- bonkenc.org

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper/audio CD grabber with support for various popular formats and encoders. It currently converts between MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg...

- x264.nl

x264, the best H.264/AVC encoder

- audiograbber.de

Audiograbber.de - die deutsche Community des beliebten CD-MP3-Programms

- fairstars.com

audio recorder,audio converter, free cd ripper and ID tag editor software, offers professional features with WAV, RM, RA, RMJ, RAM, RMJ, RMVB, AC3, DTS, AIF, AIFF, AIFC, AU,...

- mp3machine.com

Your MP3 software download site with a huge collection of hundreds of MP3 software programs listed.

- hoseotel.co.kr

Castwin : ijݺƮ)© 'Digital Creator'

- videolan.org

VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!

- qrstuff.com

Free QR code generator and QR code online creator. Create QR codes ready to download and print. Create a mobile phone or tablet readable 2D barcode QR code for a website URL,...

- ioncube.com

Secure and license PHP scripts with the new ionCube PHP Encoder 9. Encrypt and protect files with PHP encoding, encryption, obfuscation and licensing capabilities.

- arcadecontrols.com

Build or buy real arcade controls for your PC or use Nintendo, Atari, Sega, & other controllers! Instructions/downloads. 70+ examples! Message board!

- grassvalley.jp

世界で活躍する放送・映像関連機器の総合メーカー Grass Valley.,世界で活躍する放送・映像関連機器の総合メーカー Grass Valley

- streamago.tv

Streamera is the free live broadcasting platform used to create your own web-tv and broadcast your events in live streaming. You can also upload your videos, create your...

- societyofrobots.com

Build a Robot for Free!

- txtn.us

Unicode text tools for generating portable effects like anti-surveillance, reversing words, flipping text, mirror words, reducing text, and text shrinking. A secret...

- guiadocftv.com.br

O Guia do CFTV é um portal destinado ao projeto, treinamento, orientação, informação e desenvolvimento de sistemas de Circuito Fechado de Televisão, CFTV IP, Alarme,...

- freac.org

fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper/audio CD grabber with support for various popular formats and encoders. It currently converts between MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg...

- pewatron.com

PEWATRON ist der Spezialist für physikalische Sensoren, geometrische Sensoren, Stromversorgungen und E-Komponenten und bietet kundenspezifische Lösungen an.

- csem.ch

CSEM, founded in 1984, is a private applied research and development center specializing in micro and nanotechnology, nanomedicine, robotics and packaging, systems engineering,...

- sound-recorder.biz

Cool Record Edit Pro - Record and Edit Audio Files

- tmpgenc.net


21. mpv.io
- mpv.io

a free, open source, and cross-platform media player

- elecard.com

HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2 software Codecs and SDKs for x.86 and ARM platforms. MPEG Player, StreamEye Studio, CodecWorks free trials, freeware.

- mayhewlabs.com

Products We make products that simplify electronics. 3D Gerber Viewer See what your PCB design will look like. Support Collaborate with other

- moztool.com

Online tools for programmer, SEO, server and designer. Our available tools are md5 hash, json encoder/decoder, Url encoder/decoder, base32 encoder/decoder, base64...

- addressmunger.com

Email Address Munger/Email Address Encoder/Email Address Obfuscator - Easy to use address munging tool to hide your webpage email address from spam bots - ASCII and JavaScript...

- forum-windows.com

Le Forum de discussion Microsoft Windows : Seven (Windows 7) - Eight (Windows 8) - Vista - XP - Média Center 2004, 2005 - Server 2003 Server 2008 - 2000 - NT - ME - 98 - 95...

- tojeono.cz

Webhosting pro profesionály - Webhosting, který nabízí: antivir, antispam, nástroje pro SEO (mod_rewrite, mod_alias), šifrované přenosy, Zend Encoder, Optimizer,...

- mayah.com

MAYAH is a development and sales organization for high quality broadcast and telecommunication products, such as Audio and Audio-Video Codecs, Encoders, Decoders.

- usdigital.com

US Digital designs and manufactures optical encoders, inclinometers & motion control components. Our complete product line includes either absolute or incremental optical...

- posital.com

The product portfolio of POSITAL includes incremental rotary encoder, absolute encoder, inclinometer and linear sensors with integrated interfaces

- lcdracks.com

Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LCD racks and monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, and news professionals worldwide.

- blk.gr

BLK Audiovisual LTD - Professional & TV Equipment - Cameras - Videos - Recorders

- insightu.org

How to define, design and implement bar code, rfid, in warehouse management, inventory management software providing supply chain visibility and inventory control.

- szectech.com

Leading Chinese manufacturer for Streaming IPTV Set Top Box and OTT solution provider including encoder, server,drm,billing,EPG and lastest advanced iptv box,made by dual...

- nanowave.com

An MIT startup, Nanowave offers SPPE (Scanning Probe Position Encoder) technology for picometer-order (subnanometer) resolution over ranges greater than 2.4 mm. NanoWave also...

- bestdownload.com

The place where you can get all the best programs, games, mp3, and emulator that is available on the net. All together in one place and listed comprehensively so that you will...

- dailymp3.com

MP3 Software for Music Audio, Freeware and Shareware programs for Windows, Macintosh, DOS, BeOS, Palm OS, and Linux/UNIX. Direct Download to MP3 Players, Encoders, Decoders,...

- animatics.com

Animatics is the leader in integrated motion control with highly innovative solution. The award winning SmartMotor is a complete, compact and user friendly motion control system...

- binary-technologies.com

NexgenIPL - Next Generation Image Processing Library

- alliedmotion.com

Serving the motion control needs of the aerospace and defense, vehicle, and medical markets with brushless motors, torque motors, DC motors, encoders and drives.

- transteluniversal.co.id

transtel universal is company specializes in satellite and wireless telecommunication equipment, which emphasis on Transmission equipment

- a-aelectric.com

AA Electric offers control relays, automation, relays, timers, counters, switches, drives, photoelectric and proximity sensors and other assorted Industrial Products

- bilgiyeri.com

- 3mhis.com

3M Health Information System - industry leading advanced software tools and services for your healthcare organization

- benezan-electronics.de

Industrielle Steuerungen für Servos und Schrittmotoren für CNC Anwendungen, Retro-fit, mit eigener Software oder Verwendung mit LinuxCNC oder MACH

- caspam.org

Encrypter et encodez vos adresses email sur votre site web pour lutter contre le spam et protéger vos emails

- bitjazz.com

The worldwide leader in real-time nondestructive image compression & conversion technologies

- buildahomearcade.com

Learn how to build and/or buy real arcade controls for your PC or construct your very own arcade cabinet! Free complete guide, with plenty of resources and pictures!

- codec.kiev.ua

Freeware Video CODECs

- contec.net.pl

Contec – dystrybutor czujników zbliżeniowych i elementów bezpieczeństwa maszyn.

- cole-switches.com

For Thirty-Seven Years the Industry Leader in Customized Rotary Switch Mechanisms for Virtually All Commercial, Aerospace, and Military Applications.

- cnc-encoders.com

CNC-ENCODERS - We repair and sell a wide variety of industrial feedback devices including encoders, sensors, tachogenerators and resolvers

- dcs-help.com

Windows Media Encoder 9 Series FAQ

- dynomotion.com

Manufacturer of premium motion control products for CNC Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation

- clarisoft.com.au


- cncindonesia.com


- csldirect.com

Control System Laboratories(www.csldirect.com) is industrial electronic repair service,Control System Laboratories is known for their quality control repair,Athena,Barber...

- hitech-lamongan.com

Pemancar FM UHF TV Komunitas Murah

- emac-online.com

electric motors, generators and components, flameproof motors, ex motors, forced ventilation units, encoders, centrifugal fans

- encodergeek.com

Encoder, DC Motor, Amplifier, Controller, Micro, Inexpensive, Hobby, Hobbyist, Encoder, Encoder, Robotics, Robot, Quadrature, 2 phase, Incremental, Inexpensive, Hobby, Hobbyist,...

- controlsciences.com

Control Sciences manufactures a comprehensive line of Synchro and Resolver Conversion Products

- hohner.com

Optical Encoders for Hazardous Areas and Systems for Oil drilling applications and mud logging

- coolrecordedit.com

Cool Record Edit Pro - Record and Edit Audio Files

- tranzistor.ba

tranzistor.ba - Making Twice The Noise - bosanski media portal Windows Media Radio Streaming

- jrok.com

JROK's arcade game web pages, RGB encoders, free games, emulators and schematics

- matters.pro

Specialized in JPEG 2000 encoding and decoding, Image Matters offers a series of hardware acceleration boards to speed-up JPEG2000 system design and market adoption. These...

- fitavatrading.com

Forniture industriali per il processo e componenti per l'automazione.

- fsip.biz

FSIP Remanufactures Electric Motor Controls for Forklifts, Golf Cars, Scrubber-Sweepers and many other platforms. FSIP is the Exclusive Manufacturer of GE electric vehicle...

- mda-telescoop.com

1 arc-second (pv) tracking ability with your existing mount without using conventional auto-guider or PEC software!!! TELESCOPE DRIVE MASTER (TDM)

72. jpl995
- jpl995.com

pll,frequency counter,fm transmitter,am,fm,vhf,uhf,roger beep,dds,pic,transmitter, linear amplifier,rf,divider,coupler,splitter,stereo,encoder,generator,dummy...

- lctutorial.com

Lc tutorial es una página dedicada a los tutoriales de Diseño gráfico, Web y Edición y Posproducción de vídeo del mundo Adobe.

- machinemate.com

Low-Cost High-Performance Open PC-Based CNC Controls and Solutions

- mp3prozone.com

mp3PRO, the next generation version of the world's most popular audio compression format: information and free download availability of demo software player/encoder.

- iffmpeg.com

iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to...

- livebeats.com

Livebeats is your virtual stage. With Livebeats the world cannot only hear your sound, it can see you in action, wherever you perform.

- kmmp-usa.com

electric motors, generators and components, flameproof motors, ex motors, forced ventilation units, encoders, centrifugal fans

- npnmuhendislik.com.tr


- nadaav.com

Nadaav Soudry, London's most exciting film making talent. Nadaav is a director, writer and producer of TV documentaries, commercials, brand films, corporate video, drama and...

- northernlightsavionics.com

Northern Lights Avionics is a full service avionics facility with sales, installation and repair capabilities of most major Avionics MFG's. We have completed many projects using...

- mirtestelektronik.com

Endüstriyel Elektronik ve Mühendislik Hizmetleri Elektronik Cihaz ve Kart Tamiri

- pimicos.com

Founded in 1990, miCos GmbH specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ultra-high precision positioning components and systems for research and industry. We...

- kindzadza.net

KinDzaDza - It is Other!

- pc-codecs.com

Обзоры программного обеспечения для аудио и видео кодирования, видео кодеки, аудио кодеки, audio...

- elecard.ru

HEVC, AVC, MPEG-2 software Codecs and SDKs for x.86 and ARM platforms. MPEG Player, StreamEye Studio, CodecWorks free trials, freeware.

- midiboutique.com

Here you can find various whatever-to-MIDI and MIDI-to-whatever interfaces.

- naondadapalavra.com.br

A Alphanet é especializado em Streaming Com Auto-DJ, Rádios e TV Online, Hospedagem.

90. myQtag
- myqtag.com

Free QR code generator and QR code online creator. Create QR codes ready to print, email or to add to a t-shirt. Create a cell phone or mobile phone readable 2D barcode...

- mil-media.com

Millennia ~ Fine Audio Recording Products. For posterity; as great art. Arguably the finest music ever written; the Brandenburgs, Beethoven's major works, the 20th century...

- radiomanavionics.com

Radioman avionics designs and manufactures unique and affordable avionics test equipment, as well as selling recycled certified avionics

- pavilion-health.com

An Australian registered proprietary limited company focused on providing services and tools for clinicians, administrators and policy makers to drive and achieve improved...

- radiocube.com

Radiocube Software and StreamCube LAN / IP Audio Codec Encoder / Decoder for: Internet Radio Automation, AM/FM Radio Automation, DJs, Home Users (MP3 Player user), Clubs,...

- paulandsabrinasevstuff.com

Paul & Sabrina's EV Stuff! has always strived to offer trustworthy Electric Vehicle products for your EV projects. Rather we are offering a power, encoder, or driver board or a...

- streamcast.it

Hardware e software per acquisizione video e streaming video. STB per IPTV, video encoder e editing video. Streaming in mobilità. 4k, HDMI, SDI

- nubotics.com

The WW-11 and WW-12 WheelWatcher Encoders, the ME-110 and ME-210 Unicoder Encoders, and the WC-132 WheelCommander Differential Drive Controller enable robot builders to...

- visualproductions.nl

Visual Productions provides software and hardware technology for the entertainment and architectural lighting industries. Download Cuelux & CueluxPro for free.

- soundexpert.org

Listening tests and audio quality ratings of aac vs. mp3 vs. wma vs. ogg encoders, DSP and portable players.

- anadigics.com

ANADIGICS Inc. - pioneers in the cost-effective manufacturing of GaAs ICs for consumer-oriented electronics and telecommunications applications