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"Thailand is an amazing country - dudes, you must visit it! "

haywoodarchey  (4 days ago)

I can not say enough about our trip and the travel company. Our experience was amazing from start to finish in every country! From the second we landed at our first destination and were greeted by our tour guide with a bouquet of roses, to when we got back home and received yet another thoughtful gift, we were taken care of by the travel company and did not need to think about a thing. The travel company (glanzu) did a great job with really listening to our interests and wishes and planning a perfect itinerary.
We are happy to spend time in Thailand - there are so many beautiful places of interest and people were friendly. Thanks!


"Many thanks to Glanzy team!"

mervineliason  (6 days ago)

Our search began, as with most, jumping around on various internet sites looking to establish travel on a unique tour of Southeast Asia. We chose Glanzu cos they offered everything we needed to go and visit Thailand. Our private tour included a personal guide for each location and a personal driver and van at each location as well. It listed their recommendation for the 4 - 5 star hotel at each destination and how and where we would be greeted upon arrival.
As we came and went on our daily tours and returned in the late afternoon or early evening, we felt as though we were being welcomed home. Often a cool drink, cool towel to refresh ourselves, and assistance greeted us each and every time. Always this came with a smile and a thank you. The people made our experience memorable and our travel agency (glanzu) put all of this together for our family.


"Thanks for this great experience!"

hiramgreaves  (1 week ago)

My Wife and I took a 12 day trip around Thailand for our honeymoon at Glanzu, - really amazing travel agency, and it was unforgettable! We told our travel agent that we wanted to travel and relax at the same time and he delivered. Our itinerary was planned with exciting tours and still had plenty of time to relax. We stayed at incredible resorts and received top-notch service in every detail. Our flights around Thailand were easy and there was always someone arranged for transport. We wouldn't have changed a thing!!
The elephant sanctuary is a dream! We had the once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with the elephants for a day. The elephants roam free around the camp. We fed them, mud bathed with them and then rinsed them off in the river and had an authentic Thai lunch. Then our tour guide took us through the Karen tribe village and we had the opportunity to observe how the Karen people live.
Thanks for this great experience!


"Unforgettable Autumn in Thailand"

luciengrim  (2 weeks ago)

Every logistical aspect of the trip went off exactly as our travel agency said it would (and the itinerary was very informative/detailed). Perhaps the best way to summarize how much we thought of Glanzu team and the experiences they coordinated for us is that upon returning from our trip, we have already contacted the team about returning to SE Asia again next year....and there was absolutely no question that we are going to use to arrange everything for us again!!

A special thanks to each one of our local guides - you all made a great trip absolutely unforgettable!! Also, the local Thai people are so so nice and welcomed us everywhere we went.


"Thank you, Glanzu team, for creating such an awesome Trip"

ervinauld  (2 months ago)

Thank you Glanzu and Jack, in particular, for helping us to have an amazing experience that we had in Thailand. The entire itinerary, as planned and scheduled, was followed. Jack was really very helpful from the first day of our planning time. We explored the surrounding area of Krabi, head to the beach for some R&R, checked out one of the many activities on offer from rock climbing to island boat trips, and also joined a fantastic optional excursion. Many thanks to glanzu team - you are the best.


"I can’t recommend Glanzu highly enough"

francescobearse  (2 months ago)

I had a great time. I do recommend tours to Thailand :)
Excellent service, friendly, it was from everything - culture, night life, the beauty of islands, parties, sports, games. The excellent guides!!! They explained everything that was happening and made sure that everything went smoothly - even when a few members got sick and had to go hospital he made sure everyone got to where they had to be and handled it very calmly.
Great experience and of course great mood and energy.


"Thanks to Glanzu team. They did an amazing job for us"

rodfraire  (2 months ago)

It was a wonderful time with our tourguides from take so much care of us and did everything for us to enjoy the trip since the first day. Taxis operate in that area so you can get to wherever you need relatively cheaply or get to another hotel where you want to stay for the rest of the trip (I spent one night in Haad Rin just to get a feel of the other side where the Full Moon Party happens). I couldn’t recommend this tour more. A beautiful way to see Thailand and what it has to offer.
A huge thanks Glanzu for such an unforgettable experience. It was amazing and you the best guide.


"Travelling with Glanzu is a great pleasure"

moshelowery  (2 months ago)

I can’t recommend highly enough. Being with them was a great way to start an adventure backpacking around Southeast Asia! At last, all those fears of planning a trip on one's own for the first time were finally over thanks to Glanzu. They really put me into ease even before traveling and hyped during the trip. The sights were overwhelming and the experience was just unforgettable. So, if you’re planning on traveling around Southeast Asia, I recommend you start in Thailand and do it with Glanzu. You will never regret it. I do hope you’re lucky enough to get their Guide-dudes as your group leaders because they sure are helpful and friendly. Again, this is one amazing trip and I assure you won’t regret it.


"Bali is an island of contrasts! "

United States
freemanmccrystal  (3 months ago)

I want to express the point that is a great service for traveling around Asian countries, including Bali. Booked flights, hotel (with breakfast, dinner) there - prices are quite reasonable.
There are a lot of variants of beaches, you just don’t have to do a lot of this issue, get on a scooter and get to your favorite beach, visit different ones. In general, among the beaches, there are a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Like any Asian people, Balinese love to bargain, they always say overvalued price for products to tourists, but this does not mean that they are arrogant and intrusive! Tourists for local citizens is the direct income, and it must be taken. I do not see anything wrong with that! And I would like to add, before we loved to go to Thailand, we were on different islands and in Pattaya several times, but after a trip to Bali, our opinion has changed.


"Glanzu is the best guide to travel to Thailand! "

orvillesalyer  (3 months ago)

I want to express my gratitude to Glanzu for organizing the tour and the services provided, for your responsiveness and efficiency and for your attention to us! I went to Thailand with my wife, we were met at the airport, taken to Baan Karon Resort Hotel - they offer rooms starting from $30/mo, which we booked in advance - the prices are moderate, the staff are sympathetic. Excursions were also unforgettable. My wife and I were satisfied. Thank you!

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