- informs.org

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

- tribium.com

Tribium DECISIONS is the Decision Support System (DSS) which allows to evaluate multiple alternatives using against hierarchy of multiple objectives with inclusion of user's...

- analyticalq.com

analyticalQ presents a platform for self-expression, a passion for world travel, in pursuit of flexibility

- metasd.com

Tom Fiddaman, Ventana Systems. Research, model library, publications, CV. Many links to climate change, energy, system dynamics modeling, and related topics.

- ca-advisors.com

CA Advisors is an Enterprise Analytics management consulting firm dedicated to providing leading-edge analytical services.

- bayesian-intelligence.com

- appliedecologicalsolutions.com

AES is an environmental consulting company specializing in strategic, scientific, and technical support for environmental issues. AES senior consultants have over thirty years...

- johnkadvany.com

Welcome to John Kadvany’s Home Page

- goldsim.com

GoldSim is the premier Monte Carlo simulation software solution for dynamically modeling complex systems in business, engineering and science.

- iet.com

Quiddity can help any company profit from uncertainty by combining expert knowledge, known information and real time data to quantify the uncertainty associated with virtually...

- incitedecisiontech.com

Incite! Decision Technologies provides technology decision leaders in large to mid-sized companies with deep insight to manage the risks of important technology decisions that...

- oacisresearch.com

OACIS Research specializes in human engineering services that emphasize human factors analyses, user interface design, and product test & evaluation.

- swtechcon.com

Technology consulting company specializing in all types of technological analysis like statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis & reliability analysis. We also offer...

- synergia.com

- shamangene.com

The Shaman Gene Database, Alien Construct Theory, alien contact, & related topics found in science, history, religion, myth, legend & fiction.

- spatialhydrology.com

Your gateway to the world of hydrologic modeling, GIS, GPS and remote sensing.

- mind-x2.com

MindDecider: powerful collaborative and decision making software for project management. Based on AHP and MCDA principles, MindDecider is effectively used for decision making...