- multicians.org

Multics was a mainframe timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and used until 2000. It was a major influence on subsequent computer operating systems.

- ezlan.net

Site about, Home and SOHO Networking.,Gives advice, insight, and tips about computing, Netwroking, Broadband, Internet, Servers, Microsoft Windows.

- linuxquestions.org

LinuxQuestions.org offers a free Linux forum where Linux newbies can ask questions and Linux experts can offer advice. Topics include security, installation, networking and much...

- linux.com

Linux.com - For the community, by the community, Linux.com is the central source for Linux information, software, documentation, how-tos and answers across the server,...

- openelec.tv

Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center, or OpenELEC for short, is a small Linux distribution. Built from the ground up as a small platform to run software like XBMC. This is...

- osnews.com

OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing with news on desktop, server, mobile, and specialty operating systems and new computing technology.

- canonical.com

Canonical produces Ubuntu, provides commercial services for Ubuntu’s users, and works with hardware manufacturers, software vendors and cloud partners to certify Ubuntu.

- theitdepot.com

Online Shopping, Theitdepot, Cyber Space Abacus, Antec india,Laptops, Cabinets,Speakers,Mouse,Keyboards,Laptop Assessories,Antec, Headphones,Desktop PC,Printers, Memory(RAM),MP3...

- mageia.org

Mageia is a community-based Linux distribution, for desktop & server.

- linuxlinks.com

Comprehensive links to information and resources about the Linux Operating System.

- technet2u.com

Technet is the Tech and Computer Tutorial Blog Cover All thing Tech Tips and Computer Tutorial like Tech Tips, Computer Tips,Windows and Internet Tips.

- scanftree.com

Scanftree is a complete environment for learning computer programming languages. A prosperous environment containing online execution/compilation .

- haiku-os.org

Haiku is an open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. Inspired by BeOS, Haiku is fast and easy to learn but very powerful.

- linuxliteos.com

Linux Lite is a free easy to use linux based operating system that is suitable for people who are new to linux.

- itechlounge.net

IT Troubleshooting & Technical Blog

- deltapage.com

Delta - The Best in Computers, Laptops & Hardware in INDIA

- ubuntu-china.cn

Ubuntu ????????????????????????????PC???????

- makemenoise.com

Blogging tips,Make Money Online, SEO, Social Media, Gadgets & Technology, Network & Security, Operating System, Charity

- anbuthil.com

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- reallylinux.com

Really Linux website for LINUX beginners with basic commands list.

- driver-disk.com

Download Drivers & Recovery Windows® Recovery DVDs. Recover any computer with a Windows® operating system recovery DVD | driver-disk.com

- eazynotes.com

EazyNotes is a place where a student pursuing computer education would like to visit. Here, a student can find easy notes of various computer subjects.

- ez93.com

USA Windows® Restore Disks. Factory reset any computer with a Windows® operating system restore Disk | ez93.com

- aptosid.com

aptosid - Debian hot and spicy!

- linuxtoo.com

linuxtoo.com lists videos related to different concept related to free and open source computer operating system software components

- thebushra.com

theBUSHRA.com is becoming a powerful hub of knowledge. Curttenly it has solution of CCNA, English, English Grammar, Ignou, Operating System. But soon it

- shwetankeducation.com

Shwetank education Provide online education in it field.And helping those student who want to search a job,And serious about own career.

- miray.de

Miray is the manufacturer of the embeddable RTOSes Sphere, µnOS and Symobi and the software tools HDClone, HDShredder, PCISniffer, DiskSpy, DiskCheck and NetSniffer.

- kolibrios.org

KolibriOS official site

- gideonbanks.com

Discover how to live every waking moment of your life in style without losing touch on individuality, creativity and humanity with Gideon Banks™

- bcanotes.com

BCA Notes is a place where a student Can get computer education For Free. Here, a student can find Free And Easy notes of various computer subjects.

- iphoneroot.com

- ipad-apps-review-online.com

iPad Apps Review Online - iPadappreviewsonline provides indepth reviews of iPad apps, news and accessories. Our unique app reviews, guides you in purchasing the right app to fit...

- silveos.com

? SilveOS.com - Silverlight operating system. It is is a website that simulates an operating system inside your web browser. You can launch applications right away without...

- aros-exec.org

AROS-Exec is the natural online meeting place for users of, developers of and people generally interested in the Amiga Research Operating System (AROS). The site provides news,...

- whatsmyos.com

Help finding out what Operating System your running. How to find your Operating System version. Finding out if your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit. What version of windows do I have?

- downloadworld.ir

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- osv.io

OSv is an open source project to build the best OS for cloud workloads

- lazykids.org

Read amazing articles about technology,inspiration and fun at Lazykids,how to guide,top reviews and more!

- easydos.com

DOS the Easy Way Guide to MS-DOS (Microsoft's DOS - DOS=disk operating system)

- sourcecodeprojects.com

sourcecodeprojects.com provides it resources including security, storage, operating system, server applications, study, industry, software development, database, network,...

- debrastagi.com

antispyware, antivirus, antispam, firewall, security, ESET Offline Updates, AVG Keys, kaspersky keys, bitdefender, avira.

- desig9r.com

A Tech Blog where you find information regarding Editing, Photography, Videography and some related Technologies!

- freebsdnews.net

FreeBSD is a free, open-source and UNIX-like operating system. Though relatively unknown, it’s a performing and powerful work-horse, capable of coping with m

- freebsdbrasil.com.br

- cirgan.net

a personal weblog about IT

- opencar.com

OpenCar provides an open platform for automakers to safely connect drivers to their digital worlds.

- enea.com

Enea is a global software and services company providing Linux and real-time operating systems solutions. We have more than 40 years of experience in developing software...

- brightstareng.com

Bright Star Engineerings ipEngine family of products significantly reduce the time, cost and complexity required to network enable a product by providing a vertically integrated...

- parsix.org

Desktop Linux Operating System

- adeneo-embedded.com

Adeneo Embedded provides world-class design, system integration, support and training expertise to companies seeking solutions based on Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, and...

- osne.ws

OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing with news on desktop, server, mobile, and specialty operating systems and new computing technology.

- rtos.com

Real time operating system and embedded operating system software by Express Logic

- ecoscentric.com

eCosCentric provides Products, Development, Support and Training for the eCos RTOS and RedBoot bootloader.

- zikksoftware.com

Zikk - Android Remote Support: Help your friends and family with their Android devices from anywhere.

- blackrose.me


- meta-morphos.org

morphos, operating system, computer, apple, macmini , powermac, powerbook, amiga

59. 386BSD
- 386bsd.org

Sole, original source of 386BSD, first open source system. Covering the topic of 386BSD

- toorox.de

Toorox - Linux Live System

- apple-tv-hacks.com

Hacking Apple TV. Examples of hard drive mods, USB hacks, Projects that enhance the existing functionality.

- tryoutlinux.com

Comprehensive information and resources about the Linux Operating System.

- aptosidusers.de


65. Home
- kylemanna.com

Independent Consultant Specializing in Embedded Systems and Linux Administration

- a1poweruser.com

Up to date Step-by-step Instructional Guide to installing and configuring Freebsd as an gateway server with an private LAN, specifically written for the inexperienced users. A...

- aptosid.org

aptosid - Debian hot and spicy!

- aptosid.net

aptosid - Debian hot and spicy!

- tabinc.com

Connecticut Computer Support Company providing IT Hardware Software Support East Hartford area. Solutions for servers, anti-virus, backup, business continuity, workstations,...

- arikaplan.com

- bilcyber.com

Techno,Download,and gadget center

- jolix.com

Where did open source come from? Find articles, books, stories, CDROMs, and opinion here. And then you can decide yourself what to believe.

- ategra.com

Ategra Computer Technology homepage - IT support and supply company servicing small and medium-sized businesses in the Topend, Darwin and Palmerston area, Northern Australia for...

- alfarisi.web.id

al farisi's technical blog. Everything that I can share to you. My ways to change the world.

- tugnet.org

Website of TUGNET - The User's Group Network, Northridge, Granada Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Southern California, California

- ubermix.org

- drivers-download.co

Download Drivers & Recovery Windows® Recovery DVDs. Recover any computer with a Windows® operating system recovery DVD | driver-disk.com

- blinuxman.net

The BLinuxman.net Project Home Page

- android-os.de

ANDROID-OS.de - das mobile Opensource Betriebssystem von Google und der Open Handset Alliance (OHA) f�¼r das Handy der Zukunft.

81. Home
- skeltonnetworks.com

Fast and friendly computer service in Ames, IA. Services include software install/upgrade, OS trouble shooting, virus removal, updating and more!

- cantoncomputers.com

Canton Computers - The Ultimate Computer Store. Canton Computers offers computers parts, service, and repair at resonable rates. Canton Computers repairs and services the...

- ulteo.com

Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop official website

- stpaulvirusremoval.com

We keep computer repair simple because we know you already have a headache! Local Business with Award Winning Service for Windows PCs and Macs, Virus Removal

- cmx.com

Small and fast real-time software, including real time operating systems(RTOS), TCP/IP stacks, and C compilers for embedded systems designers

- bootcampmobile.com

Mobile App Marketing provides a complete solution for mobile apps including Marketing Plans, Launch Strategy, Branding, Sales, Testing, Development an

- bxr.su

A very fast source-code search engine, based on OpenGrok, that covers the complete kernel and non-GNU userland source trees of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and DragonFly BSD.

- serti.com

SERTI has been in information technology (IT) since 1975. Choosing SERTI means gaining a business partner who understands the needs of this hectic world we live in.

- compedu.org.ru

These pages contain Windows and Internet articles, slide shows, and tutorials.

- drywa.me

Just a quick note aside because it appears cancelling my Windows Developer subscription did not remove Break It from the Windows store. The entry is still there

- empress.com

EMPRESS Embedded Database is a full-featured embedded database management software designed for both embedded and real-time applications on Unix, Linux, Windows and Real Time...

- deployment-solutions.de

E.I.S. - cooles Deployment

- easyos.net

Articles and tips on how to work with operating systems: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and more.

- computerrepairkansascity.com

Kansas City Tech provides onsite Desktop Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, PC Tuneups, Virus Removal, WIFI/Network Setup and Small Business IT Support.

- solaris-x86.org

- expresslogic.com

Real time operating system and embedded operating system software by Express Logic

- geekswhoknow.com

We answer all of your computer questions for free. You can also access our large database with already answered questions to common computer problems.

- 4downloaded.com

Free Download Software Full Crack KeyGen Patch

- thenorthernspy.com

The Northern Spy: News, Portal, and Commentary by Rick Sutcliffe