- valuehost.co.uk

is a leading provider of web hosting based in Silicon Valley California. Unlimited web space, PHP, Python, RoR, MySQL and PgSQL. Anytime money back hosting. Our web hosting...

- hackerearth.com

HackerEarth is a network of top developers across the world. Developers participate in online coding challenges and hackathons, solve problems and discover the best jobs.

- valuehost.ru

is a leading provider of web hosting based in Silicon Valley California. Unlimited web space, PHP, Python, RoR, MySQL and PgSQL. Anytime money back hosting. Our web hosting...

- weeppp.com

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- koding.io

Koding is a cloud-based development environment complete with free VMs, IDE & sudo enabled terminal where you can learn Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C, C++, Perl, Python, etc.

- djangogirls.org

Django Girls is a one-day workshop about programming in Python and Django for women.

- fullspace.ru

???????-????????? FullSpace — ??????? PHP 5.5, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.3, Python, ??????????? ???????.

- revsys.com

Revolution Systems is a leader in Open Source consulting and support. Specializing in infrastructure scaling, development, and training using Django, Python, and PostgreSQL.

- djbook.ru

- emoticode.net

EmotiCODE is a code snippet search engine but mostly a place where developers can find help for what they need and contribute with their own contents.

- revolunet.com

Custom Web applications for desktop and mobile

- oddbird.net

Custom-built web tools for humans

- kutu.ru

??????? ?????? - AS3 ???????????, ???? ? ???????, ??????.

- westernmovies.fr

Le site-forum sur les films westerns. Western Movies : plus de 2000 critiques de films, des bios d�artistes, critiques de DVD/Blu-Ray, jeux, ... Des classiques, séries B,...

- godjango.com

Learn something new about Django you didn't know before with short easy to understand screencasts and tutorials.

- ziqiangxuetang.com

????????????IT????, ?????????????????????HTML,JS,Bootstrap,Python,Django????????????????????????????

- rk.edu.pl

Biblioteka Riklaunima - programowanie, astronomia, gry cRPG

- adw0rd.com

???????????? ???? ??????? ???????? ? FreeBSD, Linux, Nginx, ???????????????? ?? Python, Django, Flask, Erlang, PHP, JavaScript. ? MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB ?...

- qttc.net


- codeweblog.com

Java, Ruby, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Freebsd, Unix ...

- minetrack.net

Minetrack is the best Minecraft server list for all minecraft servers. Server owners are able to post their servers to advertise them.

- peugeot-scooters.de

Herzlich Willkommen auf der offiziellen Webseite von Peugeot Scooters Deutschland!

- simeonfranklin.com

Simeon Franklin - Web Developer

- getlfs.com

The online shop for search engines, which appreciate speed.

- isotoma.com

Isotoma are software developers. We design. We integrate. We solve problems. We build products. We specialise in: Product design; Software development; Mobile and web applications;

- peugeot-scooter.de

Herzlich Willkommen auf der offiziellen Webseite von Peugeot Scooters Deutschland!

- django-china.cn


- yihaomen.com


- mattsnider.com

mattsnider.com - Web Application Development, Design and Consulting Services By Matt Snider

- gc.blog.br

Blog sobre desenvolvimento de software e tecnologia em geral. Textos sobre linguagens de programação, testes e qualidade de software, metodologias ágeis, Java, Ruby on Rails...

- apprendre-python.com

Python Django Raspberry Pi apprendre langage de programmation - Cours tutorial exercices tutoriels pour débutants et programmeurs confirmés - doc documentation python en...

- djangojobs.net

Django Jobs is the best python job board to hire Python programmers.Find & Search Freelance, Fulltime, Parttime Senior Python Developer Jobs.

- akronyms.net

New York Based Web & Mobile Application Development Shop

- securitycompass.com

- panopticdev.com

A software engineering agency building world-class web and mobile applications.

- glaucocustodio.com

Web Developer, lover of knowlegde, web and code. Ruby on Rails, Django and CakePHP developer

- toomuchdata.com

My collection of tricks & tips, thoughts & ideas and a few public projects.

- web-mode.org

web-mode.el is an emacs major mode for editing web templates. web-mode.el can edit html documents that embed server blocks (PHP / JSP / Twig / Django / erb / selmer) and client...

- grappelliproject.com

Grappelli Admin Interface

- karenmenezes.com

Karen Menezes is a front end freelance web developer specialising in responsive layouts, web applications and websites

- django.es

Django Web Framework en Python. Comunidad española de Django.

- pythoner.com


48. Python
- pep8.ru

?????????? python-?????????????: ?????, ?????, ??????, ????????? ?????????, ?????, ??????.

- djangogigs.com

Find Django and Python permanent, contract and freelance jobs. List yourself as a Django or Python developer so employers can contact you.

- spb-tut.ru

???????? ????? ?? ?????????? Django, ????? ???????? ?? ????? ? ??????? ??????. ?????? ???????? ???? ? ??????????.

- tdd-django-tutorial.com

Blog accompanying my test-driven Django (with Selenium) tutorial;

- unomena.net

Unomena, South Africa Python Web Development specialists, are based in Cape Town, and collectively have more than 25 years of web development experience.

- vitorfs.com

Systems Analyst, Web Developer, living in Brazil, Juiz de Fora. Currently student of M.Sc. in Software Engineering.

- markupboy.com

Markupboy.com is written and produced by Blake Walters — Interactive developer, markup nerd and standardista hailing from a time when the font tag was acceptable.

- aptivate.org

A digital agency for International development. Our Agile teams craft usable, open source, low bandwidth websites and data driven applications

- miss-ok.ru

is a leading provider of web hosting based in Silicon Valley California. Unlimited web space, PHP, Python, RoR, MySQL and PgSQL. Anytime money back hosting. Our web hosting...

- omgmog.net

Max Glenister is a front-end developer from Oxford

- dvebukvy.ru

??????-???? «??? ?????»: ???????? ?????????????? ??????, ???????? ? ???????? ?? Python/Django.

- djangostars.com

Django Stars is a full-service software development company that creates high-value web and mobile apps, using agile methodology and cutting-edge technologies

- coex.cz

Innovative products and services in digital space

- feinheit.ch

FEINHEIT deckt Ihre Bedürfnisse in der digitalen Kommunikation ab: Webseiten, Online Marketing und Campaigning. FEINHEIT kennt sich aus bei Ads, Social Media...

- okpython.com

python,python??,django,python????,python in china

- naeka.fr

Naeka is a creative web agency based in Grenoble and Lyon, Rhône-Alpes that specializes in the development of complete websites (in Python, Django, Emberjs and AngularJS), in...

- webriders.com.ua

We are offering professional Django outsourcing and website development. If you want stunning, amazing, gorgeous Django/Web project - call WebRiders (it's us). We bring profit,...

- marcarea.com

Marc Hertzog, développeur web freelance - Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Solide expertise du développement web front-end et back-end.

- 0x55aa.com

0X55AA???,??????Django,erlang,Golang,Python,common lisp???????????????? ??????????0x55aa??????

- darkserver.it

WWW Hosting including PHP and Django pages

- dongwm.com

douban dongweiming site

- joep-i.nl

Zoekt u een zelfstandige, professionele, internet programmeur met jarenlange ervaring? Zoek niet verder, neem nu contact op!

- 3atmospheres.com

We are a small and creative web development shop with a passion for building exceptional websites.

- raisedmedia.com

Brave New World is an innovative solution provider with big ideas and passionate people. We have had the good fortune of working for some of the largest and most exciting...

- djangogenerator.com

Generate quiclky and efficiently a quick squeleto of your django project.

- coex-webdesign.com

Innovative products and services in digital space

- orangleliu.info

Here is orangleliu(@orangleliu) life and work records

- theoldceremony.com

North Carolina's The Old Ceremony play it like they hear it.

- dirk.sh

DIrk Ye's Blog, all about a son of the soil with idealism

- sepehr.ws

Sepehr Lajevardi is an independent software architect and developer based in Tehran, Iran. He's specialized in PHP and Python while loving FOSS and deeply diggin' in Drupal.

- akei.com

Akei accompagne vos projets Web au travers son offre de conseil, de formation et de développement.

- komasoftware.com

Profesjonalne strony internetowe, aplikacje internetowe, portale, systemy dedykowane - tel. 533 525 717

- bookshadow.com


- tipit.net

Tipit is a professional web design and development services - design build for the web - custom web applications and custom mobile applications. We specialize in C# .net, Ruby,...

83. ??????
- unjeep.com

- auto398.com


- djangoradio.com

Interviews d'artistes faites par Django

- besttome.com

????????????IT????, ?????????????????????HTML,JS,Bootstrap,Python,Django????????????????????????????

- hexack.fr

Yes IT can! Inception, conception, implementation in (Geographical) Information System, Operational Development and PostgreSQL fields.

- boutondor.com

Bouton d'Or est une boutique en ligne qui présente nos modèles à tricoter Femme, Enfant, Layette et Homme ainsi que tous nos catalogues.

- kussatz.com

Kussatz.com: Tilo Kussatz - Web, application, and database development, design, and administration. Contact Tilo via email.

- kvmapp.com


- roam.be

Roam is a webdesign and development business operated by Kevin Wetzels. The office is located in Tongeren, Belgium.

- dannya.org

The best Danny Allen.

- about-django.com

Présentation du plus grand guitariste du XXe siècle

- anwajler.com

strona domowa ?ukasza Anwajlera

- appenlight.com

App Enlight provides a helpful interface to let you and your team save time spent on debugging and reproducing issues from a production environment.

- tutos-django.com

Derniers articles

- 8bitspell.com


- alvarofeito.com

Personal homepage of Alvaro Feito Boirac, including some physics, quantum information, quantum optics, code, bitcoins, an other stuff

- gmc.uy

I'm just another nerd looking for interesting stuff to waste my time (and money) doing what I love

- epyk.fr

Développement d'application web Python / Django. Contact : 09 72 11 50 54 - [email protected]