- theotherpages.org

A collection of text and image resources acceessed daily by thousands of users world-wide. The Poetry and Quotations collections have been on-line since January, 1994....

- newsthatmattersnot.com

A news satire, opinion, social commentary and general humour website from India. Uses sarcastic humour, dark satire and critical observations, to target media,

- i-mockery.com

I-Mockery.com - Dedicated to what really matters in life: b-movies, old toys, Halloween, video games, strange foods, oddities, and more.

- corsinet.com

corsinet.com is an excellent, intelligent way to waste time on the internet: discover unusual facts, learn some new things, wake up your brain cells and have some fun.

- arzigazu.ro

Arzi Gazu' - informatii, citate, stiati ca, stiri, fapte si raspunsuri la tot ce credeai ca nu vrei sa stii vreodata.

- saidwhat.co.uk

Said what is an online database of quotes and quotations, covering politics, celebrities, models, famous quotations and topical articles, competitions

- ntmn.in

A news satire, opinion, social commentary and general humour website from India. Uses sarcastic humour, dark satire and critical observations, to target media,

- viopac.com

Anarchism, Capitalism, and the primacy of the individual: cantankerous social and political commentary from the scumbags at VioPac.

- factualopinion.com

The best place to get reviews on current comics, classic films, world news, new music and the occasional work of prose, written by Tucker Stone, Nina Stone & Marty Brown. Full...

- kinnon.tv

the issue isn't leadership, it's discipleship

- andreaharner.com

Animals, Food, Global travel, Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle, Psychology, Crime, Forensic Psychology, Pets, Funny Pets, Cute Pets, Dogs, Cats, Kittens, Puppies, humor, New York, New...

- juneohara.com

The Neurosis Files is a running commentary on all that vexes and amuses me. I hope you’ll come out and play.

- myrl.net

myRL.net is a private network owned and maintained by IceBear. It serves as a platform to publish articles about IT, video games, life itself and whatever comes to mind. It also...

- touchetoon.com

Relationship, Life, Food and Business Cartoons and Comic Illustrations by Relationship Humorist & Cartoonist Che Rippinger

- attractivehaters.com

I am writing this blog from Sunny Florida. This is the first fact in my case of SoapBoxAnn Vs. State of AirConditioning. The second fact I present to you

- cantonaspergersnetwork.com

Canton Asperger’s Network

- black-frogg.com

Jokes, Funny/Sexy/Sarcastic Pictures, Adult Humor and Blakk Frogg Sarcasm

- bitterbettycomic.com

A comic about life, love, and the pursuit of beating people with my prosthetic limb.

- cultv.com

Cult V

- buckfush.com

George Bush Parody Site, Anti-Bush Shop, Anti-Bush T-Shirts, Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers, etc.

- goodizen.com

Sharing Scandalous Stories

- coedikit.com

Co-edikit reminds us with refreshing simplicity not to take ourselves and all of life’s little absurdities too seriously! Fun t-shirts and gifts for all ages.

- emphaticallystatic.org

A journal of a geek that lacks topicality. This means that anything from ssh'ing into rockets to baking tips are fair game. Tends to be sarcastic and perennially cynical.

- heydiaspora.com

Hey Diaspora! This is the place for misplaced and displaced young Indonesians who are living on a tiny island-nation in Singapore. Diaspora is a bilingual magazine updated...

- diamond-back.com

Diamond-Back.com - home of ICQ Lies, My Best Friend, Miami Sunset and much more.

- epicfuckingfail.com

Devoted to the net's best fail pictures, people who fail, hot babes, articles, and more!

- berilac.com

De toate pentru toti. Articole si elucubratii variate din diverse domenii. Tenta sarcastica.

- derfmagazine.com

- hypocrisytoday.com

Observations on Political, Religious, Social, Cultural Hypocrisy in America

- internetbumperstickers.com

Internet Bumper Stickers® ? virtual bumper stickers for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, e?messages, web site or anywhere online. Give the world a little piece of your mind!...

- gurujeff.com

Common sense for the masses! Since 1998 Guru Jeff has been providing insight, knowledge and power to a society thirsting for enlightenment.

- mikejasper.com

A weekly humor column (comedy column, really) published every Thursday by Mike Jasper. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jasper now lives in Austin,...

- jenmenke.com

Started blogging as a means to be one of the first Ford Fiesta Agents. Came close to making it, but an unfortunate 2007 reckless driving citation received in Montana got in the...

- marv-el.com

Photo Albums and humor can be found here.

- nobodylikesonions.com

Your source for top-rated internet comedy radio and the best free podcast for comedy news. Nobody Likes Onions offers hilarious jokes full of sarcasm and silly

- reidaboutit.com

Your daily recommended allowance of sarcasm.

- peopleareassholes.com

Do you know an ASSHOLE? We all do. Come visit my sarcastic & Humerous Page: People Area Assholes, So Fuck You. Add your favorite Asshole too.

38. Home
- sarcasticsarcasms.com

Home Page

- refrigeratorbox.org

Katrina Nicholson's hilarious photo film reviews for regular people who can't afford to choose the wrong movie.

- subvertsociety.com

celebrating and undermining the world we live in

- procrastination101.info

How to procrastinate the right way - A primer on the art of procrastination

- parodyville.com

parody, humor, webstore, gifts, t-shirts, bumper stickers, merchandise, comedy, parody apparel, parody t-shirts, humor t-shirts, humorous t-shirts, humorous shirts, political...

- skinnyreporter.com

President Obama aims to end income disparity through wealth redistribution program nicknamed Obamashare

- kablooeyquest.com

K A B L O O E Y is a quest to live a more creative life. And to avoid starring in Supernanny: The Intervention.

- smartasses.org

Smartasses Online is a social club for smartasses (what else would you expect?). We feature a very active discussion forum, occasional live chats and a postcard shop. If you...

- thefump.com

The FuMP, or The Funny Music Project, is a collaborative effort made up of a group of comedy musicians. New funny songs are posted for free each Tuesday and Friday.

- sethgunderson.com

Seth Gunderson, Art Director, Bad Movie Critic and nacho-lover in Kansas City, Missouri..

- jokersrevenge.com

humor, cartoons, one-liners, funny recipes, funny photos, funny poetry, funny letters, true stories, urban legends, funny vocabulary, funny memos, golf jokes, blonde jokes,...

- tiulian.ro

Scriu despre lucruri care ma privesc direct. Uneori putin, alteori mai mult. Imi place totusi sa cred ca folosesc un umor aparte.

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Funny shirts to add sarcasm, sass, and snark to your life. Browse our collection for great gift ideas!

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Hechos Inútiles.

- thesarcasmfoundation.com

Funny shirts to add sarcasm, sass, and snark to your life. Browse our collection for great gift ideas!

- kaitschuster.com

- frommarketingwithlove.com

A love letter from marketers to sales people and our other favorites

- dramarising.tumblr.com

Drama? Say it isn't so! As the site gains its legs, there's bound to be rising tensions. use this blog to rant and rave, or praise and give kudos! It's your platform!

- bespotrebno.com

Bespotrebno znanje - Nepotrebne potrebne ?injenice.

- omgthatstotallyme.tumblr.com

Official "omgthatstotallyme" account!Been running this blog since July 2012. I make all these edits myself.I'm an 18 year old girl. Just makin' my way in the world. I stay...

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Explore #thefudge out!

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- sarcasmsandbox.com

Sarcasm Sandbox. The place for high quality sarcasm.

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If you still can't believe it's not butter then I think we're done here.

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