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  1. Sprawa Adama Adam's Case Marcin Czornik - Sprawa Adama
    Marcin Czornik Sprawa Adama: Zapowied?, Zniszczenie, Zwyci?stwo... Czytaj i polecaj horror. Adam's case. Read and share. Horror book. Three parts. After several minutes his plan has failed when he heard a knock at the door. He wrap only a towel around his waist and ran to the door and looked through the viewfinder. Instanly he was really suprised as nobody was on staircase. He thought it was the postman who thought that there is nobody at home and just gone. So he turned to go back into the shower but what he saw was stunned him for good. In the hall, around half a meter from him it was levitating the translucent figure with the head pointed to the floor. At first he could not believe it. So many years have dealt with the strange phenomena, but never seen anything like that. Suddenly the figure began to lift his head and then Adam suffered another shock. It was a woman's face. However, this was not some woman, it was Magda. The face was slightly slurred, but yes. It was her. His lost fiancee was levitating now at his home looking at him. Adam thought that his eyes playing tricks on him, so he rubbed his eyes but the ghost not dissapered. What's more, now there was already a few centimeters from his face, which reassured him in the belief that it was his Magda. Her eyes were all black like two pieces of carbon, and at the same time her mouth curled up in a strange and terrifying grimace. - Magda? - He called out trying to retreat slightly to the back, but behind him it was just closed doors. Tell me, is it really you? No, that's impossible - he shook his head. What are you? Because certainly not my Magda. The revenant suddenly flick flew back to a few feet, then set its translucent feet on the floor and suddenly began to change. In her black eye socket appeared dark blue eyes, and her whole body began to resemble a human. Adam looked at it all in disbelief but still hoped that it was just a bad dream. Unfortunately, what he saw was real. As he watched figure that a moment before was frightening, suddenly turned into a real woman. His Magda. - Do you recognize me now? - He heard a voice. The revenant does not move his mouth but he could hear it clearly. -Do you recognize me dear? -he heard again. It was her voice. He would never forget it. -It Is not real? Is this some kind of joke? - Everything told him that it was her.

  2. www.sprawadeals.com

  3. sprawadlapolakka.cyou

  4. sprawdz-ip.pl

  5. Sprawdź za darmo numery identyfikacyjne
    Darmowa aplikacja internetowa, która pozwala w prosty sposób sprawdzić poprawność oraz odczytać zakodowane informacje z numerów identyfikacyjnych.

  6. Sprawdzenie samochodu przed zakupem
    Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, BMW, auta z USA sprawdzanie samochodu po numerze VIN, historia serwisowa, weryfikacja prawdziwego przebiegu pojazdu.

  7. Oferta sprzedaży domeny: sprawdz.info
    Cena domeny: do negocjacji. Oferta sprzedaży znajduje się w serwisie AfterMarket.pl, największej giełdzie domen internetowych w Polsce.

  8. Zdrowie - porady