- fgl.com

FGL has industry leading distribution & monetization services for Android, iOS, Unity, Flash and HTML5 games

- scssoft.com

SCS Software - independent game developer; creators of truck simulations and truck games in the 18 Wheels of Steel series: Extreme Trucker, American Long Haul, Haulin, Convoy,...

- develop-online.net

Develop delivers priceless business information to the global game development industry

- funcom.com

Funcom is a world leading independent developer and publisher of computer and console games with a focus on Action Adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG).

- drakkashi.com

My haven on the internet for hosting and sharing my projects.

- sofstudios.com

SOF Studios is an indie game developer for PC and PS4. Our colleagues include former special operations forces (sof) members. We will unify AAA game design, art direction, and...

- blitwise.com

Writing games that are good clean fun... high quality, family approved games that you won't be afraid to show to your non-computer...

- 80.lv

80lvl - is the best source of valuable information about the gaming industry and its recent trends

- games-career.com

Find your new games industry job on Games-Career.com. Exciting career opportunities in the computer and video games sector, and job requests posted free of charge!

- fishingcactus.com

If a game project seems too spiny, you probably hit the wrong cactus. Fishing Cactus is your one stop shop for any gaming needs. 30 years of experience and a certain taste for...

- haogamers.com

The ultimate gaming website dedicated to covering video games and gaming culture in Asia.

- gamepromoter.biz

GAME PROMOTER™ is the #1 choice to indie game developers just like YOU!

- italicpig.com

Italic Pig is a collective cloud of clever, talented and hilarious people loosely based in the UK and Ireland. We live, work and eat by the phrase:

- mobile-career.com

Jetzt auf Mobile-Career.com deinen neuen Job in der Mobile-Branche finden. Jobgesuche können kostenlos veröffentlicht werden.

- develop100.com

A ranking of the UK's most successful game developers

- ubbcn.com


- benjaminrivers.com

Benjamin Rivers designs games, writes and illustrates graphic novels, and teaches at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.

- wicked-witch.com.au

Creating engaging experiences that embrace and contribute to the science and art of digital games. Warhammer: Snotling Fling out now for iOS and Android

- velocitygame.co.uk

Velocity 2X is the sci-fi platformer and shoot 'em-up in one adventure!

- deve1op.net

Develop delivers priceless business information to the global game development industry

- abyss-lights.com

Abyss Lights Studio is a leading video games and 3D graphics production company from Kiev, Ukraine

- aquimo.com

Official site. Android and iPhone mobile game development using motion sensor technology of the phone to play golf, basketball and many upcoming games.

- bigfun.net

Big Fun - Terrific Games and other Creative Technology for Everyone.

- battleforgea.us

Battle for Gea is an online collectible trading card game playable using any browser. In Battle for Gea is not only a question of decks but also skills in fact players are...

- beimers.com

If you're looking for Kevin Beimers, you found him.

- toxingames.com

An indie game developer who creates entertainment containing heart pounding action, bone chilling horror, and mind consuming puzzles.

- arcticarcade.net

Arctic Arcade - Indie game developers making the coolest games. Flash and HTML5 Game licensing available. Yup, we're pretty awesome.

- qajoo.com

Qajoo Creative Studio. At Qajoo, we have the idealism to make a masterpiece on every single thing we produce. We create a new generation of design, game and animation with fresh...

- benve.org

Sviluppo di videogiochi, programmazione grafica 3D e simulazione fisica in tempo reale. Download di software per l'ingegneria e la programmazione.

- chooparrproductions.com

Choo Parr Productions is an independent game development company.

- hookedmediagroup.com

Hooked Media Group helps players find the best Android apps & games with our free personalized recommendations app, and we help developers monetize apps & games and get more...

- brainandbrain.co

We're David & Brooke Condolora: independent game developers, quiet adventurers.

- mouseegames.com

Mousee Games is a start-up, the main business of which will be the development and publishing of online and mobile games

- codinsoft.de

CodinSoft: Independent Game Development

- corymartin.net

The games and music of Cory Martin.

- catpixels.com

Don't believe I can do all that and more? Then why don't you take a visit to check it out? ;)

- dguk.net

Devine Games are independant agile game developers creating games for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices

- cruzdanilo.com

cruzdanilo portfolio Danilo Neves Cruz Game and Interactive Content Developer

- fragileearthstudios.com

- gamedesignschools.com

Go to the best video game design schools and colleges. Includes information on the top video game schools in the US, video game program degrees, and more - GameDesignSchools.com.

- ekanaut.com

The work of artist and game designer Chandana Ekanayake

- harianti.com

Sebuah media Peliput, Pewarta dan Koran Online IT-nya Indonesia, memberitakan perkembangan geliat IT Indonesia, menginformasikan dunia game Indonesia, memberitakan startup...

- garyrosenzweig.com

Gary Rosenzweig's Home Page

- alpersarikaya.com

3d Ve Dijital Efekt Artist

- manabattery.com

Mana Battery is a small one man studio developing games for Xbox 360, Windows Phone, IOS and Android.

- soerenwalls.com

I'm a singer, actor, entrepreneur, and developer/designer of websites, videogames, and apps.

- sidhe.co.nz

Sidhe Website

- noesis.co

What are we? NOESiS: the highest kind of knowledge or knowledge of the eternal forms or ideas. We treat our client as our first man. Striving hard to achieve your satisfaction...

- icarusstudios.com

Icarus Studios is a complete 2D and 3D virtual worlds, massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), and serious games solution (technology, design, production, operations) for...

- lukaszjakowski.pl

?ukasz Jakowski - Portfolio Android, Windows Phone, C++, JAVA, C#, SDL, PHP, ASP.NET, Invision Power Board, HTML, CSS

- onslaughtstudios.com

Onslaught Studios is an Indie Game developer presently working on Xbox and Phone Games

- playcreek.com

PlayCreek, developer and publisher of StoneLoops! of Jurassica, Mystery of Unicorn Castle, Death Worm for Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

- ralphcrisostomo.net

ralf crisostomo is a creative generalist based in singapore. from graphic design to motion graphics… from web to game development, his creative skill set ranges in a wide...

- monkube.com

Website of independent game developer Monkube

- olympya.com

Olympya Software. A Brazilian, Java-centric, small game development studio.

- newmedialab.com.au

New Media Lab is an agency specialising in Strategic Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Flash Design, Flash Development, Multimedia Design, Multimedia Development,...

- lifeformentertainment.com

Advergaming is all we do, and we're here specifically to make your brand look cool to millions of consumers worldwide.

- ocias.com

Alex creates intimate, powerful games for browsers and phones. Let's make something unforgettable together.

- nuverian.net

This is the web art portfolio and blog of Gavalakis Vaggelis (nuverian)

- nyamyam.com

Nyamyam is an independent game developer in the UK. With love and attention we strive to create beautifully crafted games. Games that not only express who we

- nanotitans.com

Nano Titans - Original Casual Games

- petsvsmonsters.com

Funcom is a world leading independent developer and publisher of computer and console games with a focus on Action Adventure and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG).

- rz2games.com

RZ2 Games is a game developer with 6 years of experience in facebook, online casino and wagering development. RZ2 is a licensed developer for Nintendo, Sony and iPhone.

- scssoftware.com

SCS Software - independent game developer; creators of truck simulations and truck games in the 18 Wheels of Steel series: Extreme Trucker, American Long Haul, Haulin, Convoy,...

- csharks.com

Professional game developers, Game developers, Edutainment titles, 3D games, 2D games, Online games, Games for Wii, Mobile Game Developers, J2ME game

- shawnpierre.com

Website for Shawn Pierre, game developer

- symmetri.com

Developer of intelligent and elegant software applications for the World Wide Web based in Melbourne, Australia,

- timhengeveld.com

The portfolio of dutch illustrator and game developer Tim Hengeveld.

- stoneloops.com

StoneLoops! of Jurassica official website. Here you can download and buy StoneLoops! for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch.

- thebots.net

The Bots are the world's first virtual band, using the latest in speech synthesis, computer instruments, 3d modelling and animation.

- siege-online.com

Come to play free to Siege Online, Mousee games last free-to-play 3D Client MMORPG! Siege Online is a one of a kind game, where players will be able to build their own castles...

- techmafia.net

TechMafia.Net - crowd blogging community of early adopters for side projects (mobile app, startups, mobile games). Lets you publish a post or review for your mobile apps and...

- rusticmedia.com

Rustic Media: Independent game developer.

- underdog.be

UNDERdog.be develops online 3D games you can play in your browser. All our 3D games are free to play, thanks to your personal game-developer.

- teamcooper.co.uk

Team Cooper design and develop games and apps for agencies, brands and broadcasters.

- cecileamstad.com

concept art, 3D art, 2D art, art, game developer, app developer, 3D, Cecile, Amstad, Cécile Amstad

- thirdcreator.com

J.G. III's Creations Website

- effecthub.com

EffectHub is a social network to connect the world's gaming artists to enable them to be more productive and successful.

- mobilizemygame.com

Mobilize is a marketing agency for mobile games. We help developers understand all the levers of launching a successful game and maximizing their opportunity when...

- gamemakerlab.com

GameMaker Tutorials is the largest gamemaker tutorials self study website how to make video, mobile games with unity, gamemaker. Help you become a game developer with a lot of...

- ravenflash.com

RAVENFLASH.com - Unity Engine, Game Development, 3D Modeling, Digital Painting, HTML5, Flash, Actionscript.

- sedthavut.com

- adamzigurous.com

Adam Graham is a game developer and programmer from Chicago, Illinois. He attended DePaul University from 2012-2015 and graduated with a B.S. in Game Development - Gameplay...

- yokaliinteractive.com

  Jag var en mycket glad tjej som tog helg igår! Under dagen hade jag nämligen levererat min första faktura och även haft ett spännande möte om ett

- benardxhaxho.com

97. Home
- reddy-panda.com

Reddy Panda - indie game studio. Focusing on HTML5 game development.

- gamescreed.net

The house of Gamers . The latest news, reviews and trailers

- elanthirayan.com

Game Developer, Unity3D developer, PHP Developer in Bangalore, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

- tomlemmers.com

The domain of a game developer sharing his work.