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Graham Hancock Official site - Science & Archaeology News - Forum Discussion

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Akashic records wisdom at soul Realignment. In this time of rapidly evolving consciousness, spiritual resources such as the Akashic Records provide guidance

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Marijah McCain's Herbal Healer Academy offers alternative natural medicine, herbs, homeopathics, tinctures, health books, essential oils, soap kits, hair analysis, ND...

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Information about Arcturians, Reptilians, Grey Aliens, Pleiadians, Ancient Aliens, and Edgar Cayce. Better Understand Arcturians, Reptilians, Pleiadians, Grey Aliens, and the...

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Ascension is a process of individual and collective transformation, self-healing and raising our consciousness and vibration by feeling through the heart in grace and surrender...

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Enhance your 12 Step program by using your dreams to help connect you with your higher self.

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122112.com delivers the latest breaking news, video, events and information related to the coming 2012 end time predictions, prophases and disasters.

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LizBeth Suter, MA, Clairvoyant psychic medium readings, Albany NY, uplifting,certified,accurate,specific, animal communication, crystal clear Direct Voice...

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A.R.E Charlottesville, VA

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Edgar Cayce, hatte die Gabe, sich selbst in eine Trance zu versetzen. Viele Infos über den Seher und Mystiker, sein Leben und sein Werk.

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Edgar Cayce personal research site providing information, articles, current news and readings.

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15-60% discount -- BenSalem Naturals is your one source for top quality supplements, vitamins, herbs, and other natural products

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Baar Electrified Nascent Atomic Iodine as Mentioned in The Edgar Cayce Readings

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Library housing over 75,000 volumes on spiritual & personal growth, holistic health, ancient civilizations, philosophy, metaphysics, religion and many other topics.

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The Nazarenes of Mount Carmel is an esoteric spiritual Order which fully embraces the deeper levels of the ancient Nazorean 'Way' of Jesus the Christ. We are a modern...

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Lose weight and gain health for life by following the five principles of healthy eating based on the Edgar Cayce diet.

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Cayce Concepts provides a holistic line of products supported by the teachings of Edgar Cayce.

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Edgar Cayce Canada, Membership, Study Groups, CFC- Canadian Fellowship Conference- Magazine, Prayer, Meditation, Astrology & Numerology Reports

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center is a non-profit org based in New York, which runs events, workshops, groups and a book store on spiritual growth, health, Edgar Cayce...

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Vistors' Lobby to The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

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Don Mannarino is a Dynamic, Versatile, and Passionate Motivational Hypnotist. Academically and Clinically Trained since 1978 to Conduct Positive, Popular and Successful...

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Steve Spur is a Psychic Medium in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas who gives people readings from loved ones and friends who have crossed over. 'There is no death, only a change of...

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Glyco-Thymoline, Original, Natural Mouthwash and Gargle

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The Hickman Healing Foundation is searching for and finding answers.

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Guru6 Self-Empowering Scientific and Spiritual Discoveries, 2012, affirmations, after death, ahm, astro travel, binural beats, Buddha, chakra, Christ, consciousness, Divine,...

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A spiritual, metaphysical, interfaith church in Virginia Beach. All are welcome!

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News, information, and consumer protection for spiritual seekers all over the world who are seeking to unravel the fundamental mysteries of life.

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Meridian Institute conducts research on the Edgar Cayce health information and other systems of healing including osteopathy, herbal medicine, energy medicine, mind-body...

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NATIVE AMERICAN prophecy, art, tribes, history, music, religion, myth, legend, lore, spirituality, and much more...

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We specialize in wholistic health care products and services, vitamins, minerals, herbs, glandulars, and a wide variety of products recommended through the Edgar Cayce readings.

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A natural alternative path to well being including healthier body, mind, and spirit. Organic Detoxified Iodine, Karma Cleanse, and Castor Oil are made using Edgar Cayce formulas...

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Santa Rosa Acupuncture, Nini Guerard, Windsor Acupunture, Sebastopol Acupunture

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Intuitive Insights with Vessa Rinehart-Phillips - Intuitive Insights School of Clairvoyance

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Past Life Regression locations include Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Life Between Lives, Reincarnation, Spiritual Journey

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Reverend Patty Pipia, is an inspirational speaker, a caring and loving mentor, she not only teaches the Universal Laws, but lives by them. She is an energy healer of mind, heart...

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Dr Hook Featuring Ray Sawyer

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Paraview offers books, eBooks, articles and streaming video, and print on demand.

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UnBreak Your Health is the map to the world of complementary and alternative therapies with processes from Acupuncture to Zen Bodytherapy, devices from the old Edgar Cayce...

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Secrets of Ancient Prophecies Revealed. Lost Prophets, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Book of Revelation, Rapture, Apocalypse, Secrets of Fatima, 2012

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Paranormal phenomena, Lost civilization, Mysterious Creatures, Earth Mysteries, you'll find it all here

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Santa Rosa Acupuncture, Nini Guerard, Windsor Acupunture, Sebastopol Acupunture