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APCGS is Australian Professional Coin Grading Services. We grade and slab coins from Australia and overseas. APCGS is the only TPG company that operates out of Australia

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"Buyer Beware"

Anonymous user  (2 months ago)

APCGS and Shane Williams has been scamming coin collectors for years. Williams claims to have sold APCGS however, the business was never registered to him. And there was never a sale. The business’ registration was only cancelled a few days ago.

Beware of this seller, do not trust him. He is a cancer in the coin industry.


"eBay scammer"

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

BE AWARE OF APCGS PTY LTD ON EBAY. This supposed Company has ripped many thousands of good people off, taken their money and given rubbish goods and no service in return. Boycott this company and save your cash. The owner is well known for his gambling problems. Stay Away.


"Apcgs shonky"

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

Graded coins with his eyes closed..
Took peoples money when the business was sold.
Pretended to own the buiness but he was only an employee. .


"Shane Williams should be in Jail"

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

This company, like it’s supposed owner, was as is a scam. His name was never on any documentation registered with ASIC. The company scammed numismatic collectors for years with incorrect grades, Chinese slabs and now valueless coins. He needs to be thoroughly investigated and when, not if, convicted sent to jail. The community has fed his gambling addiction long enough. One Star is way too much for this guy, and APCGS.


"Lies lies lies. "

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

The business was never sold off. It was closed down, don’t believe the owners lies. Look up the business ABN and you’ll find out the business was never in his name, he was never the owner and the business was never sold off to an overseas competitor


"Owner is a scammer "

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

Shane Williams (Shame Williams)
Took ppls money and ran as fast as he could

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