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  1. Numenta | Where Neuroscience Meets Machine Intelligence
    Numenta is tackling one of the most important scientific challenges of all time: reverse engineering the neocortex. We're at the beginning of an era of computing that will unfold over the coming decades, and we invite you to learn about how we are helping to advance the state of brain theory and machine intelligence.
  2. Numenera
  3. • Home of the HTM Community • Home of the HTM Community
  8. Numenor Rising – Musings on the building up of God's Kingdom and our shared spiritual journey
    Musings on the building up of God's Kingdom and our shared spiritual journey
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  1. Numen Consulting | liaison provider – realty finder | Numen Consulting
    Numen is a Paris-based operation facilitating the worldwide search for, and the acquisition or sale of property with exceptional aesthetic,architectural and historical value.



  4. Numen: Contest of Heroes (RPG)
    Nine Deities. Nine Heroes. And only one champion. Mythical Greece. The land of Gods, poets, heroes, but also of terrible monsters and creatures. The English version of Numen: Contest of Heroes is available on Steam and Impulse. Download Numen RPG from Steam or Impulse.



  7. Transformation digitale - Numen partenaire de confiance
    Projets d’optimisation de la relation client et de back offices, de gestion documentaire, de valorisation de contenus culturels d’exploitation de données