- all-art.org

History of Art: From Paleolithic Age to Contemporary Art

- grahamhancock.com

Graham Hancock Official site - Science & Archaeology News - Forum Discussion

- historylink101.com

Resource site which is specifically designed for World History classes. Each culture/time period is divided into categories of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures and...

- godlikeproductions.com

Godlike Productions is a Conspiracy Forum. Discussion topics include UFOs, Conspiracy, Lunatic Fringe, Politics, Current Events, Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories and much...

- disclose.tv

Daily Weird News and Odd Videos about Conspiracy Theories, UFO Sightings, Creepy Aliens, Scary Ghosts, Paranormal Activities & Unexplained Mysteries!

- mysteriousuniverse.org

The latest news from beyond the mainstream.

- ancient-origins.net

News and articles relating to ancient human origins, archaeology, anthropology, scientific mysteries, sacred writings, ancient places and more.

- dancarlin.com

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Podcast and Common Sense with Dan Carlin Podcast

- treasurenet.com

Browse thousands of messages related to treasure hunting, archaeology, history, metal detecting, relic hunting, caches, sunken treasures, shipwrecks, buried treasures, gold...

- rafabasa.com

Portal en Español dedicado al Heavy Metal

- ancientfaith.com

Ancient Faith Radio provides high quality 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio as well as podcasts, including music, teaching, interviews, features, convert testimonies,...

- fieldmuseum.org

Welcome to The Field Museum

- eldemore.com

Adopt rune dragons and other fantasy creatures for free! Eldemore.com

- ancient-symbols.com

Ancient Symbols, egyptian, celtic, native american, chinese, japanese and more

- gods-and-monsters.com

Our mythology expert explains how ancient stories, unexplained mysteries, and popular monsters influence our culture.

- roman-empire.net

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

- philosophybasics.com

The Basics of Philosophy: A huge subject broken down into manageable chunks

- militarymodelling.com

Military Modelling Magazine is the UK’s No.1, and the best hobby magazine of its kind, where you’ll find a variety of features on modelling.

- mysteriousnews.com

World's First Largest and Most Popular Mysterious News, Mysterious News around the world, mystery news articles, mystery news theater, mysterious stories, conspiracy, aliens,...

- jasoncolavito.com

Author website of Jason Colavito, covering archaeology, mythology, extraterrestrials and the connections between science and the supernatural

- ancient-hebrew.org

Dedicated to researching and teaching the Biblical Hebrew text of the Bible based on the Ancient Hebrew culture and language. Resources include the Ancient Hebrew alphabet,...

- saneens.com

Saneens sell or buy deals in Kuchi Afghan Clothing and jewelry whole sale supplier Belly Dnce Jewelry Indie retro and bohemian clothing Dress Costume and Belly Dance Gypsy Fire...

- oasisspa.net

Massage, Oasis Spa, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, Thailand

- baldwin.co.uk

Gold, Silver and Bronze - Medals, Banknotes and Tokens by fixed price and at auction.

- ohiohistorycentral.org

- egyptianmyths.net

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology is *the* most comprehensive site on ancient Egyptian mythology on the web. It features over 40 gods and goddesses, 30 symbols and complete myths....

- greatsite.com

The world?s largest dealer of rare and antique Bibles, ancient Bible leaves, and facsimiles reproduction Bibles is GREATSITE.COM.

- 7wondersthailand.com

www.7wondersthailland.com ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???? 77 ??????? ?????????????? 3 ?????? ???? ? ??? 1. ????????? ??????? ?????????...

- conspiracyoutpost.com

Conspiracy Outpost is a Conspiracy Forum. Discussion topics include UFOs, Conspiracy, Lunatic Fringe, Politics, Current Events, Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories and much more.

- londoncoins.co.uk

Established international coin dealer buying and selling English and foreign coins, gold coins, Banknotes, Medals, Tokens, Bonds & Shares and other numismatic items. We offer...

- maicar.com

The Greek Mythology Link is a collection of the Greek myths written on line by Carlos Parada.

- keytours.gr

Sightseeing in Greece, Athens walking tours & organised tours to Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Meteora, Cape Sounion, day tours & cruises, Athens by night & trips to Mykonos,...

- famous-historic-buildings.org.uk

Information & Photographs on Famous & Ancient Historic Buildings, Historical Sites, Places, Architectural and Engineering Achievements of the World

- warhorsesim.com

Wargame developer and publisher.

- artantik.ru

?????‚???????°?????°?‚ / ?????‚???????°?????‹?? ???°?»???? ?????‚?°???‚???? / Antique gallery-shop ARTANTIQUE

- newprophecy.net

With the aid of Nostradamus and my personal system of numerology, discover what is in store for the world in 2015 and the next 227 years.

- alvadonna.com

- iranianarchives.org

Iranian Archives - Iran's Digital Archive - Iranian Archives digitally preserving and interpreting the ever evolving history and culture of Iran. By conserving evidence that...

- whistlerhiatus.com

Whistler's Best Source for hiking information, maps and inspiration

- slinging.org

Slinging.org hopes to rekindle interest in the sling, a simple, effective, and historically significant projectile weapon.

- caliverbooks.com

Caliver Books, Partizan Press, Matchlock Miniatures

- primitiveways.com

Indigenous skills, bushcraft, Stone Age technology, wilderness skills, workshops and classes, articles on primitive technology, archaeology, and more.

- delange.org

Egypt, Israel, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Peru, Alaska, Arizona, States, Europe, United, Kingdom, England, Canada, Nova, Scota, New, Brunswick, Travels, Tours,...

- historyofpainters.com

A complete history of the art periods and movements in the history of art.

- dariushgrandhotel.com

Dariush Grand Hotel was built as a look like Persepolis, a symbol of the glory and splendor of the ancient Persian (Iranian) civilization and the Persian Empire. ??? ???? ??????...

- ledonline.it

Online publication in PDF format of academic and scientific texts in the Social sciences & Humanities: Classics, Literature, Linguistics, Philology, Philosophy, Psychology,...

- arounddeglobe.com

Around de Globe is an super magnetic website, loaded with numerous exicting Travel blogs. The website is great combination of travel blogs that will not only get you know about...

- atour.com

an Internet-based academic repository of the Aramaic-speaking Christian Assyrians in the Middle East, documenting the national struggle for their homeland and statehood in...

- romancoin.info

Roman Coin Attribution Toolkit

- conciliarpress.com

Ancient Faith Store offers an array of quality Orthodox Christian books, icons, jewelry, music, and gifts. Visit our store and discover the richness and beauty of Orthodox...

- cpakonline.com

The Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge - CPAK will again bring together a cadre of authors, scientists and independent researchers to explore the ancient idea that...

- romeofthewest.com

A web log about Catholicism in Saint Louis, Missouri, which was once called the Rome of the West. Topics of interest include Catholic liturgy, art, architecture, church...

- tinyadvice.com

advice you can use in your life

- ancardia.com

This site is dedicated to the crowd funding campaign that resurrects the development of ADOM.

- onter.net

Old News documentary features enigmatic rock art from southeastern Colorado and the Oklahoma panhandle suggestive of a Celtic presence 1500 to perhaps 3000 years ago,...

- lexiline.com

LexiLine - History of Civilization - Home Page

- theatredatabase.com

An archive of information on the theatre.

- bible-history.com

Bible History Online Images and Resources for Biblical History. Resources, Free Bible Software, Bible Art, Biblical History Topics and Study, and ancient Bible maps of Rome,...

- oracleofatlantis.com

It is all about spirituality, inspiration and wisdom. This oracle intended to answer all the questions you have about your life and people you love.

- megaliths.net

Megaliths of the World as Astronomy - Megalithic Sites - Standing Stones - Megaliths.net

- loggia.com

Areas of study include art, art history, architecture and buildings, decorative arts, design, classical studies such as Greek and Roman myths, Celtic mythology, books on art,...

- firmlds.org

DNA evidence for the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and its Geography. Firmlds president Rod Meldrum

- archaeoastronomy.com

ancient skywatchers regulated their calendars and tracked days with celestial alignments, often sunrises and sunsets with targetted shadow and light features on equinoxes,...

- hourofwolves.org

An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields: Miniature gaming site and hobby articles for Lord of the Rings strategy battle game as well as others including Warhammer Ancient...

- goddess-power.com

It is obvious throughout our culture that feminine relevance been marginalized, not only presently but over the millennium; we are at a juncture in time when feminine influence...

- itto.org

Iran travel information, Iran tours, travel tips, hotels, travel agencies, tour guides, maps, tourist attractions, sights and itinerary ideas. Official website of iran tourism...

- mervynpeake.org

Official website of Mervyn Peake and Gormennghast. Inlcudes information on Mervyn Peake's career as an illustrator, artist, poet and novelist

- bookofmormonevidence.org

Dedicated to exploring and demonstrating evidence for the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, through scriptural, prophetic, historical, genetic, archaeological,...

- classic-lingerie.com

Discover more than 2,000 pics of classic and retro lingerie : corsets, waist cinchers, girdles, panties, garter belts...

- ancientamerican.com

Ancient American describes the true prehistory of America's continent, regardless of presently fashionable belief-systems, and provide a public forum for certified experts and...

- ancientfaithradio.com

Ancient Faith Radio provides high quality 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio as well as podcasts, including music, teaching, interviews, features, convert testimonies,...

- annomundi.com

Anno Mundi Books

- traditionalhopi.org

Welcome to the website of the Ancient Hopi Mother Village of Shungopovi [soo ngoo bavi], a deeply Religious, very Traditional center of Hopi Reality.

- amkon.net

AmKon Dot Net is an alternative discussion forum

- ancient-treasure.info

Ancient treasures and history. Thracians and the ancient civilizations from 3th and 5th millennium BC. Treasures from Bulgaria. Ancient history references.

- ancient-yew.org

Ancient , Veteran, Notable Yew Trees in Great Britain

- ancient-wisdom.com

Ancient-Wisdom: The lost chapters of prehistory. Prehistoric science and technology. Anomalous archaeology. Index of ancient and sacred sites.

- humanremodeling.com

Human Remodeling is highly effective massage, restorative and rejuvenating on all levels. Milica is a legendary therapist with 12 years of experience and satisfied...

- ancientcoinsforeducation.org

ACE, Ancient Coins for Education. The home of ACE, non profit volunteer organization that helps put ancient Roman Coins in the classroom.

- ancientways.co.za

Ancient Ways Esoteric Magic Wicca Celtic Shamanic Shop Knysna Garden Route South Africa

- biblicalperformancecriticism.org

Embracing many critical methods, Biblical Performance Criticism reframes and interprets the biblical materials in light of ancient and contemporary.

- ancient.com

Articles related to ancient world, History, Poems,life and recovery tools like Metal Detectors and Treasure Hunting equipment.

- ancientantiques.com

Ancient Antiques for sale at wholesale prices. We sell ancient gold, bronze, and silver coins (1500 yrs old), Egyptian Jewelry and rare artifacts over 2000 years old, Holyland...

- mysteriousworld.com

Your quarterly journal to exotic travel destinations around the world.

- animasoundmedicine.com

A musical alchemy of sacred and healing sounds inspired by ancient wisdom and the awakened heart       Anima's luminous and profoundly healing music touches the heart and...

- ancientmicroworld.com

ANCIENT MICROWORLDS: a fine art photography book by Giraud Foster and Norman Barker.

- amordad.net

??????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ? ???????? Amordad Website, Iranian and Zoroastrian Forums

- blueheavenholidays.com

Blue Heaven Holidays is offering holidays at the Egyptian Red Sea that best suits your needs. Diving, Marine Biology, Safaris and Desert Trips. With more than 30w years of...

- ancientbeast.com

Turn Based Strategy Game. Master your beasts!

- ancientindianastrologyclasses.com

Ancient Indian Astrology classes conduct a 7-Level certification course in astrology. It covers a wide arena of subjects in astrology. The classes are conducted in Chicago, IL...

- ancienthuna.com

Ancient Huna...the teaching of the peoples of the earth is alive and well. We study the teaching of Hawaii and New Zealand

- aberdeenwargamesclub.com

Aberdeen Wargames Club plays a variety of figure wargames. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

- truthisscary.com

TIS is your source for ALTERNATIVE News & CELEBRITY Views! Our purpose is to raise awareness of truth that has been lost or hidden from us throughout the ages. Log on and BE AWARE!

- 300art.com

Greek Bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, money-clips, key-holders, unique objects that bear symbols of ancient Greek history. Our newest collection is inspired by the 300...

- alirezapahlavifoundation.org

The Prince Alireza Pahlavi Foundation raises money for scholarships or fellowships to Harvard University. The Foundation is organized & incorporated pursuant to Internal Revenue...