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Protect your business against any DDoS attack with our anti-DDoS solutions. Downtime is not an option!

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"I am totally satisfied with their support team "

ernestopacifico  (4 days ago)

It was really hard choice as for me. I had considered and tested more then 10 web host and only after that I decided to go with Koddos and their offshore Ddos protected VPS hosting solutions in Hong Kong. They have not let me down. They helped me to fix my issue with MySQL data base and moreover they helped me to setup my own web application. They spent a lot of their time with for my problems. I do recommend Koddos web hosting!


"Good service. Koddos team are very helpful and flexible when setting up"

dwightszeto  (4 weeks ago)

I can't possibly rave about them more. I've always been frustrated by hosting in the past. Not with Koddos ddos protected offshore hosting in Hong Kong. They've helped me more than I even thought I needed it and installing apps on my page is as simple as clicking a button in their awesome admin page. I am happy with the customer service and am also happy with the control panel. Uptime has been great - 99.9% guaranteed.
Good support information including knowledge base and regularly updated system status.
The best hosting company in Hong Kong I've ever experienced by a long way.


"Thanks Koddos. Powerful server (super fast)"

tayloracey  (2 months ago)

I have been with Koddos hosting in Hong Kong for over 8 months and I have no complains so far. I'm a web developer and I purchased the VPS hosting account for about $20 dollars where I host a total of five domains. They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the control panel. I like their ddos protection, so my web sites are in safe hands. Low price barrier to entry and high end support, that's the whole hosting package from one provider!
As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend them!


"I'm happy with Koddos offshore vps in Hong Kong"

troyround  (3 months ago)

As someone who buys and works with a wide range of web scripts and components throughout the year, I can honestly say that I've never had such great support as that provided by Koddos. Ticket replies are incredibly fast and informative and they've never failed to resolve an issue. Highly recommended! The quality of the code is also excellent, packed with features and well documented.


"Best thing about Koddos is Ddos Protection"

loydgershon  (4 months ago)

Many thanks to every single one of you. It was just by chance that I found koddos and their offshore VPS in Hong Kong on the net, and it turned out to be just my luck. You created a perfect website and logo for me. And thanks for all your patience and guidance when I came to you with my 1001 questions. I also appreciate that you always called me back a.s.a.p. when I couldnt get you on the phone straight away. Their hosting service is based on quality. Thanks again from a very happy customer.


"I am so happy with the service at Koddos"

princeheckman  (5 months ago)

After a long and stressful search to find a better hosting service provider for my web solutions... This is the place I kept my feet. Customer support has been great whenever I've had problems, and the live chat order assistant answered any questions I had about the service before I joined. The regular addons and upgrades to their customized control panel are always appreciated, and it's a great alternative to cPanel. Overall in my opinion I'm glad to be a member of one of the fastest growing web hosting services on the net.


"You are at the top of the list in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION"

San Marino
wileyhelzer  (6 months ago)

I have had the pleasure of using Koddos Offshore Hosting services in Hong Kong for some time now. Customer service is excellent, There hosting packages are fantastic value for money. Plus when I switched they got me to the top of google! Highly recommend this decent offshore ddos protected web host to anyone with a website.


"I am very pleased with the service you give. Thanks for the support! "

solomonmeek  (7 months ago)

My website master-trill.top works fine with this ddos protected web host. I moved to Koddos offshore VPS a couple of months after becoming very tired of one service provider after the other who did not deliver. Koddos has been very prompt and I have never faced any downtime. When my server’s motherboard was tripping, Koddos were prompt to change it and did not give me some excuse.
The customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet (will be shortly now) and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions.


"professional ddos protected offshore host"

United States
bennettclaw  (8 months ago)

I believe Koddos.net offshore ddos protected host has been pretty good with my site I have hosted on them. No downtime yet, maybe a couple of slowtime but service has been fast for me. Lots of space and bandwidth, if there is no downtime for most of the year I would rate it a great host.
Everything works great - Features are best I could find - lost of space, unlimited subdomains, emails, databases .. pleasure to use.


"Great offshore hosting service, I highly recommend them"

humbertomcgough  (9 months ago)

Fast friendly service and very reasonable charge, highly recommend! The transfer from my old provider to Koddos Offshore Hosting in Hong Kong was done without any glitches, our emails merged seamlessly. As people have mentioned previously it is good to ring a company and be able to speak with the same person, all things are dealt with in a professional manner and quickly. Thanks Nick.



schorencz  (10 months ago)

Koddos web host is truly the best offshore hosting company on the web!! The support and service is second to none. The live, on demand customer service and tech support really blew me away. The representative was more than helpful, and made the experience enjoyable.


"Everything works properly with Koddos offshore web host"

United Kingdom
tommiglio  (11 months ago)

I went on the recommendation of a friend and now have 2 VPS accounts with Koddos.net and thanks to their pricing and support, am about to add several more at one time. They truly care about your well being and are such nice people. On top of all that their prices are incredible and if you search carefully you can find some awesome coupon codes to get you free domains for life.


"My technical team and my clients are extremely happy now"

johnsowder  (1 year ago)

It is really good ddos protected offshore web host. They are providing me with the highest stability on their fastest servers. Contacting their support I always get quick and polite responses on the high professional level. Overall, Koddos is a top Offshore hosting provider.


"Excellent host I have ever used! "

charest  (1 year ago)

TOP offshore ddos protected web host - Koddos.net is perfect. My web site is always up, that is to consider great network uptime they provide. Their technical support was very helpful when I needed to consult them in order to discuss different technical issues.


"Koddos is one of the best web hosts I've tried. "

South Africa
edwinachan  (1 year ago)

I could easily have asked koddos.net to do all the work for me and they would have gladly accepted, but I did it myself with the tools they provide. The techs contact me checking to see if I have any issues just to be on the safe side. Good hosting experience here.

I like them cos they are the best in Hong Kong region to get ddos protected hosting solutions at.


"Cool, Professional and Ddos Protected Web Host"

lorraines  (1 year ago)

Wow what can I say...
I like their ddos protected hosting services.
This host has been my 3rd hosting provider and will most likely be my last... The last hosting providers I have had have always had problems, I am someone who demands a lot from the hosting and koddos.net have never let me down!


"Koddos host is very friendly and responsive"

heathlawhead  (1 year ago)

Can say that Koddos.net is perfect ddos-protected web host out there.
I left my last hosting company because they repeatedly made a mess of billing and servers went down a lot. koddos have been fantastic. Their email servers, web servers, etc. have never given me trouble. My sites are in good hands and I want to recommend this web host.
These guys tolerate my things and some times I think I am asking so many things though paying very few bucks.

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