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Math and statistics libraries for the .NET framework. Develop financial, statistical, scientific and engineering applications faster in C#, F# or Visual Basic.NET.

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SoftIntegration, Inc. offers Ch, an embeddable and interactive C/C++ interpreter and scripting language for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting,...

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Tutor: Apex Tutoring: College and AP Specialist for Physics, Chemistry, Organic, Calculus, MCAT. Ph.D. Instructor. $50 per hour individual, $15 per hour group. Expert...

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Optimization is the science of making a best choice in the face of conflicting requirements. Any convex optimization problem has geometric interpretation. If a given...

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Computational geometry algorithms for software programming including C++ code, basic lmath, a book store, and related web site links.

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Tutoring, homework help, and test preparation from a former high school math teacher. I help students in 7th grade through college, and adult learners, succeed in their courses...

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Kuldeep Singh's Maths Website - mathsforall.co.uk - This web site covers mathematics up to 2nd year undergraduate studies and I would appreciate any helpful comments regarding...

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The New Generation CPM - Corporate Performance Management Tool, for Business Analytics, Planning and Simulation

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Free Lectures on College Algebra, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Discrete Mathematics - Also Specific Course Information for my Students

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SDX is a problem solving environment for modeling, simulation and analysis of scientific and engineering systems.

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SciMath C/C++ Scientific Math Library provides advanced functions in most areas of math and is available for a wide range of applications and for a variety of 16 and 32 bit...

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