIONERY. Currently, there are 6 operating outlets in Cebu, and it aims to open in more strategic sites in the near future.   BASIC GRAPHICS, INCORPORATED was established in 1996, and introduced world-class printing standards into the Cebu market. To date, it remains to be the only printing company outside Luzon to be nationally awarded by the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines, having won the Print Excellence Award more than six years in a row. BGI continues to cater to a number of loyal business clients composed of some of the best premium hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals, furniture manufacturers and high-end exporters in the country.     LH PRIME MEDICAL CLINIC is a medical diagnostic facility offering advanced technological facilities and a complete line of diagnostic and medical outpatient services for the Cebu market.
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