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"Worst customer service and they don't care"

United States
Anonymous user  (10 months ago)

On their website they say orders shipped to the US take 10-20 days. Try 2 months! Every time I wrote them they wouldn't answer questions. Do not order from them. The item I ordered is much, much smaller than advertised.


"Not worth your time"

United States
schwartzling  (11 months ago)

This is a terrible business. I ordered a book lamp, which took 51 days to arrive (estimated time: 20 days). When I contacted them, they kept giving a fake tracking number (no record of it at USPS or their tracking site).

Eventually, I challenged payment via PayPal, and oddly, the order appeared a few days later.

Much to my surprise, the very same light (which is clever) is available through a reputable, major, "prime" online ordering site, for $5-10 less.

Don't deal with this


"Horrible website DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR $!!"

Anonymous user  (11 months ago)

I ordered a product on and paid for expedited shipping (10-15 “working days”). The product arrived over 30 days later and they still will not respond to me AT ALL when I ask if it’s possible for a refund for expedited shipping. Also, the item described on their website is not the item shipped to me, it is much much smaller in-size compared to the measurements given. Even better, there website’s reviews shown are only 5* reviews. I left a review that was 1* and they will not post it which tells me that everyone else’s 1* review is also being deleted, they probably made each review up themselves. Please don’t waste your money. A half hour after I purchased my item, I found it on amazon for half the cost. They would not let me cancel my order because it was “on-sale” (yeah, sure), and never responded to my questions after that. Horrible company.



United States
Anonymous user  (1 year ago)

I don't know if they are intentionally fraudulent, or just totally incompetent. Either way they suck. The maximum it should have taken them per their own listed policies was 13 business days to ship. It has been over 22 business days and nothing. They also provide no support when asked and give vague and contradicting answers.


"Zero stars, scam"

United States
Anonymous user  (1 year ago)

Paid for a product which I have never received. Tried to follow up but got some ridiculous replies at first and literally no reply after a couple of emails.
I am reporting them to the relevant authorities.


"Please DO NOT order anything from them"

Anonymous user  (1 year ago)

Please DO NOT order anything from them, I order some make up since January and now almost 4 months that I didn't get any reponse from them.

Need to find out if is a scam?