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"Paul Douglas is a thief and a lair "

Anonymous user  (5 days ago)

This guy uses this website to steal your credit card details and other information for fraudulent use please beware , he was summoned to the court but didn't show up so he was arrested, he is now an ex convict please beware


"Please let them finish your work before paying them"

Anonymous user  (1 week ago)

I would like to warn you all to be very careful with them, Paul Douglas and his common law wife has no sense and talent that's why they ended up in a shithole for a house, they couldn't even afford to buy that shithole yet still rent , they depend on scamming people in the name of marketers and website building, which they know nothing about, please keep off, they suck, he sucks and his also abusive and dirty


"Scammers "

Anonymous user  (1 week ago)

never pay them through cash always pay via your credit card to avoid fraud ,stay away from them , they have no experience at all


"Dishonest and fraudulent "

Anonymous user  (1 week ago)

Paul Douglas and Lisa Kennedy bachynsky the owner of titanmarketingsolutions.com 316 burland ave Winnipeg Manitoba Canada , is a fraud these two are claiming to be website builders and marketing management that help grow people's business while theirs is drowned in poorvety and deceit, the stupid guy Paul Douglas takes your money and uses it to feed and keeps telling you how he has built site for 10years and yet he builts nothing , when you ask for a refund he blocks your number and starts to look for other victims to defraud of more money, everyone he built websites for have always had their businesses go down the drain and many get depressed and quit instead of trying to make it, his goal is to lie to you with the aid of yet another fraudulent company called 100percenthelpdesk.com, this hosting company called 100percenthelpdesk.com can release private information about your company to a third party " Paul Douglas" because he is their very own king of scam, he provides them with more victims , no one uses these companies due to their fake reviews and they also delete your negative reviews due to their false life of reportedly scamming people and getting their own type to give themselves good reviews, take a look at their Googlemybusiness page they all have similar reviews from both themselves , which was posted 2 months ago and yet they claim to had been in business for 10years, why just getting a review two months ago then? Now talking about Lisa Kennedy bachynsky and Paul Douglas being a marketer and a YouTuber , they only have 3-21 views on their videos of about 7 years old , their recent videos ends up getting as low as 3 to no views and yet they claim to be popular and well known in the market , their Facebook page of 14 years old has only 14 likes (their family members) how is this then a business?? Please people kindly look at the pictures below to Identify them when you see them and STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE SCAMMERS IN DISGUISE



United Kingdom
Anonymous user  (4 weeks ago)

This website is reputable

Need to find out if Titanmarketingsolutions.com is a scam?

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