- onegeology.org

OneGeology - To be the provider of geoscience data globally

- oman-gas.com.om

Oman Gas Company

- metaspatial.net

Metaspatial provides consultancy, and know-how for spatial data infrastructure planning, deployment, and operation. Conferences and training events. The metaspatial Institute...

- pycsw.org

pycsw - pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python

- bachusteam.com

Tutoriale si resurse jocuri singleplayer si multiplayer PC. Download jocuri, patchuri update, fixuri, harti, skinuri si coduri.

- kralidis.ca

Tom Kralidis

- bakary-diakite.com

- canadian-wellsite.com

Canadian Wellsite, Homepage for the Canadian Oilpatch. Rig Locator, Well Licenses, Daily Rig Move List, News Feeds and more

- livemap.de

Roy Popiolek - Projectmanagement + Consulting + Webdevelopment: Can your belt show you around? Can you send a letter for free? Can you hear your way through unknown ground? How...

- faunalia.eu

Faunalia, SIG Open Source. Leader dans les solutions basés sur QGIS: formation, développement, assistance

- mpcheats.net

Multiplayer game cheats: Counter-Strike 1.6, MuOnline, CS Source, Day of Defeat cheats, World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2, Crysis, Call of Duty 2, 4, 5 cheats and hacks.

- geodata.es

Geodata, Geographic Information Technologies - map server technology, GIS services, open source software. Management, publishing and browsing of territorial information through...

- pghchoralarts.org

The Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts (PSCA) is a community leader in music education. We offer programs, classes, and camps to enrich the lives of people in Pittsburgh.

- ogc.tw


- onmaps.de

Der hoch performante und sichere Kartendienst (WMS, TMS, WMTS) auf Basis von amtlichen Daten: ATKIS mit Gebäuden aus dem Liegenschaftskataster. Als Hintergrundkarte für...

- opensourcegis.org

Linux and GIS and Geographic Information Systems and Open Source

- ogc.pt

OGC - Organização, Gestão e Contabilidade, Lda - É uma empresa sediada em Lisboa, Portugal, que presta de serviços de contabilidade, assessoria financeira, gestão de...

- opengeocoding.org

OpenGeocoding - Crowd Sourcing and Sharing Postal Addresses

- ogc.hu

Online Gaming Community - Mert a játék a lényeg!

- duckdown.com

- visorsinarcas.com

Visor cartográfico de Sinarcas

- mclick.aero

m-click.aero provides applications and services for the aviation domain. We focus on aeronautical information management using open standards (AIXM, FIXM, WXXM and INSPIRE).

- ogcmetalworks.com

Your local full service plasma cutting & metal fabrication shop in Mankato, MN