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Our book today is The White Ghost, the latest historical mystery by James R. Benn starring Bostonian ex-detective and now WWII Lieutenant Billy Boyle. In this

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Acharya S, aka D.M. Murdock, is an independent scholar of comparative religion and mythology. She is also the author of several books and many articles, such as 'The Christ...

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Collection of fortune cookie message from various chinese take out fortune cookies. A huge database of fortune cookie messages. Open a Fortune Cookie.

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A global communications group with an emphasis on ethics and integrity dealing with diverse cultures and organizational communications. Les experts du marketing, les medias et...

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EASTOVER ESTATE & RETREAT is a 600-acre sanctuary and holistic retreat center, three minutes from down town Lenox. It borders October Mountain with panoramic views of Mt Grey...

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Our on-line games store has what you need for hours of fun with family and friends! Unique games for kids, adults, and family in a variety of catagories ranging from strategy...

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Site containing sacred texts of various religions. Enables visitors to read, share, print, search and download sacred texts.

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histoire, géographie, actualité de la chine

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The best place to discover authentic old Chinese villages

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Information about Confucius, his teachings, and historical influence.

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Today, many American families are facing the economic fallout of the financial crises, difficulties in attaining quality education, and financial insecurity for their future.

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The Classical Library is devoted to presenting new HTML versions of classical literature.

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Translation of selected verses of the Analects of Confucius in 23 languages: Arabic, Chinese (Traiditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,...

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Confucius, Confucius Asian Bistro, Confucius in Jersey City, Dim Sum, Restaurant near Jersey City NJ, Asian Bistro, Wonton Soup, General Tso's Chicken, Shrimp Fried Rice, Bubble...

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Welcome to the first online version of the Chinese I Ching oracle. Free, accurate and above all easy to understand. It serves for advice and guidance when we are faced an...

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Stranice posvećene Ji đingu

21. Home
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The complete, concise and accurate information about the life and achievements of geniuses, interesting facts of their life, their creative style and the secret of their...

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Livre sur la chine, livre chine, Rencontre d'un bol et d'une assiette est le premier livre qui porte une lumière chaleureuse sur les échanges du coeur et de la raison entre...

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The Confucius Institute at Michigan State University, promoting Chinese language and culture education...

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Extensive focus on Computer/Internet, Vietnam Related stuff, Deals (Free Stuff, Discounts, Coupons, Promotions), Fun Stuff (Fun Tests, Humor/Jokes, Optical Illusions, Flash...

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The page describes the various activities of Chao-Hsiu Chen, to date she published over forty books translated into twenty languages, regarding Chinese wisdom, Tao, Tao Te Cing,...

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This site is a replication of the book

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The Western Gate: Xinjiang and the Uyghurs. A video documentary about the far west China region of Xinjiang and the Uyghur people who call it home.

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Newly opened mandarin institute in mumbai university. Learn mandarin easily.

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The Interfaith Calendar: primary sacred dates for all world religions by Delton Krueger. Holy Days that have endured the test of thousands of years of human life.

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Confucius Plaza Medical Laboratory cp lab 33 Bowery Suite B205 CP Medical Lab c.p. lab CP LAB cp lab

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A central site for trusted information and materials on Caodaism, a syncretic religion based upon major religions in the world.

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Imaginez que chaque matin, votre banque vous crédite de 86400€

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EASTOVER ESTATE & RETREAT is a 600-acre sanctuary and holistic retreat center, three minutes from down town Lenox. It borders October Mountain with panoramic views of Mt Grey...

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présentation du kundalini yoga cours annecy, cran gevrier annecy le vieux. stages yogannecy. photo de philippe goix. nature, et paysage méditation beauté

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Let us all give praise to the Almighty. Now I am a Taoist but I was originally born into Christianity – Whatever, stay positive. Don't eat your animal friends.