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  1. The Perl Programming Language -
    The Perl Programming Language at Links and other helpful resources for new and experienced Perl programmers.
  2. Perlentaucher - Online Kulturmagazin mit Presseschau, Rezensionen, Feuilleton ist ein Kulturmagazin mit täglicher Kultur-Presseschau, Essays, Bücher-Presseschau, Rezensionen und internationaler Magazinrundschau.
  3. PerlMonks - The Monastery Gates
    A community committed to sharing Perl knowledge and coding tips. The site contains questions and answers, useful snippets, and a library of code.
  4. Perlego | A Subscription Library of Online Books & Academic Texts
    Save up to 90% on textbooks. Read thousands of professional and academic ebooks in one simple space. Start your free trial today.
  5. Site not found · DreamHost
    The owner of this domain has not yet uploaded their website.
  6. Dom weselny PERŁA WARMII - Dom weselny Perła Warmii
    Najwspanialsze imprezy w okolicy
  7. The Perl Foundation - Home
    The Perl Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl and Raku programming language. We seek to do this through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code.
  8. Perlu - A Network for Influencers.
    Perlu is a network that helps the influential be more productive and successful.

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  1. Perl version 6 (perl 6)
    Perl 6 is a planned major revision to the Perl programming language.

  2. Perl-Academy


  4. GmbH - Bauleitung & Projektleitung, Leckortung & Dichtheitsprüfung, Planungs- und Baustellenkoordination, Bauträger

  5. Perl Beginners' Site
    Perl Beginners' Site

  6. Perl-Blog

  7. ???????

  8. Übersicht - Forum - Perl-Forum. Hier findest du die Themenliste unseres Forums.