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Anyone can find a camp. Student Summers. SM can find the camp that's right for you. ...Our service is FREE to you!

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This is my collection of placemarks for sites relevant in the context of ancient history.

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North Star Camp for Boys is an overnight children's summer camp in Northern Wisconsin. Our premier residential kids program features adventure, athletics, waterfront activities...

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Before The Egyptians is an hour-long 65-part television series that explores and connects the global migration of human civilization after the flood.

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The Biblical Heritage Center is an online community and resource center for people who share a common biblical heritage and who want to build bridges that link each other...

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The California Museum of Ancient Art (CMAA) was established to gather the first significant collection of ancient art from Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Holy Land in the western...

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l'HISTOIRE des religions aux temps ANTIQUES. Ce petit GUIDE vous aidera à comprendre l'évolution des principaux courants spirituels au travers des âges, des rois et des...

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Ancient and modern texts on Mesopotamia: Religion, Mythology, Magic, Gods and Goddesses

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Award winning Unique Northern California Museum featuring dinosaur bones, artifacts of ancient Sumer and Egypt, medieval illuminations to modern painters and meteorites. Free...

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'The Alpha and the Omega' by Jim A. Cornwell - copyright 1995, explores the correlations of Star Charts, symbols of the Zodiac or Mazzaroth in a teleological pattern relating to...

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Analysis of the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Genesis flood myths, reconstructing a lost legend about Noah (=Ziusudra), the place where the ark grounded (not Mount Ararat), the...

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Anyone can find a camp. Student Summers. SM can find the camp that's right for you. ...Our service is FREE to you!

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This book presents an in-depth exploration of similarities between violence humans have wrought against each other, especially during the World War II era, and the way society...

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Sumerwynd Miniature Schnauzer produces excellent show quality dogs.

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Recent scientific and literary discoveries unlock the true meaning of the Book of Genesis. Combining all the evidence in a new 2016 book we now know what happened and when it...

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Tourism in Ladakh - India : Sonam Adventure Trek and Tours is a travel agency from Leh that provides individual and custom made trekking, rafting, expeditions, jeep safaris,...

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Blog all about wellness, nutrition, education, all with simple learning, and easy reading