- monoskop.org

Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Art, Media and the Humanities.

- poweralert.co.za

This is the website of the PowerAlert South Africa Service

- rmcybernetics.com

Custom electronics design services, plus a range of high quality electronic products such as Power PWM Circuits, Digital control devices, and high voltage items for engineers...

- quietbabylon.com

Quiet Babylon is about cyborgs & architects. It is written by Tim Maly.

- starshipnivan.com

- egodeath.com

contemporary metaphysics, self-control cybernetics, ego death, Eleusinian mysteries, fatalism, mental models, visionary states, mystic altered state, psychedelic drugs, acid...

- vvvvvv.xxx

Women, the web, and porn

- apolloproductions.com

"Working with Government, Fortune 500 Companies, Education, and Private Parties for Over Two Decades" "Apollo Productions masters, advertises, duplicates and distributes...

- abooth.co.uk

Text and links relating to engineering cybernetics.

- techandsoc.com

Exploring innovative theories and practices that relate technology to society through conferences, journals, and books.

- bleu255.com

Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Art, Media and the Humanities.

- coexploration.org

The College of Exploration is an online and onsite innovative learning organization. We explore the relationships between leaders, leadership, environment, technology, design,...

- anthrobotic.com

The home of Technosnark©®™, Anthrobotic.com discusses the primacy of technology in human society, promotes reasonably optimistic technological utopianism, and advocates a...

- luisguillermo.com

Informoj pri Luis Guillermo RESTREPO RIVAS, persono kun interesoj kaj scioj pri Kibernetiko, Artefarita Intelekto, Inĝenierado pri Scio, Fiziko, Matematiko, Interreta...

- cybsoc.org

Web site of The Cybernetics Society, the UK national learned society and professional body promoting pure and applied cybernetics information archive news events

- bureauofcybersurrealinvestigation.com

Poetic discourse for the fallen persona

- rats.at

Main home page of rats.at - services for human rats

- technopunk.org

technopunk, hangars liquides VR 001

- fennetic.net

Ben Lipkowitz's personal home page.

- fso.com

AMFTRB National Marriage and Family Therapy License Exam Preparation Resources and Practice Exams for the MFT Examination Study Guide LMFT Family Solutions Institute

- dprg.org

Founded in 1984, one of the nation's oldest personal robotics groups. Come join us!

- johnl.org

- isitpossibletoliveforever.com

Is it possible to live forever? Living forever, has already started to occur in a large percentage of the world's population because of the rapidly advancing pace of technology.

- mftlicense.com

AMFTRB National Marriage and Family Therapy License Exam Preparation Resources and Practice Exams for the MFT Examination Study Guide LMFT Family Solutions Institute

- metaphorum.org

Web site of MetaPhorum Group, the International learned society and professional body promoting the pure and applied Management Cybernetics of Stafford Beer

- pentagramresearch.com

International Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics ICSCI-2006 is going to be held at Hyderabad, India, during January 04 - 08, 2006 along with a scientific...

- mathesis-universalis.com

Completing the harmony of creation and discovery...

- paper-dragon.com

net.book for Cyberpunk 2020, includes Javascript Calculators, Tulsa 2020, New Roles & Rule mods, Brigham Arms, Genetic constructs, Edgerunners, cyberpunk software, Fantasyland,...

- robotictechnologyinc.com

Robotic Technology Inc. provides systems and services in the fields of intelligent systems, robotic vehicles (including unmanned ground (UGV), air (UAV), and sea (UUV and USV)...

- robotnor.no

ROBOTNOR is a robotics research centre in Norway comprising students and researchers at NTNU and SINTEF. We specialize in modeling, control, and construction of

- mrisar.com

MRISAR; International Robotic, Science & Custom Interactive Exhibit Sales, Rentals, Media, Event & Educational Services! We design and fabricate innovative, artistic,...

- qhbiocybernetics.com

The therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system. A qualitative leap forward in the understanding of the...

- thedarwinproject.com

The Darwin Project is a global alliance of scientists and educators to shift from

- evolutionaryethics.com

The Evolution of Ethics constructs a conceptual bridge between biology and human behavior. This is accomplished by examining the cultural and biological feedback systems that...

- theoryofreflexivity.org

The multiverse continuously creates and destroys itself and the means to know itself, through optimized reflexive information wave dynamics. These wave dynamics create a medium...

- scalenesouthafrica.com

Scalene South Africa is an associate company of Scalene Cybernetics Limited. Scalene Cybernetics Limited is a research organization involved in cutting edge medical technologies...

- becomebecome.org

A nomadic educational model for syncretism in Art & Science