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  1. Hein Noodt Mühlenbetrieb Hollern-Twielenfleth
    Hein Noodt Mühlenbetrieb Hollern-Twielenfleth. Venti Amica, die Windmühle in Hollern-Twielenfleth.

  2. Venti Boutique
    Leather File Folder, اساور الابراج | Zodiac Bracelets, حامل الجوال | Phone Holders, حامل الهوية | ID Holders, محفظة بطاقات | Card Holders, الحقائب | Bags, تعليقات الشنط والسيارة, غلاف النظارات | sunglasses Cover, منتجات اخرى | Other

  3. Venti Journal
    An online journal that attempts to ask how we become aware of something invisible and of things that are always in the air, which is the air itself. Investigating this query in a series of thematic issues, Venti explores the indexical qualities of air and our awareness of it through effects and affects.




  7. Venti-Now | Ventilators | United States
    Venti-Now was originally created for the purpose of providing rapidly produced, low-cost, emergency ventilators. These resuscitators were created to meet critical demand during a pandemic. Our non-profit aims to provide low cost ventilators to regions of the world who cannot afford expensive ones.

  8. Ventiservice Campanas de Cocina Ventilacion
    Campanas de cocinas, parrilas, cocinas, extractores, ventiladores


  10. Venti Tre - Modern Italian
    Modern Italian