- salon.com

Salon, the award-winning online news and entertainment Web site, combines original investigative stories, breaking news, provocative personal essays and highly respected...

- newcriterion.com

The New Criterion, now edited by Roger Kimball, was founded in 1982 by the art critic Hilton Kramer and the pianist and music critic Samuel Lipman. A monthly review of the arts...

- theotherpages.org

A collection of text and image resources acceessed daily by thousands of users world-wide. The Poetry and Quotations collections have been on-line since January, 1994....

- plagiarist.com

Plagiarist.com: A searchable archive of classic and contemporary poetry, articles about poetry, analysis, and reviews.

- insults.net

insults.net the ultimate insults site. insults,quotes & quotations from insults.net, in lots of catagories, random insult generator and a whole lot more. Say something better...

- artforum.com

The online edition of Artforum International Magazine.

- filmsite.org

An award-winning, unique resource of film reference material for film buffs and others, with reviews of classic American-Hollywood films, Academy Awards history, film posters

- aldaily.com

Philosophy, literature, ideas, criticism, history, art, music from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

- worstpreviews.com

movie previews, movie reviews, upcoming movies, release dates, box office, movie trailers, movie posters, movie photos, movie trivia, movie quizzes

- nthuleen.com

Personal site covering my interests in German literature, teaching German, and other German-related topics.

- architectural-review.com

The Architectural Review is the only global architecture magazine for the 21st century. Be inspired and provoked by incisive critiques and the thinking behind the buildings...

- wikipediocracy.com

A critical review site examining Wikipedia's flaws and follies

- zocalopublicsquare.org

Zócalo Public Square is an Ideas Exchange that blends live events and humanities journalism. We partner with educational, cultural, and philanthropic institutions, as well as...

- integralworld.net

This site, made by Frank Visser, is devoted to the critical discussion of integral philosopher Ken Wilber. With essays, news, criticism, translations, reviews.

- homileticsonline.com

The art of communication through preaching and worship.

- artlex.com

Great reference material in art, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education. Definitions of thousands of terms, illustrations, quotations, and links to other...

- sterow.com

Writing on film, urban planning and other topics by Stephen Rowley

- canlit.ca

Canadian Literature is a quarterly of criticism and review published out of the University of British Columbia. Since 1959, we have been publishing critical articles and book...

- painters-table.com

A Magazine of the Painting Blogosphere: Daily Links to Painting Posts on Painting Blogs, Artist Blogs and Art Websites.

- mlbd.com

Mlbd.com :India's Largest, Biggest & Oldest Indological Books Publisher, Distributor, Bookseller, Exporter & Printer (since 1903). We have a selection of more than 25,000 titles...

- todayintheword.org

The goal of Today in the Word is to point people to the Bible, to study it, and to apply it to their lives. It is available in print, e-mail, and online.

- medialens.org

News analysis and media criticism

- filmcritic.com

An award-winning, unique resource of film reference material for film buffs and others, with reviews of classic American-Hollywood films, Academy Awards history, film posters

- econjournalwatch.org

Econ Journal Watch (EJW) is an online academic journal publishing Comments on economics research, articles appearing in economics journals, and the economics profession. EJW...

- bookcritics.org

The National Book Critics Circle, founded at the Algonquin Round Table in 1974, honors outstanding writing and fosters a national conversation about reading, criticism and...

- musicalcriticism.com

concert and opera reviews, interviews and news

- artsfuse.org

The Arts Fuse is Boston and New England’s destination for quality previews and reviews of dance, film, literature, music, theater and visual arts.

- cynephile.com

Cinema and art reviews

- lizmair.com

Liz Mair is an online communications expert, new media adviser, blogger and columnist, who writes principally about politics, with additional commentary on...

- mp911truth.org

An organization of medical professionals seeking a new, thorough, impartial investigation of 9/11

- lilith-ezine.com

The Lilith Gallery of Toronto, Canada. Art and paintings of Mythological, Fantasy, and feminist icons: Representations of Lilith and the Icons of Feminism; Essays on Philosophy...

- jamesbowman.net

The writings of James Bowman — mainly film reviews from his eleven years as movie critic of The American Spectator and the media columns he writes every month for The New...

- lavalette.com

An independent imprint for photography.

- paintingisdead.com

Painting Is Dead publishes articles, essays, reviews as well as featuring artists and hosting monthly guests.

- patriotsquestion911.com

This website provides responsible criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by senior military, intelligence and government officials. It provides experienced professional...

- artbash.co.nz

Artist and gallery websites, exhibition listings and art forums talking and writing about contemporary art.

- mediamonitors.org

Media Monitors Network (MMN) is a non-profit, non-partial and non-political platform for those serious Media Contributors and Observres who crave to know and like to help to...

- infinitematrix.net

A magazine for people who enjoy science fiction as a literature of ideas. Work by Bruce Sterling,Gene Wolfe,Howard Waldrop,Marc Laidlaw,John Varley,Kathleen Ann Goonan,Pat...

- junjun.com

Junjun.com is an outpost on the perimeter of mainstream thought, providing a safe place to entertain and explore ideas and technologies on the edge of cultural awareness.

- todayintheword.com

The goal of Today in the Word is to point people to the Bible, to study it, and to apply it to their lives. It is available in print, e-mail, and online.

- poploser.org

A newsletter of innumerable confusions.

- womenwriters.net

- portlandart.net

PORT is dedicated to catalyzing critical discussion and disseminating information about art as lensed through Portland, Oregon.

- focbonline.com

Sharing the love of Jesus Christ, one blog at a time.

- inretrospectpodcast.com

Intelligent gaming analysis and discussion on various topics, themes and subjects.

- systemsapproach.net


- shakingthrough.net

Shaking Through.net is your online authority to cultural criticisms. Our crack staff reviews everything from books, movies, music, comics and even offers friendly advice.

- truthaboutib.com

Everything you need to know about IB but were afraid to ask

- econjwatch.org

Econ Journal Watch (EJW) is an online academic journal publishing Comments on economics research, articles appearing in economics journals, and the economics profession. EJW...

- cwila.com

CWILA is an inclusive national literary organization for people who share feminist values and see the importance of gender equity in Canadian literary culture.

- brothersjudd.com

This site contains book reviews and lists of books and authors recommended by the Brothers Judd. Each title is hyper-linked to amazon.com so that you can purchase those books...

- alidaanderson.com

Alida Anderson Art Projects is a Washington, DC area art gallery and special art projects independently owned fine arts gallery

- biblicalperformancecriticism.org

Embracing many critical methods, Biblical Performance Criticism reframes and interprets the biblical materials in light of ancient and contemporary.

- 4tt.org

Free essays,English composition,Classification composition,Free term papers,Essays on literature,Thesis,Dissertations,free essay,Excellent essay,Examples composition,college...

- tonymacklin.net

Tony Macklin is a freelance film critic. A current member of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society, he is a former film and literature professor at the University of Dayton, and...

- mediamonitors.net

Media Monitors Network (MMN) is a non-profit, non-partial and non-political platform for those serious Media Contributors and Observres who crave to know and like to help to...

- filmbrain.com

- botzilla.com

Streetphoto, Conspiracy, Digital. On the Web since 1994

- hermesetas.com

Hermesetas online - The world of sweeteners. Everything that you need to know about sweeteners, what you can cook and bake with sweeteners, as well as information concerning...

- deonandan.com

The homepage of Dr. Raywat Deonandan - epidemiologist, author, rogue and knave

- artsceneak.net

ArtSceneAK reviews Alaskan art and Alaska artists. Artist and critic Donald R Ricker notebook of native, regional, contemporary, paintings, sculpture, architecture, design,...

- biblio-india.org

India's leading literary magazine, it carries essays, satire and review articles by experts on subjects ranging from literature and the social sciences to all fields of...

- culture.vg

Art criticism, art theory, philosophy.

- designschizophrenia.com

- tofilmfest.ca

TOfilmfest.ca 2015 TITLES - 406 films +638 reviews +447 videos +2198 links - TIFF 2015 - 40th Toronto International Film Festival® September 10-20, 2015 - READ advance...

- classicstodayfrance.com

ClassicsTodayFrance.com - L'actualité critique CD, SACD & DVD classique

- brodypaetau.com

Brody & Paetau haunt for grotesque aspects of both the institutionalized art world and the very phenomena of art production itself. Our priorities can be counted on one hand:...

- elizabethkateswitaj.net

website of Elizabeth Kate Switaj—poet, fiction writer, Joycean, pedagogue, and photographer

- chicagofilmcritics.org

The home of the Chicago Film Critics Association. A place to find news and reviews about current films.

- hairyticksofdune.net

This is a Dune website, a fansite dedicated to furthering the appreciation and study of Frank Herbert's Dune. The original Dune is a classic of American science fiction. The new...

- fantasticreviews.com

Book reviews of science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and horror novels, story collections and anthologies. Author interviews

- sofiatopia.org

Studies in philosophy, epistemology, ethics, esthetics, hermeneutics, phenomenology, mysticism, comparative religion, hermetism, the practice of philosophy, philosophy of...

- carl-sandburg.com

Carl Sandburg - Chicago Poems, includes a biography of Carl Sandburg and the poems from his poetry book Chicago Poems

- cpi.co

We help our clients focus their culture and tailor their communication style to support their strategy.

- detroitfilmcritics.com

Film awards, criticism, and discussion from 20 film critics who write or broadcast in and around the Detroit area.

- cometozarahemla.org

Scholarly articles related to the message of The Book of Mormon and evidence of the truth of its claim to be holy scripture.

- coffeeandfingernails.com

- houstonisdwatch.com

Home page of houstonisdwatch. Education website focused on demanding accountability from HISD trustees and superintendent. Advocating for students, teachers and parents against...

- dkozubei.com

Selected writings of David Kozubei. Except that certain pieces aren’t written yet or haven’t been transferred into HTML or perhaps are lost or forgotten.

- dvdlaser.com

Your main source for DVD reviews and Laserdisc reviews, as well as DVD and LD info, commentary, links, and news about DVD-Videos, DVD-ROMs, classic LDs, and even the occasional...

- bookwoman.org

The Web site of Bookwoman.org - Literary and Cinematic Criticism and Reviews

- change-for-good.org

A clinical social work practice with over 40 years experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families. A focus on coaching emotional intelligence shills, using...

- g4t.info

Politics, entertainment, performance philosophy, sound art and more, always new always changing always challenging media art through Baruch Gottlieb

- bootsma-design.com

Catholic architecture rooted in tradition, embracing the principles of Vatican II.

- cineminds.com

rate films

- criticsden.com

Cutting reviews of the best and worst in movies, television, music, and other entertainment.

- gusiev.com

This is personal blog of Bogdan Gusiev: ruby on rails developer, open source contributor

- criticism.com

Criticism.com includes essays, white papers, and book reviews on technology, media theory, media criticism, discourse analysis, philosophy, and linguistics.

- classicalmusicsentinel.com

Comprehensive collection of current Classical Music Reviews, Classical Music Recording Reviews on CD, SACD, DVD and Blu-ray

- hotreview.org

Forum for serious critical writing on theater, past and present with emphasis on New York City. Read and submit reviews, essays, articles, interviews, dialogues, debates.

- epicessay.com

I accidentally mentioned my interest in a specific college, and then submitted to all... is this a fatal mistake? Should I contact each Admissions office and

- crmoon.com

Crescent Moon Publishing publishes arts, humanities, literature, media, poetry, cinema, music, feminism, gender studies, painting, sculpture, cultural studies, fiction,...

- denversfbookclub.com

Information on science fiction and fantasy books and their authors. Cover art, ratings, bibliographies, commentaries. Reading and discussion group.

- g8-tv.org

G8-TV - Information for the Resistance. For all, who cannot be there. For all, whom Mainstream Media doesn't speak to anymore. G8-TV connects video activist groups and...

- chrishofstader.com

Blogs by Chris Hofstader, his friends and their guide dogs.

- dhlawrencereview.org

The D.H. Lawrence Review (established in 1968) is published tri-annually as an international forum for criticism, scholarship, review, and bibliography of the work of British...

- hickenlooper.info

News and Info on John Hickenlooper

- film-makers.com

The ultimate online starting point for film-makers and film lovers. A search engine featuring exclusively movie-related links. Movie makers, film buffs and film students from...