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"MINUS all the STARS for Astrology-gifts"

United States
Anonymous user  (2 months ago)

#3 months since I placed my order with this DESPICABLE so called website company. I have tried multiple times to contact them by e mail with not one response from them, No merchandise and my credit card was charged 3 months ago .At this point I am convinced that they ARE A SCAM. My credit card company is now researching them.They most likely posted their own reviews which could back up their claim that they are "NOT A SCAM" on their website..I will gladly print an apology if I should receive my order BUT I don't think I will have to. Thank you for letting me vent,


"I tried to order a necklace which said it would ship in 2-4 weeks. It is now week five and the order has still not arrived. "

United States
Anonymous user  (1 year ago)

My order has still not arrived from this company. Also there is a lot of anonymous and hidden information about the IP address and host. The host seems to be Canada, but has several other places in China. Since the information about this user is unknown, you should be cautious in making purchase. Also, this site is relatively new. It is not a site that has been online for awhile, it only poped up in December. If you have already ordered something from this site, make sure to watch your bank account to ensure you don't see any strange purchases.

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