- virtualuniversity.ch

Online lernen bei der Virtuelle Universität - Copyrightfreie Schulungsunterlagen, Arbeitsblätter mit Unterrichtsmaterial - Eine Plattform, um copyrightfreie...

- coveryourasp.com

The site IS the content - download the entire source code of the site! Live examples of membership management, newsletter, online database add/edit/delete, yahoo-style...

- nedirtv.com

NedirTV'de gönüllü profesyoneller yazılım geliştirme teknolojileri ile ilgili video dersler sunarlar...

- iis-aid.com

www.iis-aid.com is an independently owned and operated portal providing guides and support for Microsoft's IIS web server platform.

- persits.com

Powerfule ASP components for ASP file uploading, S/MIME-based secure mail, encryption and NT user management

- haneng.com

A different ASP developer site, the perfect place for newbies and...

- superscripte.de

Kostenlose Scripte für Jedermann,CGI-Scripte,PHP-Scripte,FormMail Script,POSTDATA.ATT,Form posted by Mozilla.dat,Skript

- aspjpeg.com

AspJpeg.com - the home of the most advanced image resizing component for ASP/ASP.NET/IIS

- risorse.net

Risorse.net - La comunità virtuale italiana per webmaster

- aspupload.com

AspUpload.com - the home of the most advanced upload solution for a Windows NT/ASP-based Web environment

- igovernment.in

iGovernment.in facilitates information exchange on policies, strategies, best practices, innovation for improving governance through regular news updates, reports, interviews,...

- gclub.co.il

מספקת שירותי איחסון אתרים מקצועי ומהיר בישראל! שירותי איפיון, הקמה, קידום אתרים, אחסון אתרים...

- startssl.com

StartSSL - StartCom Free SSL Client, S/Mime, Server, Domain Controller, Smartcard Certificates

- php.pl

php.pl polskie centrum informacji o PHP.

- awstats.org

AWStats Official Web Site - Get advanced graphical web, ftp or mail statistics with a logfile analysis (For IIS, Apache,... distributed under GNU GPL).

- wrensoft.com

Use the Zoom Search Engine to add a search function to your Intranet, CD or website. No ads & no annual fee. PDF support and more.

- laurencegellert.com

- eksperten.dk

Skandinaviens største IT-Community: Spørg og få svar på alt indenfor IT

- weblogic-wonders.com

This website is to share knowledge on Middleware technologies, ask questions in the forums

- myrepono.com

myRepono is a website & mySQL database backup service enabling you to securely backup your web sites and mySQL databases using a fully automated and web-based management system.

- ilcorsaronero.it

Il corsaronero si occupa di accessibilità, usabilità, search torrent, web e UI design, standard W3C, semantic web e architettura dell'informazione, Torrent ,Download Torrent

- marosnet.net

- comodobr.com

A Certificadora que mais cresce no mundo. Proteja o seu servidor web e realize e-commerce seguro na Internet com os Certificados SSL da Comodo Brasil.

- octagate.com

OctaGate can help you; Use a mixed server environment on one IP address, Change web servers in production (hot swap), Protect web server from destructive/untested DLLs, Migrate...

- codigomaestro.com

Manuales, Recursos de Apache, Linux, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL Server, .NET, IIS, Windows

- labo-microsoft.com

Laboratoire de recherche sur les technologies Microsoft : retrouvrez ici toutes les publications, les articles, les tips, les vidéos, les formations et l'actualité du...

- weblogexpert.com

WebLog Expert is a powerful access log analyzer. It can give you valuable website statistics. Lots of reports will help you to learn more about your visitors and increase the...

- owbunker.gr

Dome 1,- ved webhotel oprettelse. Fra kr. 69,-/md.

- sysadmin.it

Il Portale degli Amministratori di Sistemi Microsoft

- startssl.net

StartCom DNS Network Services, Third Party DNS server, Automatic Dynamic IP DNS Resolution

- powerasp.net

ASP, PowerASP Active Server Pages articles links tutorials

- cbsa.com.br

Blog com tutoriais, dicas e exemplos para programação Web, Bancos de dados, CSS3, HTML5, AS3, Flex e Windows Phone 7. Soluções para erros, e muito conteúdo interessante.

- pa-software.com

Software for Apple Macintosh, Unix, Microsoft Windows computers and Exchange servers.

- networkinghowtos.com

NetworkingHowtos provides a wide range of IT related howto articles, guides, and tips, to help assist in fixing network related issues.

- frozenmountain.com

WebSync HTTP Push (Comet/Reverse Ajax), IceLink P2P Streaming (STUN/TURN/ICE), TheRest REST Services (RESTful API Framework) for .NET/Mono Servers (IIS/Apache/embedded) and...

- 301-redirect.info

301 redirect is a way to configure your website or web server, in order to indicate that some of your pages have been moved, permanently, to another location. This code, sent by...

- bradkingsley.com

Personal ponderings... thoughts on hosting, business, technology, and more

- janjonas.net

I've developed a custom module that enables administrators to approve new users. When a user is approved the module sends a custom welcome e-mail. Everything

- entirelydigital.com

EntirelyDigital Hosted Solutions

- manchanet.es

ManchaNet Nuevas Tecnologías. Diseño Web, Hosting, E-mail, Servicios Web, Comercio electrónico y más.

- splendidcrm.com

SplendidCRM Software provides a Microsoft-centric open-source customer relationship management application.

- merinovkv.ru

После установки Babel при вызове.

    . [[BabelLinks? &tpl=`bblLangChanger`]].
.если у нас, скажем, русский и...

- robwillis.info

When it comes to Java and Dell Remote Access Cards or BMCs, a simple Java update can render remote access completely useless. The older the hardware the more

- iisdavincicolecchiaq.gov.it

iis l. da vinci o. colecchi

- afana.me

Software Development

- devtroce.com

Destrozando código! Web de programación y base de datos. Programming, Data Base

- webhostingturkey.com

Türkiye Web Hosting Sektörü

- sebastians-pamphlets.com

Thoughts, findings, notes and opinions on Web development, Web search and SEO - not always serious and sometimes polemic.

- mickgenie.com

Mick Genie's Technical Blog

- hyperfive.com

Hyper-Five Web Hosting - Hyper-Five provides clients with managed virtual server Windows hosting solutions at their privately owned and operated data centers located in Kansas...

- peterviola.com

Tips and walkthroughs about IIS, web hosting, SQL server, Windows Server

- aspheute.com

Jeden Tag ein neuer Artikel über ASP und interessante Internetthemen.

59. sagera
- sagera.com

- kinetic.com

Kinetic helps companies understand and apply the latest Internet technologies. We use the latest multimedia technologies (internet, video, and interactive

- do-dotnet.de

.NET User Group Dortmund Do.NET

- dnlab.ru

DNlab.ru - Интернет-провайдер в Марьино, Люблино и Котельниках. Интернет-провайдер в ЮВАО....

- neda.net

تلفن بین المللی, تلفن بین الملل, پست الکترونیک, آنلاین, خرید آنلاین, ای دی اس ال, تماس, دامنه, دامنه...

- antivirus-gratuit.net

hebergement internet network-consulting.fr - bretagne, HEBERGEMENT professionnel site INTERNET bretagne - hebergement site internet et nom de domaine à nantes bretagne

- topzimmer.co.il

מספקת שירותי איחסון אתרים מקצועי ומהיר בישראל! שירותי איפיון, הקמה, קידום אתרים, אחסון אתרים...

- iishelp.com.br

Site com dicas para o IIS

- andreloker.de

.NET wisdom

- alski.net

Code obsessed - All things DotNet

- ergodanmark.dk

Dome 1,- ved webhotel oprettelse. Fra kr. 69,-/md.

- sbsfaq.de

Sehr erfahrene Experten moderieren und betreuen diese kostenlose Website zum SBS2003 in den Themen Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003, ISAServer 2000, Windows SharePoint...

- shawnhyde.com

A little something about everything...

- nks.net

NKS provides solutions which enable your business to use the latest technology without the hassle. You focus on your core business, we'll handle the technology.

- aspfusion.net

ASPFusion is a suite of ASP Components specially designed for shared web hosting

- chrisneel.it

Dal 1995 presente su Internet, metto a disposizione sul proprio sito parte delle sue conoscenze per portare in rete informazione. Entra nella sua virtual home.. Sicuramente...

- interact-sw.co.uk

Interact Software Ltd. provides consulting services for Windows enterprise development. We also have considerable expertise in integrating Microsoft technologies with realtime...

- yunusbiyikoglu.net

biyikoglu blog

- doosen.com

Daniels Server, Stortriss, Stortriss MKII 1933, asp test, html sidor m.m.

- faisalmasood.com

Sharepoint, ProjectServer EPM / PPM, PMO, Networks, Web, IT consultancy

- morfik.com

Morfik provides a complete and integrated visual design environment for building and deploying Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications. Learn more.

- details.co.il

מספקת שירותי איחסון אתרים מקצועי ומהיר בישראל! שירותי איפיון, הקמה, קידום אתרים, אחסון אתרים...

- arogldarthu.nl

Arogl Darthu's thoughts on .NET programming issues, brain breakers and other weird stuff.

- travelmedia.dk

Webhosting, webhotel, billigt

- codersbarn.com

An ASP.NET Community Blog where experts and beginners can explore Web Development and Design issues.

- benwong.me

Learn how to stop search engines from indexing a web page.

- aspxtutorial.com

NET Articles,jQuery demo, asp.net with jQuery, online tutorial,Jquery, SilverLight, Javascript, asp.net,JSON, MVC,.NET Articles,demo, Web Services,

- combined-knowledge.com

Combined Knowledge has specialised in the development and delivery of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Education and Support since 2003. Today we provide Education and Support...

90. Home
- cigna-baruffi-garelli.gov.it

Istituto Cigna Baruffi Garelli

- dariansweb.net

Living to learn web and studying hard to make a better web.

- dotnetscraps.com

ASP.NET, PowerShell, Sharepoint, IIS, Silverlight, Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks!

- dexaweb.com

deXaweb.com is webhosting provider that provides both linux and windows hosing. Microsoft Exchange hosting is also available. deXaweb.com is pwered by GO Concepts inc and is...

- sharpfellows.com

The thoughts of some very # fellows

- dannyyosef.com

מספקת שירותי איחסון אתרים מקצועי ומהיר בישראל! שירותי איפיון, הקמה, קידום אתרים, אחסון אתרים...

- chichafakot.co.il

מספקת שירותי איחסון אתרים מקצועי ומהיר בישראל! שירותי איפיון, הקמה, קידום אתרים, אחסון אתרים...

- greengrowthleaders.org

Dome 1,- ved webhotel oprettelse. Fra kr. 69,-/md.

- booption.dk

Dome 1,- ved webhotel oprettelse. Fra kr. 69,-/md.

- certisur.net

CertiSur - Certificados Sitios Web, Firma Digital, WorkFlow Seguro, Autenticacion Robusta, Dispositivos Criptograficos, HSM, SSL.