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  1. The vOICe - New Frontiers in Artificial Vision
    Augmented reality and soundscape-based synthetic vision for the blind
  2. Seeing the Forest | Who is our economy FOR, anyway?
    Who is our economy FOR, anyway?
  3. Birds - Families
  4. Seeing Serbia – Unlocking the Balkans on your own terms
    Like so many visitors to Belgrade, I landed here with my husband without really knowing why. And then, just like how it so often happens with people who land here, we stayed. I want to share some experiences I've had, and keep on having, with getting my tongue around the crunchy consonants of the Serbian…
  5. Seeing Serendipity – Life with a new perspective
    Life with a new perspective
  7. The domain name is for sale
    The domain name is for sale. Make an offer or buy it now at a set price.

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  6. Fine arts and publications by Marisela Bracho
    Discover the magical paintings, prints, digital collages, and the illustrated poetry book “Water Kiss” inspired in the waters of Maui. Journey with Marisela into Hawaii’s vitality.

  7. See In Black
    See in Black is a coalition of Black photographers who serve as storytellers of our own narratives. We are artists and archivists. We do not merely take images of Black figures, we document history that is often unrecorded with intentionality, respect, and care. We serve as a platform for Black people to stand proudly in their permanence.