- monoskop.org

Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Art, Media and the Humanities.

- spectacletheater.com

Spectacle is a community screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, established and staffed entirely by volunteers. Our programming encompasses overlooked

- superhappyfunland.com

The Land of Super Happy Fun is the place in Houston for experimental electronic music, improv jazz, and underground art. Also available for fundraisers and private parties.

- hi-beam.net

Underground and experimental film & video artists, art, resources and shows

- robertseidel.com

www.robertseidel.com - Robert Seidel is a Berlin based artist, working in the field of experimental film, facade projection and video installation.

- thestargazer.tv

On our TV channel, you find videos from and about emerging and established talent in music, film, and art. In particular in post-rock, instrumental rock, shoegaze, post-metal,...

- wraughk.com

Robin Arnott, Sound Designer

- shihokano.info


- organfailure.org

Organ Failure is the house band of Super Happy Fun Land, Houston's venue for underground jazz, experimental music, and outsider art. Expect cute, catchy and quirky rock songs...

- thevillains.org

A generative film that surveys the New Media and Political landscapes we live in.

- 2minds.de

www.robertseidel.com - Robert Seidel is a Berlin based artist, working in the field of experimental film, facade projection and video installation.

12. 700IS
- 700.is

700IS Reindeerland is an experimental art festival, taking place in Iceland that has been running from 2006 to the present day, it foucuses on video art, sound art and...

- 3toed.com

3toed is design+film+sound+inisght+me+you.

- 3020lagunafilm.com

Filmed in a site­specific installation, 3020 Laguna St. In Exitum is a short film that explores the art created in a home scheduled for demolition.

- bleu255.com

Wiki for Collaborative Studies of Art, Media and the Humanities.

- brokenthumbs.org

Dan Chan is currently working as the lead QA engineer at Behance. In his spare time, he creates short films and captures photography of the environment around his life. If...

- bdom.com

Experimental filmmaker and video artist Bill Domonkos

- escapefromhollywood.com

One-stop cinema news, reviews and commentary for discerning international, independent, art, cult and experimental film geeks worldwide.

- clubmidnight.net

Club Midnight - New cinema by Amy Greenfield

- davidpalazon.com

The Boneca de Ataúro (Ataúro's Doll, in Portuguese language) is a project based in Ataúro island, 25km off the capital of Timor-Leste. It is one of those

- dimeshow.com

Ben Russell is an artist and curator whose films, installations, and performances foster a deep engagement with the history and semiotics of the moving image.

- circuit.org.nz

CIRCUIT is a New Zealand-based distributor of artist moving image works. CIRCUIT promotes its collection through online video streaming, and is a forum for discussion of...

- eclecticfilms.com

Wales, UK, based film production company

- emilybailey.co.uk

Experimental filmmaker and audio-visualist, Emily Bailey creates mind-bending animations and abstract video designs for live events.

- elisebonato.com

?A multidisciplinary emerging visual artist from Adelaide, Australia, Elise Bonato is a practitioner of the visual-aural arcane. Her predominantly experimental and...

- handcrankedproductions.com

Handcranked is known for visually rich, highly textured and designed projects, mixing & melding techniques such as stop-motion animation, affected live action, miniature sets,...

- ewatrebacz.com

Artist's Website, electroacoustic and instrumental music, contemporary music, experimental video, sound spatialization, list of works, artist's biography

- laterallycreative.com

African, women, writers, stories, books, writing, film, theatre, poetry films, collaborations with Laterally Creative

- jeremyrendina.com

Jeremy Rendina

- jessemalmed.net


- pierreyvesclouin.fr

Video artist Pierre Yves Clouin: his video works and documentation, as well as his earlier paintings, drawings, and photography.

- maryaddisonhackett.com

Mary Addison HACKETT. Visual artist.

- lakeivan.org

Since 1982, Lake Ivan Performance Group has presented their experimental video and improvised theater works in video and performance venues throughout the country.

- punk-monk.com

PUNK MONK PROPAGANDA is an independent lab where transmedia punk monk alchemists collectively use whichever magic or medium best fits to share stories beyond the matmos.

- pprendergast.com

Paul Prendergast Contemporary Media Producer and Filmmaker

- mistmovingimage.com

MIST is about projecting alternative moving image in alternative places, and in alternative ways. Its mission is the challenge of providing new immersive experiences for...

- punwar.co

Nathan Punwar... Collected films, projects, visual works.

- vaporslave.com

Game and Environment Art portfolio of T.A. Wilson, with exegesis and numerous visual samples.

- subrealic.net

webpage and workshow of Matthias Fritsch

- sust-enable.com

A film media experiment opening conversations about the meaning of sustainability.

- theunforeseenfilm.com

Two Birds Film is a film production company

- voytek.pl

Wojciech Bruszewski - 50 art works - 1968/2001

- stuartcroft.com

Stuart Croft is a London-based artist / filmmaker.

- experimentalspace.org

Le film experimental Of the North de Dominic Gagnon

- janpeeters.info

Jan Peeters's portfolio site with artwork and experimental films